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We all have our own ways of working, organizing ourselves and managing our tasks. But at some point, we might have wondered how we could be more efficient and if there was a special magic formula to do it.

There are no magic formulas, but there are ways to do our work more efficiently and to achieve better results, increasing confidence in the company where we work and meeting the objectives we set ourselves.


  • Work efficiency plays an important role in enabling companies to achieve their goals and maintain profitability. Companies have started to use various ways of managing their work to learn how to improve efficiency.
  • Efficiency is the performance of a task with the least amount of effort and in the shortest possible time, leading to a better volume produced.
  • Employees who are efficient at work are vital to the company. The methods and strategies used by them not only help them to improve their position and to be recognized, but also to generate a high performance of the organization.

What you should know about being efficient at work

Efficiency is the accomplishment of various tasks in the least possible time and effort. But to achieve this, the company must generate constant motivation so that employees feel confident and committed to doing their jobs. Bain & Company recently completed a comprehensive study on workforce productivity and performance. It revealed that inspired employees bring more discretionary energy to their work every day. As a result, they are 125% more productive than an employee who is simply satisfied (1).

What is the difference between working effectively and working efficiently?

To answer this question, we should define the two concepts and differentiate between them. Efficiency is the ability to adequately perform or fulfill a function, while effectiveness is defined as the ability to achieve an objective regardless of the resources and time spent.

Quantity of resourcesThe resources used are taken into accountThe resources used are not taken into account
Usage of resourcesThe capacity of the resource is valuedOnly the ability to achieve an objective is valued

These concepts are very important in the business environment as they are basic points to make decisions and carry out work methodologies depending on the objective. As it is, for example, with remote work models. An annual survey of global workspaces by IWG reported that 85% of companies say that productivity has increased as a result of greater flexibility (2).

Myths about work efficiency

There are many beliefs about productivity and efficiency at work that prevent us from achieving our goals. By not understanding the real ways of working efficiently, we lower our performance. For this reason, we must talk about certain myths that are already well-established and that must be eliminated.


Multitasking can make us feel productive and effective, but the only thing we are creating is ever-increasing mental exhaustion, since all we are doing is changing tasks several times during the day, thus causing a decrease in energy.

Research, conducted by Asana, showed that 72% of employees feel the pressure of having to multitask during the day (3).

Busy equals productive

Working long hours doesn’t always mean productivity, because it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on your tasks, but rather that the tasks you perform bring you closer to your goal. Being productive is based on knowing your goals and your priorities.

Working from home is less efficient

Working from home is proven to be no less efficient, as there are fewer distractions at work. Indeed’s study of more than 500 US employees and employers in a range of industries revealed that 72% of companies that work remotely see improved worker productivity (4).

Why is it important to be efficient?

Nowadays, being efficient at work is very important for every company, and it is a great feature that is taken into account by employers, because if we are efficient we contribute to the company’s results. That is to say, work performance is closely related to the growth that the company may or may not have.

If we improve our efficiency, we can demonstrate our dedication, desire to succeed and the proactivity we have in gaining new skills. Work efficiency can bring great benefits for those who know how to optimize it. Let’s look at some of them:

Work efficiency can generate great benefits (Source: own elaboration/ Gitnux)

Digital tools to help with work efficiency

Digital tools are great resources to be more efficient at work and manage time and tasks as well as possible. In addition, they can be a great technological solution to the demand of tasks and processes.

To get you even further into the world of efficiency, we would like to recommend some digital tools that will help you to organize yourself better and accomplish your tasks more productively.

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10 tips to be more efficient at work

You can learn to work efficiently, create new habits that can contribute to your improvement, and achieve all the goals you set for yourself. To do this, there are certain points that you must take into account.

1. Set realistic goals

Setting goals is very important for organizing and managing the necessary tasks and achieving goals. These goals should be realistic in order to make the right use of resources. In addition, it can generate motivation and provide a sense of achievement when reaching the assigned goal.

2. Modify your time management practices

For being more organized when it comes to getting work done, it is preferable to focus on one task at a time. If you try to jump from one task to another or do them all at once, you are less productive. On the contrary, focusing on one task at a time will give you more attention and increase the quality of your work.

3. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback is a great way to improve efficiency, as it will make you change your strategies or adapt them better to the objective, and you will know what you are doing right or wrong. Seek input or evaluations from your manager to improve your skills.

4. Learn to say “No”

As we have already seen, performing multiple tasks at the same time is not good when it comes to work, since it causes mental exhaustion, generating a loss of interest and fatigue. For this reason, it is necessary to learn to say no to tasks that are not really necessary or a priority at the moment.

A good option is to delegate them if you have a support team. Releasing this pressure will help you concentrate even more on the important tasks, gaining greater efficiency.

5. Take breaks

Sitting in a chair in front of a screen all day is unhealthy because sometimes we get stuck, and it’s really hard to keep working like this. Taking short breaks is a good way to improve efficiency, as you will be able to come back with more energy and concentration. You can take a walk, listen to music, or do anything that will change your focus.

6. Create a routine

Creating habits can help us improve our time and efficiency. Therefore, try to create a routine that suits you to put you in the best state and find what makes you feel better. This way, you can feel more productive and clear-headed.

7. Minimize interruptions

Eliminating all distractions while performing a task is very important to be able to focus on the task at hand. You should look for a quiet workspace to increase your focus and productivity at work.

8. Improve your environment

Improving the environment where you work is a very important point to take into account. You must have all the necessary working tools so that you can do your work in more comfortable settings. In addition, your space should be pleasant and motivating. You can consider adding photos, a plant or any personal item that generates warmth in it.

9. Don’t leave everything to the last minute

It is critical to set deadlines for each task in order to meet them in advance. Because rushing through tasks at the last minute will make your performance and the final result less effective.

10. Connect with your purpose

We don’t always perform tasks that we love or enjoy, but that doesn’t mean we should disconnect from our purpose. Try to keep your life goals and objectives in mind, so you know what is truly important. Divide your tasks, learn to manage your time, and reward yourself by working on something you really enjoy.



As we could see, efficiency is an essential concept in the workplace. Both for employees in their working day and for companies to obtain profits. Work efficiency generates great benefits if you learn how to be efficient.

There are several techniques and tools that can help you to achieve the goals that your company proposes, generate more productivity and thus be able to show your employers that you can be the best in your job. . Forget about myths and start your learning journey that will make you feel more motivated and productive.
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