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Businesses or brands seek to attract new customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Firstly, it is important to know how to take care of current customers and seek loyalty. An excellent way to achieve this is through a marketing campaign. This is because these campaigns get the brand name in the minds of customers. If successful, it can also influence customers to take a desired action.

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What is a marketing campaign? Italian researchers define a marketing campaign as “the starting point for companies to develop marketing communication strategies and extend their business to their ideal audience” (1). In other words, a series of actions within a certain period, including specific objectives.


  • Marketing campaigns are characterized by a series of actions over a period of time, including specific objectives and strategies to successfully achieve those objectives.
  • A successful marketing campaign can increase sales, create a positive brand image, differentiate the brand from the competition, attract more customers, increase brand equity, and create loyalty.
  • Marketing campaigns can be classified into the following categories: digital marketing, traditional marketing, and 360 marketing.

The best marketing campaigns: The definitive list

You may wonder how brands manage to launch such creative and well-crafted marketing campaigns. In our list of the best marketing campaigns, we have chosen different campaigns with different objectives, channels, sizes, and resources invested. In addition, we have included both recent and classic campaigns. Below, we classify the best marketing campaigns into three categories: digital marketing, traditional marketing, and 360 marketing.

The best marketing campaigns fall into three categories: digital marketing, traditional marketing, and 360 marketing (Source: Mayely Climaco/ Gitnux)

Best Marketing Campaigns: Email Marketing

14. Treat yourself (Mejuri)

Mejuri is a Canadian brand of fine jewelry. Jewelry is commonly gifted and often marketed as a product to be purchased for someone special. However, Mejuri took a different approach that helps it differentiate itself in its industry.

At the core of its brand is self-love. That’s why this promotional email marketing campaign is called “Gift your damn self”. The brand sent this email after a holiday season, with the idea of telling its subscribers that it’s okay to reward yourself for a job well done. The email also offers different products, virtual shopping services, and delivery options.

  • Lesson: Mejuri sent this email at the right time. This makes the campaign message even more resonant. Timing is everything. So, for your next email campaign, try to send a message that resonates with your target audience based on the season of the year or the exact time they will see your email.

13. 8 Ways to wear sunglasses (Warby Parker)

Warby Parker is a sunglasses company. This brand stands out in its email marketing campaigns for its original illustrations and the use of humor in its strategy. It has been proven that a sense of humor is an essential factor in marketing, but it can also be very delicate. This is because not all people have the same sense of humor.

This email marketing campaign is successful because the company is not selling you, making offers, or showing off its products. It’s just making you laugh with its humor and illustrations about the 8 ways you can wear sunglasses indoors. In a very subtle way, they invite you to see their new collection of sunglasses. An excellent way to improve engagement with your subscribers and make them laugh in their day-to-day life.

  • Lesson: Use a sense of humor as an ingredient in your email marketing campaigns to improve engagement with your subscribers. However, work it very carefully, as users have different senses of humor, and you don’t want to cause a misunderstanding.

The best marketing campaigns: Social networks

12. Twix Meltdown (Twix)

Twix is a chocolate bar brand. The campaign called “Twix meltdown” seeks to match the daily habits of its audience with their favorite chocolate bar. Twix knows that its customers are in the habit of drinking coffee on a daily basis. For this reason, they focused on creating a product to please them. Thus, the idea of a limited-edition coffee-flavored bar was born.

The campaign seeks to promote this limited-edition product. But this product was not distributed in the same way as other products. Twix created a contest for users to participate in social networks. The only way to get one of these coffee-flavored bars was in two simple steps. First, follow the verified Twix account on Instagram. Then, wait for the official contest rules.

  • Lesson: A good marketing campaign is based on knowing your audience very well. This campaign shows us that you can innovate with your product, and you can do it in a fun way. Well-planned social media campaigns with the right message result in reinforcing engagement with your audience, increasing followers and sales.

11. Oreoscope (Oreo)

The oreo cookie brand took advantage of the horoscope trend and launched a campaign called #oreoscope. The brand analyzed its users on the Twitter platform and shared their personalized “oreoscopes”. The oreoscopes include information about personality and connection with oreo products.

People like personalized content. This is an excellent idea because even though there are limited “oreoscopes,” users love receiving their personalized sign. This gives a unique and special feeling that inspires users to share their sign with their followers and on other platforms. As users share the content, they not only increase engagement with the brand, but also how they perceive the brand (creative, original, and fun).

  • Lesson: Creating personalized content increases the likelihood that it will be shared more times. Users love to share things about themselves. You can use memes or other fun ways to personalize your content. This will result in more engagement and users talking about your brand and products.

The best marketing campaigns: Collaborative marketing

10. Pantene hair with Aitana (Pantene)

Many companies know the value of collaborative campaigns. Many stand out as campaigns with someone with great influence. The shampoo brand Pantene has as a brand ambassador the Catalan singer, Aitana. The campaign is called Pelazo Pantene. This can be seen in advertising spaces on social networks, Spotify, and television.

The brand chose one of the most listened voices in almost all the world. Besides having an excellent voice, Aitana also has spectacular hair. Now, as an ambassador for Pantene’s summer campaign, her hair is her tool to show off.

  • Lesson: Collaborative campaigns are of great benefit to brands as they give a face or representative to the brand. Using a celebrity or influencer in your marketing strategy attracts more visibility and a good image if it fits with the brand.

9. Cotton Collection with Rosalia (Skims)

Skims is an underwear brand founded by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grede. For their campaign called “Cotton Collection,” the brand chose the singer Rosalia. The main reason was because of her popularity and impact in her industry. In addition to her achievements, for example, her Grammy. Definitely, a figure that represents the new generations and the brand’s audience.

