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Highlights: The Most Important Yogi Berra Baseball Statistics

  • Yogi Berra had a career batting average of .285.
  • Yogi Berra hit 358 home runs in his career.
  • He had 1,430 Runs Batted In during his career.
  • Berra played in 15 All-Star Games.
  • Berra won the World Series 10 times as a player.
  • Berra was a 3-time American League Most Valuable Player.
  • Yogi had a career total of 2,150 hits.
  • He scored 1,175 runs in his career.
  • Berra had a career total of 704 walks.
  • He had a career on-base percentage of .348.
  • Berra had a career slugging percentage of .482.
  • He had a career total of 321 doubles.
  • Berra had a career fielding percentage of .987 as a catcher.
  • He played in 2,120 games over his career.
  • Berra played 18 seasons with the New York Yankees.
  • He had a career total of 49 stolen bases.
  • Berra recorded 4,43 total putouts as a catcher.
  • He had a career total of 117 intentional walks.
  • Berra only struck out 414 times in his entire career.
  • Yogi Berra was unanimously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

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Welcome to our deep dive into the fascinating world of Yogi Berra baseball statistics. A legendary figure in American sports, Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra left an indelible mark on baseball with his outstanding athletic prowess, quirky personality, and memorable career records. This blog post will dissect and analyze the crucial numbers that defined his illustrious career, from batting averages, home runs, and RBIs to game participations and achievements. Whether you're an avid baseball fanatic, a casual sports enthusiast, or simply a fan of Yogi Berra and his contributions, these statistics will provide an insightful look into one of baseball's most iconic players.

The Latest Yogi Berra Baseball Statistics Unveiled

Yogi Berra had a career batting average of .285.

Highlighting Yogi Berra's impressive career batting average of .285 serves as a testament to his consistent performance and extraordinary skill on the baseball field. In the realm of baseball, a player's batting average is central to evaluating their offensive value, demonstrating Yogi Berra's significant contribution to the sport. This figure, painting a picture of a player who hit safely in roughly 28.5% of his at-bats, reflects not just raw talent but also extraordinary discipline, persistence, and a deep understanding of the game. Therefore, it is an invaluable asset in presenting a comprehensive insight into Yogi Berra's baseball journey and his eventual ascension as one of the legends of the sport.

Yogi Berra hit 358 home runs in his career.

The narrative of Yogi Berra's illustrious baseball career would be incomplete without mentioning his grand accomplishment of smacking 358 home runs. This figure not only echoes his muscular prowess and impeccable timing, but also substantiates his position among the pantheon of baseball greats. By distilling his career into this singular statistic, one can swiftly appreciate Berra's extraordinary capacity to tilt the game's balance, setting him apart from his contemporaries while enriching any statistical analysis of his professional journey.

He had 1,430 Runs Batted In during his career.

In the realm of baseball, Runs Batted In (RBIs) signifies the batter's ability to bring his teammates home—a critical skill in the grand scheme of the game. Yogi Berra's exceptional tally of 1,430 RBIs throughout his career is not only a testament to his consistent performance, but it also intimately connects to his value as a team player. It showcases how Berra, in every swing of his bat, invigorated the scoreboard, continually changing the fate of games and imprinting his profound impact on baseball’s landscape. This statistic truly highlights Berra's indispensable ability as a batter that significantly contributed to his team's victories, making him one of the sport’s most remarkable icons.

Berra played in 15 All-Star Games.

Highlighting the paramount achievement of Yogi Berra participating in 15 All-Star Games elevates the discussion about his stellar baseball statistics. This particular statistic forms an essential part of his illustrious career profile, revealing Berra's consistent high-performance quality. It underlines the frequency with which he was recognized by peers, experts, and fans as being among the elite players of his time. Thus, it paints a vivid picture of Berra's sustained excellence and influence in baseball, rendering it a potent component in an evaluation of Berra's impressive career.

Berra won the World Series 10 times as a player.

Highlighting the accomplishment that Yogi Berra clinched the World Series 10 times as a player provides a unique distinction in his professional baseball career. It underscores his exceptional skill and consistent performance that were instrumental in his teams’ success. This fact shines a beacon on his strategic prowess, sheer talent, and determination, making him a standout figure in the realm of baseball. In the constellation of Yogi Berra's baseball statistics discussed in this blog post, this feat is a star that burns brighter than most, affirming his place in the sport's history as one of its most victorious players.

Berra was a 3-time American League Most Valuable Player.

