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When we think of karaoke, words like fun, entertainment, embarrassment for some, relief for others, etc. come to mind. The truth is that karaoke is an experience that you should do at least once in your life.

Have you ever wanted to set up your own Karaoke party in the eighties style, only more updated? Well, now it is possible thanks to different software that allows you to make your experience comparable to a Karaoke inside a restaurant at that time without the need to leave home.


  • Karaoke is an activity that has multiple benefits for health and entertainment with friends or family.
  • We have entered the digital era, so now Karaoke can be performed through the web using software that simulates the act of performing in a salon or bar specialized in it, you can do it from home.
  • If you are embarrassed to sing in public even if they are close friends, you can apply some tips that we have left in the article that will make you do well even if you do not sing amazingly. Anyway, remember: the important thing is to have a good time.

What you should know about virtual Karaoke

In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about Karaoke, both physical and virtual, because it is very important to point out how it started to be part of entertainment in the past. Without further ado, we leave you with the questions:

What is virtual Karaoke?

Virtual Karaoke is a non-traditional way of singing your favourite songs, but it is an idea that has been adapted to the present day. It consists of being able to sing along with your friends from wherever you want with certain minimum requirements such as having a PC, mobile, or Tablet. With a good internet connection and the download of different programs or software that will be explained in more detail in this section.

How did karaoke begin?

Karaoke began in the early ’70s and is composed of two voices of different origins: Kara is a Japanese word meaning “empty” and oke comes from the diminutive of okesutora which means “orchestra” (1).

As time and technology progressed, karaoke went from being an activity that must be performed in a bar to being able to do it from home and with your friends/family present. Virtual Karaoke is the advance that is achieved to go from the retro as in the 70s to the present, which is the digital era.

With this concept, we want to reach the conclusion that music can be for any person and style that fills you the most.

What are the benefits of karaoke?

Among the main benefits of singing freely among friends in Karaoke style are:

  1. It calms the stress of the daily routine. Once you immerse yourself in the world of Karaoke, all the negative vibes go away, and you are only with yourself at that moment, so the rest of the things that have happened to you throughout the day fade away.
  2. It helps you breathe better, so it helps your well-being and counteracts anxiety.
  3. It increases self-confidence, by singing you free yourself from all the bad things you think about, and it gives you much more self-confidence. Even if you are the worst singer, it will change the bad attitude you had that day by the simple fact of venting all your sorrows.
  4. Language comprehension, that is, it will facilitate learning through the retention of different languages. By signing in other languages, you learn a lot about the vocabulary and pronunciation of the words, and it is a method that many people resort to in order to learn new languages.
  5. It helps to lose stage fright and improve verbal communication.

“The game allows individuals to be protagonists for a moment and express themselves more easily” (2).

Here are the main benefits of simply singing karaoke-style. (Source: Sergio Suescun/

What is the best software to play virtual Karaoke?


Karaoke software is valid for several platforms, among which are: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This Software has more than 32,000 songs of different genres and in a variety of languages. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to add songs and the temporality of any song.

If you want to unlock all the features you will have to pay a monthly fee, but, for sure, it will be worth it if you want to perform Karaoke nights from home and spend fun and different moments with friends and family.

[product img=”” title=”Karafun homepage” link=”” button=”Go to”][/product]


Software that simulates SingStar in the best possible way, allowing up to 6 people to sing simultaneously. Your goal is to score points after reaching the high notes and be a Rockstar.

You can create profiles, and manage the app the way you want: Creating your own playlist and managing it as if it were a browser because it has an interface that makes your life easier.


In Singa you have access to a library with more than 60,000 songs, within this interface, songs are sorted both by the style of music and mood (happy songs, sad, melancholic, love, heartbreak …).

This application is free, but also paid, and has a varied number of ads as you play songs, but you can access premium options without ads and download songs offline.

Ultrastar – WorldParty

Software that imitates the popular Singstar. It allows one or more players to earn points by singing a song and matching the notes and lyrics of the original song. The better the tone, the higher the score you receive.

This game has more and more users every day thanks to the fact that karaoke is already well known among people as a form of leisure or fun or for others it is the dream of being a singer for a few moments.

Kanto Karaoke

Software for both macOS and Windows devices that has a very easy-to-use interface and takes up very little space on the hard disk.

It is an application that serves as a karaoke player, in addition to being able to record our sung songs. It also has a support service for all current audio and video formats.

How to organize a virtual Karaoke?

First, we will have to make sure to invite friends or family for more fun, and the more people the better.

Then we have to decide who will be the host to invite through the different platforms (we will talk about Zoom below) and who will be in charge of the playlist, this person will be known as KJ(Karaoke DJ). At the same time, we will need that person to be involved in the playlist and to let the person know who will sing the song previously chosen.

Karaoke DJ preparing everything for his session via Zoom (Source: Montgomery: smgTvepind4/ unsplash)

How to play it with friends from Zoom?

To perform Karaoke sessions with your friends via Zoom, you must, apart from having downloaded Zoom logically, register in Watch2Gether so that the whole group can watch the videos with their lyrics at the same time while listening to the person singing.

Watch2Gether rooms are temporary, they will be available for 24 hours, and then they will be deleted.

How to look like a professional in Karaoke without being one?

There are certain tips (3) to both have a good time at karaoke and sing well the songs of your choice. We highlight:

  1. Choose songs that you know by heart, by knowing the song and its rhythm you avoid reading, and, therefore, the chances of you getting more nervous decrease.
  2. Look for songs of your vocal range, and do some research on them, I will leave you a page where they deepen on the subject here (4).
  3. Let yourself go, following the two previous tips may be somewhat contradictory, but believe me, it is the best way to enjoy this activity, do not be afraid to make a fool of yourself, this way you will have anecdotes to tell your grandchildren.


In conclusion, virtual karaoke is here to stay in this age of technology and is a mode of entertainment that is undervalued today, but, among friends/family are beautiful and funny moments to share with your loved ones.

Restaurants, bars, theatres, and lounges specializing in Karaoke usually download the software explained above by default. So, you can already get an idea of how professional they are in this new world.


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