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There are different ways to promote your product and therefore your brand. For this reason, you need to consider what kind of marketing you want to do with respect to what your brand stands for.

If you don’t know what video marketing is, just follow this article to find out more about it. You will discover that it is a much more interactive and functional way of marketing in order to attract your consumers in the best possible way.


  • Video marketing is a type of marketing, and it is essential to engage with your customers and clients.
  • Video is a type of audiovisual system that helps to make that moment of connection with others much more interactive.
  • From moving images, you can create much more virtuous content full of positive attributes to interact more with your target audience.

What you should know about video marketing

Here we will tell you all the details of how to interact within your brand with video marketing. In addition, we will explain how to make and edit them so that they can be attractive to many more consumers.

Video marketing can help you to promote your product, because as we mentioned above, it could be a more creative way. If you are able to achieve that creativity, you could attract the customer more easily. In addition to this, it could lead to a much more lasting and effective relationship.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a function that is related to the audiovisual world and which has been incorporated into the entire marketing environment to create rich content for consumers and customers.

Currently, this technique is used by many businesses and companies around the world. With the evolution of the digital world, people prefer to watch a video rather than having to read (1).

Why is it important for marketing?

Video is important for marketing because it is a new function that has joined the Internet. It has changed the whole digital world and as everyone is now connected all the time, it has become a much more efficient way to reach consumers.

What is the main purpose of creating videos for marketing?

This is a question that many of us may ask, but indeed content creation is one of the most important things that encompasses much of what marketing really is.

The main objective of creating videos is to attract a customer to the brand. Through these videos you can reach more people. Consumers can stay longer on the brand’s website, because it is something that attracts attention.

Advantages and disadvantages of video marketing

Video is a big part of the evolution of content creation. Over time and with innovation, it has been possible to see all the different things that can be done to make it much more interactive between consumers and customers (2). Certainly, it is necessary to understand that it can also bring more negative circumstances (3).

Here are the different advantages and disadvantages of video marketing:


  • Tell stories, make it look like a tale
  • Improves brand positioning
  • Offers much stronger consumer engagement
  • Creates a closer relationship with people


  • Some companies don’t really understand what it is, probably misuse it.
  • The cost to do it can be quite high
  • The time invested is a lot
  • It may require studies on audiovisual issues.

Who is a video maker?

The video maker is the one who is in charge of editing everything that has to do with video in general. Part of the characteristics of the video maker is to be creative, because they are the ones who turn on a light within what the consumer is going to see as a final result (4).

Generally, they have to be a skilled person to be able to do this. Possibly, they will have a background in audiovisual communication. They have to know how to use different programs that serve as a tool to be able to create the content correctly and as it should be.

How can video marketing be implemented?

The first thing you need to do for video marketing is to have someone who is experienced in this field. There is a whole process behind it, so you have to think through the strategy of how everything is going to be, in order to attract the consumer better.

Also, you’re probably going to need apps or platforms to help make this look more attractive. That’s the great thing about technology and how it has been emerging in everyone’s life. This itself has allowed all the marketing to stand out a lot more.

What are the best video marketing apps?

There are many apps and platforms for creating and editing videos (7). There are both free options, and those where you have to subscribe and pay. There are also some apps that are much more professional than others (5).

See the best Video Marketing Software

Among the most recommended apps are the following:

Examples of some platforms for video editing. (Source: Noelia Zamora/

DaVinci Resolve 18

Black Magic Design







Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

See the other best Video Editing Software

Recommendations on how to optimize the use of video marketing

Of course, there are recommendations and tips that you can take into account when creating content, especially for video marketing. As it is so popular nowadays, you could say that it is very fashionable, so you need to try to stand out from your competition. This is another important point to take into account when creating content (6).

How you sell it and how you do it has an impact on the people who see you, because just as they may simply see you, there are others who may start to notice you. You need to take into account making it of the best possible quality. This will help you stand out, you also need to try to create something that is not so common and finally spread it among your networks and websites.


Video marketing is extremely important when it comes to creating content. Nowadays, we all live in a highly digitized world, which makes this specific type of content, such as video, very important.

Marketing is also an area that is constantly growing, and all brands and products need it to keep following a path of values and to know what the consumer needs. For this and many other reasons, it is necessary to always keep in mind that content is the most valuable thing you can give to other people.


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