Showcasing Yogi Berra as a 3-time American League Most Valuable Player lends significant prominence to his impressive baseball career. Such an accolade not only displays his consistency in performance but also encapsulates his superior contribution to the game. In a blog post highlighting Berra's baseball statistics, it becomes pivotal to mention this honor, as it gives readers an immediate grasp on the caliber of his skill and, thereby, adds weight to the detailed statistical analysis that would follow. Incorporating this statistic in the context strengthens Berra's depiction as a high-end diamond legend which enhances the overall impact of the blog post.

Yogi had a career total of 2,150 hits.

Highlighting Yogi Berra's career total of 2,150 hits undeniably brings a lens to the dazzling prowess and tenacity of this baseball legend. In the realm of Yogi Berra Baseball Statistics, this number isn't just a mere score; it is a tangible testament to Berra's extraordinary performance on the field. Painting such a picture of durability and resilience, this statistic is a glowing tribute to Berra’s consistency and exceptional skill as a hitter. This serves as a cherished numerical narrative of his enduring legacy in the world of baseball.

He scored 1,175 runs in his career.

In the vibrant panorama of Yogi Berra's baseball statistics, the account of 1,175 runs scored during his legendary career emerges as a testament to his resilience and exceptional prowess. This numeric milestone unearths the layered nuances of his storied journey, shedding light on both his offensive capacity and game-winning contributions. It extends beyond just his competence with the bat, reflecting his ability to capitalize on opportunities, maintain game pressure and transform these into scoring strokes. Ancored in his legacy, the 1,175 runs offer a robust evidence of Berra's consistency, efficiency and the indelible mark he etched on the baseball field.

Berra had a career total of 704 walks.

In the realm of Yogi Berra's impressive Baseball career, his career total of 704 walks provides an illuminating insight. This figure underscores not only his observant eye and resilience at the plate, but also his ability to strategize and make crucial decisions in high-pressure situations. His knack for drawing walks allowed him to maximize his on-base percentage, showcasing his valuable contribution to his team beyond just hits and home runs. Thus, Berra's 704 walks highlight an often overlooked aspect of his skillset, painting a more nuanced picture of his Baseball prowess.

He had a career on-base percentage of .348.

Indisputably, Yogi Berra was not only a key player in baseball's Golden Age, but also a master at getting on base, as highlighted by his striking career on-base percentage of .348. This number is a clear testament to his impeccable ability to reach base, whether through a hit, walk, or getting hit by the pitch– an essential skill in baseball. This statistic not only underscores Berra's consistent performance, versatility and exceptional batting eye, but also posits him as a formidable obstacle to opponents, who had to work even harder to retire a side when he was looming in the lineup. Therefore, his .348 career on-base percentage singularly symbolizes Berra's remarkable batting consistency, making it an indispensable factor while discussing Yogi Berra's impressive baseball statistics.

Berra had a career slugging percentage of .482.

Highlighting Yogi Berra's career slugging percentage of .482 in a blog post about his baseball statistics underscores his immense power and consistent productivity at the plate. It is a testament to his ability to accumulate bases at a formidable rate, thereby emphasizing his significant contribution to the offensive prowess of his team. Furthermore, this impressive statistic strengthens his standing among baseball's greats, reinforcing his legendary reputation in the sphere of baseball.

He had a career total of 321 doubles.

Yogi Berra's resounding tally of 321 career doubles is a diamond in the rough, lending a significant edge to his impressive baseball stats. It refines the legendry status held by Berra in the baseball realm, signifying his immense and consistent capabilities as an unmatched power hitter. This dazzling figure positions him among the very best, providing a concrete numerical testament to his agility, precision, and timing. Whether singly, or as part of composite scores, these doubles charts synonymously echo with Berra's invaluable contribution to the game, amplifying his legacy to a greater pedestal in baseball history.

Berra had a career fielding percentage of .987 as a catcher.

Highlighting Yogi Berra's career fielding percentage of .987 as a catcher underscores his supreme defensive skills in the realm of baseball. This figure, a testament to his precision and agility, shines a light on the less-publicized side of his game, which is often overshadowed by his illustrious batting profile. By pointing out this statistic, we appreciate more fully Berra's all-round contribution to the game, thereby completing our understanding of his overarching prowess in baseball statistics. This high fielding percentage solidifies Berra's status as a baseball legend and underlines his exemplary role as a catcher, hence it is indispensable in a comprehensive review of Berra's baseball statistics.

He played in 2,120 games over his career.

Drawing the lens on Yogi Berra's commendable baseball statistics, the game count of 2,120 over his career paints an arresting portrait of longevity and commitment to the sport. This towering figure is not simply a reflection of the number of times he graced the baseball field, but it underscores his exceptional durability, robust health, and a nearly unfaltering presence across seasons. It speaks volumes of not just his love for the sport but his ability to stay consistent and survive the rigors of an uncompromising and physically demanding profession, thereby enriching his legend in the annals of baseball history.