One of the founders, Kim Kardashian, explained the reason why she chose her. This is because of the inspiration that the singer Rosalia gives her. Kim describes her as a daring person and open to experiencing new things, both with her music and personal life. Characteristics that describe the “Cotton Collection” campaign.

  • Lesson: Using a celebrity in your marketing campaign is not just about choosing someone famous. This celebrity has to represent your brand values and speak the same language as your ideal audience to be successful.

The best mobile app marketing campaigns

8. New app catalog (IKEA)

Ikea’s campaign called “Create Your Space” seeks to create an experience within a mobile application. Users just need to download the app on their cell phones. Then, scan a code of the product of their choice. Seconds later, they can see the product view on their cell phone wherever they want.

This is a great personalized experience. Perfect for users to view the product in their own homes. This way, they can make a better buying decision and convince the customer faster.

  • Lesson: If you are looking to convince your ideal customer and promote the sale of your products, produce a unique experience. Depending on your product or service, you can use technology to innovate and generate an informative and interactive experience for users.

7. Nivea sun – The Protection ad (Nivea)

Nivea, the popular cosmetics brand, launched a marketing campaign with a mobile application for the whole family. The brand wanted to highlight the importance of using its sun protection product.

The application called “The Nivea sun project ad” educates users on solar radiation levels. In addition, the brand developed a bracelet especially for children who go to the beach frequently. In order to inform users about solar radiation and protect their skin.

  • Lesson: In addition to creating experiences with mobile applications, you can also educate your community or ideal customers. This way you can improve brand visibility and increase user loyalty.

The best marketing campaigns: Video

6. Please leave (WeTransfer)

WeTransfer launches its global campaign called “Please Leave”. In the campaign, the brand highlights how its file-sharing service helps users save time and, as a result, use it for something creative.

The campaign targets creative communities. It aims to remind users to get off the Internet for a while and pursue their creative dreams. In fact, the video is narrated by author Roxane Gay. She highlights how the digital world distracts creative people and highlights that it robs them of their inspiration and creativity.

  • Lesson: Build your digital video campaign around your values and your product. It is key to prioritize your audience and remind them of the benefits of using your product with a clear message.

5. On top of the world (Emirates)

Emirates launched its campaign called “On Top of the World” to celebrate the end of quarantine requirements on flights between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The video is promotional and entertaining. It shows an airline stewardess welcoming passengers from the top of the famous Burj Khalifa. The video reached thousands of interactions on social networks and around the world.

  • Lesson: Brands usually launch informational video campaigns. However, today’s users love the entertainment type of video. This video makes clear your message of being on top of the world. Plus, it represents the brand very well.

The best traditional media marketing campaigns

4. Real milk (Oatly)

The plant-based milk brand, Oatly, is well-known for its campaigns. Like the “Wow, no cow” campaigns. The most recent is the campaign called “It’s like milk, but made for humans” in New Zealand.

The campaign seeks to explain that oat milk is designed for human consumption. While highlighting the nutritional characteristics of its product. In its campaigns, the brand collaborates with radio stations, where users share their experience consuming its product. As well as with coffee shops, where they give away free coffee with their product.

  • Lesson: Find where your audience is and what kind of activities they do. Highlight the value and benefits of your products through your marketing campaigns.

3. Me, too me (spotify)

Spotify launched a campaign with one of the most fun, relatable and understandable media, with memes. This campaign is called “Everywhere“.

In this campaign, Spotify used the format of “Me too me” with the purpose of showing that the music platform offers its users music for every mood. This campaigns’ key locations are in Brazil, France, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain, and other countries. There, Spotify highlights playlists such as “Sad Indie” and “Feel Good Dinner”. A campaign that says little and very clever.

  • Lesson: Learn the language of your audience and adapt it to your content and/or campaigns. In this case, Spotify deepened its connection with its users.

The best marketing campaigns: 360° Marketing

2. Find your reason (Fitbit)

Fitbit launches its marketing campaign called “Find Your Reason”. The brand does it in one of the best ways, by sharing powerful and inspiring success stories.

Fitbit’s campaign shows the stories of people who started using Fitbit on a daily basis and shows how it changed their lives for the better. One story tells how a woman lost 79 pounds (35.83 kg) and got rid of diabetes. Another story shares how one man’s dream drastically improved and changed the way he lived.

  • Lesson: Highlighting and promoting the success stories of your product is a great strategy that you can implement in your next campaign. People are interested in knowing that your service or product works. At the same time, you show your consumers that the brand cares about their trust and that you listen to them.

1. Like a Girl (Always)

Always, launched the successful “Like a girl” campaign. The success of this campaign is due to the fact that its audience (women) connects on a very deep level with the campaign.

The campaign is based on a video, where boys and girls over the age of 15 are asked to describe what “like a girl” looks like, and both sexes are shown a stereotypical and negative association with weak. Then, they ask 8-10-year-old girls to “run like a girl,” and show them how they would normally run. The idea is that between the ages of 10 and 15, girls begin to see “like a girl” as an insult. The brand challenges us to redefine “like a girl.”

  • Lesson: This campaign taught us that putting yourself in your consumer’s shoes, makes them say “this brand is for me” or “this brand understands me.” That will only bring good results and brand loyalty. It also shows the importance of connecting with your consumers on an emotional level.


What characterizes a successful marketing campaign is good planning, knowledge of the ideal audience, and an impactful message. Brands that create successful campaigns benefit by increasing sales, improving brand visibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, among other benefits.

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Our list shows the best marketing campaigns that stand out for their creativity, innovation, and impact. After evaluating each campaign, the main lessons are as follows. Timing is everything. It’s important to know your ideal audience. Collaborating with other brands or influencers can result in a greater impact. Innovation and the use of technology are key to differentiating yourself from the competition. Finally, put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and make sure your message is honest and clear.


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