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Usually, we need to track the time we do an activity because we know our productivity when working. Therefore, time tracking has always been an important factor to perform tasks efficiently. In addition, due to the great evolution of technology, we have many tools on the web.

In such a way, in a company, knowing the times of each collaborator makes it possible to study if their work efficiency is going in the right way. Undoubtedly, this indicator is because the home office is more often in society, so time tracking software facilitates the whole process.


  • This tool achieves the goals of a company because it keeps the staff productive through time tracking, task management, and quality organization.
  • There are several types of software nowadays, so it is advisable to know their features and benefits. Usually, they have a payment option to access more of them.
  • The extra factors of these tools are excellent, for example, there are pages that provide you with reminders of meetings and activities. In addition, they have access to other pages for you to interact with.

The best time tracking software: The definitive list

In this section, we will show you the best time tracking software most acclaimed by the market. For this reason, we have chosen the 10 best tools for time management in an organization.

Time is never recovered. (Source: Langford: eIkbSc3SDtI/

10. Clockify

This application allows you to develop good time tracking or known as time management. So, it uses neat timesheets within the web pages and characterizes them with minimalistic type. So if you are a person who has such tastes, Clockify is the best option for you.

Also, this tool generates in you a productive being, achieving that you have much more happiness at the moment of carrying out your tasks. What is said about this software is that since it is free, you may think that it has few options. However, it has a lot of productivity in time management that avoids stress (1).

Some of the most outstanding features of this software give an excellent service (Source: Antonella Jimenez/


9. Timely

It is one of the fastest options to measure time and also works with many companies, so you will be able to easily enter any job. The timing of this tracking application makes you proactive and not get tired in the attempt.



  • Monitoring your budgets
  • Generates a report
  • Privacy of your data
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Allows location tracking


  • Can be a bit slow to load

8. Workpuls

Aimed at campaigns that companies have with a large number of employees, this application would help them to manage projects quickly. Also, any employee can be easily registered with his or her recognition code.


Besides, what would we do without notifications, because memory often fails, instead if you write down all your jobs in this application you will receive personalized notifications on your mobile phone or your computer. Therefore, this software is in great demand by people today.

7. Harvest

Harvest is an excellent choice for the dynamic reports that the system provides according to your productivity and time tracking. Moreover, it is easy to use and easy to collect any options within the tool. On the other hand, time tracking is reduced with Harvest’s user-friendly interface.


One point to mention is that it is recognized worldwide and has experience in the market, therefore, its updates make it improve every day. Also, in case your direct boss asks you for a report of the time a worker is working, this tool will make it easy for you to collect the raw data.

6. Time Doctor

Also, we have Time Doctor which has, compared to the others, a new methodology for tracking time in a personalized way. In addition, it has metrics for decision-making according to time management to help you understand the productivity of people (3).

Time Doctor

A suggestion for when you choose this tool is to know control of the people in your team, this can be filled when creating a session. It is worth mentioning that its control panel makes time tracking easy.

5. Hubstaff

Managing your time correctly is very difficult, usually, we do not have the best order to perform tasks or organize them from the most urgent to the least. Therefore, with this tool, you can free yourself from avoiding procrastinating time.


The difference is that its control panel is extensive, and you have many benefits, including options and tools. In addition, if you are a company, you can use it to monitor your collaborators without having to be next to(4).

Keep track of prices such as hours for payment, as well as mention the maximum number of hours.

4. TrackingTime

As its name says, it is a time tracker by means of a meticulous follow-up on what you do, in which place you are until knowing the time that you spend on the Web. It also has a timesheet like most other applications.


A plus point why more people choose this software is the flexibility it gives you as a user or company. Because, you can create payroll or invoices to customers, and job analyses among others. And the second point is that it is compatible with many well-known applications such as Microsoft Team.

3. RescueTime

It is well known in the industry for providing good time tracking to turn it into absolute productivity in a company. Also, a crucial point to know is that you have the option to block your networks, so you do not have distractions.


  1. You have access to use organizers such as Google Calendar, also Slack, and others.
  2. Your computer will not be a problem because it adapts to both Windows and macOS. In addition various browsers including Chrome.
  3. The most important thing is that it works without the internet, what are you waiting for to download it and start being productive in this fleeting world.

2. DeskTime

On the other hand, Desktime is a tracker that is highly requested by people because it has excellent functions. Some of those benefits that will help you increase the productivity of teams are the following.


TrackingIt allows you to know the hours in which your team works, in addition to expenses.
Project managementIts characteristic is to organize projects, evaluate them and control the processes.
ProgrammingYou can easily schedule days off and vacations.
PersonalizationYou can customize the reports, send them to your clients for greater transparency, and download them whenever you want.
IntegrationSupports integration with apps like Asana, JIRA, Zapier, Basecamp, Trello, GitLab, and more.

1. Teamdeck

Through this tool, you will create an organized time management climate because Teamdeck makes it easy to track your productive hours. On the other hand, if you are the leader in charge of a group, you can supervise the work with time sheets and tracking.


One of its most important functions is to be able to analyse and buy your work, you can also organize them into schedules or projects. For example, the indicators are known as KPIs measure time in a real way, being an excellent strategy.

See other best software for time tracking.


There is no doubt that this tool for time tracking is very important for all aspects, for example, in your personal life, and at work. It is recommended for good organization and productive use of time. In this way, companies can make sure that their team members are working efficiently.

This software provides other functions within its system, giving the user more comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to have a basic to intermediate level to understand them. In summary, technology has advanced so much that it makes it easier for us to organize our time.


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