Berra played 18 seasons with the New York Yankees.

The lasting legacy of Yogi Berra, enshrined in the annals of baseball history, is largely attributed to his exemplary tenure with the New York Yankees spanning 18 seasons. Such a statistic underscores the consistency and dedication Berra brought to the game, thriving in one of the most iconic baseball franchises. In a sport where career longevity speaks volumes, these 18 seasons pay testament to Berra's enduring physical prowess, agility, and strategic acumen. As readers navigate through the blog post delving into Berra's baseball statistics, the seasoned number '18' serves as a cornerstone, reflecting not just his tenure, but also the quality of his performance and his unmistakable contribution to the Yankees' success.

He had a career total of 49 stolen bases.

Yogi Berra's statistic of 49 stolen bases serves as an expressive testament to his prowess and versatility on the field. Not only showcasing his ability to hit home runs or make spectacular catches, this statistic reveals his capacity to seize opportunities, outwit opponents, and strategically advance his team's position. Engaging in stolen bases involves risk and a deep understanding of the game's nuances - attributes that were evident in Berra's playing style. It adds a significant layer to our understanding of his full impact in the realm of baseball, further epitomizing his multi-dimensional contribution to the sport.

Berra recorded 4,43 total putouts as a catcher.

Highlighting Berra's impressive record of 4,43 total putouts as a catcher truly underscores the exceptional defensive prowess he brought to the baseball field. His positioning behind the plate, quick reflexes, and exceptional hand-eye coordination made him an exceptional catcher, effectively reducing chances of the opposing team to advance or score. In a statistics-focused analysis of Yogi Berra's baseball career, such a high number of putouts simultaneously underscores his reliability as a player and his continuous commitment to his role, marking him as one of the key contributors to the success of the team he played for. This is a clear testament that Berra was not just an exceptional batter, but also a defensive powerhouse on the baseball field.

He had a career total of 117 intentional walks.

The impressive statistic of 117 intentional walks over Yogi Berra's career serves to underscore the profound respect his batting prowess commanded in the realm of baseball. This figure highlights the strategic dilemma Berra posed to his adversaries who often chose rather to allow him a free pass to first base than to risk the significant damage his batting could inflict. It's a testament to his powerful presence at the plate, further solidifying his standing in the annals of baseball greatness, a story that is deeply enriched by such insightful statistics.

Berra only struck out 414 times in his entire career.

The exceptional prowess of Yogi Berra is astoundingly reflected in his statistic of having only 414 strikeouts in his entire career. In the fiercely competitive world of baseball, maintaining precision in every swing is a challenge that even the most skilled players grapple with, underlining Berra's exceptional control and strategic acumen at the plate. His low strikeout figure represents a testament to his consistent performance, seeing ball clearly, and his ability to make contact, deftly avoiding the common pitfall of many legendary hitters. This particular statistic elevates Yogi Berra's standing, highlighting his contribution as a formidable force in baseball marked by his sharp technique and steadfast tenacity.

Yogi Berra was unanimously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

The resounding accolade of Yogi Berra's unanimous election into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972 serves as a culmination point of an illustrious career, highlighting his stature in the annals of baseball history. This milestone, underscored in a blog post about Berra's baseball statistics, encapsulates not just the player's unquestionable talent, but an acknowledgment of his significant contributions that were admired by all in the baseball community. It is a rich testament to his lifelong dedication to the sport, shedding light on the prowess embodied in his performance statistics that rightfully marked him out as an unparalleled favourite to grace the baseball giants' Hall of Fame.


In conclusion, the baseball statistics of Yogi Berra serve as an undeniable testament to his exceptional career in Major League Baseball. His impressive stats, including his 15-time All-Star recognitions, three Most Valuable Player awards and his contribution in winning 10 World Series titles foreground the esteemed talent and skill that Yogi brought to the game. His superb batting record and defensive prowess demonstrate his versatility and excellence on the baseball field. As such, Yogi Berra's statistics paint the portrait of a true baseball icon whose legacy has left an indelible mark on the sport.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yogi Berra primarily played as a catcher during his career in Major League Baseball.
Yogi Berra played for 19 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1946 to 1965.
Yogi Berra won a total of 10 World Series championships as a player, primarily with the New York Yankees.
Yogi Berra was voted the Most Valuable Player of the American League three times, in 1951, 1954, and 1955.
Yogi Berra hit a total of 358 career home runs in his Major League career.
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