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Gaining followers on social networks is not an easy task, especially on TikTok. According to a social study, the pressure of belonging to a community and getting more followers has become a necessity (1). So we have developed this guide.

These tips will help you increase your chances of getting free followers on TikTok. When sharing content on social networks, one of the goals is to reach more users. And with the analysis of several studies, we have compiled the list.

The 10 tips that will help you how to get more followers on TikTok

1. Creativity
2. The length of the videos
3. Use of effects
4. Viral content
5. Hashtags
6. Verify and optimize your account
7. Generate interactions
8. Who you are targeting
9. Interests and Suggestions
10. Good quality videos

The best tips to gain more followers on TikTok

Take some time to evaluate if you are already following these tips, if you are missing any, or which of these tips can help you improve your videos on TikTok.

There are several guidelines that will help you with the TikTok algorithm. Keep in mind that creating good quality and original content will help give you a good position in the network, and this will translate into more followers.

As stated in the study that its creation, with a clear audience positioning and unique communication strategies, you will achieve a good projection (2).

10. Quality of the videos

The well-elaborated and recorded videos are the ones that have good production, this will help you to make users appreciate your content. Therefore, keep in mind to elaborate a small script when making your video, so that it has a good structure. Develop a good long-term marketing strategy.

Record these videos in good quality, i.e. in a good format so that they can be appreciated, well, and without distortion. These videos must have good light so that they look good and are not dark.

If you want to know how a video is produced on TikTok, visit the official TikTok page.

9. Interests and suggestions

In your interactions on the TikTok social network, you must be clear about your interests and what your videos will be about, and what your content will be when creating and sharing.

This is because in our TikTok profile we will have the opportunity to enter our interests, and personal data and provide interesting links. Take advantage of this and generate a good profile to attract attention. This configuration will take the main guidelines of TikTok to project the videos you are interested in.

Because the suggestions have a connection with the interests, the study makes an analysis of user behaviour (3), when you create your content there is the possibility that it is suggested to other users, which will give you a presence in interaction in the network.

By incorporating your interests, your account will have a better orientation of your content and this will make that what you see will be transmitted to other users and this fact will make your content visible in the feeds of other users.

8. Who are you addressing

Here it is also important to analyse the preferences and interests of users, 37 percent of viral videos show people addressing the camera in the first three seconds.

This shows that users are more entertained by seeing another person on the other side of the screen, interacting directly with the camera. So when making your videos, you should use this key. Since the study of schooling, these forms provide an incredible level of interaction important in society (4).

7. Generate more interactions

You must monitor your activity when creating content and publishing it. When you put it online, you should look for a time when you see your content having more interactions among users. Such as comments, likes, and shares, among others.

Try to get your own general visualization, because not everyone will work the same time slots to publish and how to publish it. It is relevant to generate good content so that users spend more time in our videos. These videos should be watched from beginning to end, and therefore the videos should not be too long.

6. Verify and optimize your account:

Having your account well detailed will help your followers or potential followers know what your content is about and what videos you will show. Try to make your information attractive, so you can attract users to follow your account.

Having a verified account, you will have much more reach. Since trust is important among users, you will have more possibilities to reach TikTok users.

5. Hashtags

This is a good strategy to incorporate hashtags into your videos referring to your content. Also, giving the video a title will help communicate to other users what the video is about and help them remember the content of the video.

Don’t put hashtags just for the sake of it, you have to put 2 to 4 hashtags maximum that is related to your topic. The hashtags you put on TikTok, related to the following list, are very general and will not give you a better position with your videos:

  1. #FYP
  2. #foryou
  3. #foryoupage

Here the fundamental thing is to put the hashtag that best relates to your content so that it can be transmitted by the interests of users.
We leave you a list of the 6 most used hashtags according to their interest, according to Statista (5).

  1. Viral
  2. Duet
  3. Funny
  4. Comedy
  5. Humour
  6. Love

4. Viral content:

When making videos, we have to think about making them enjoyable and shareable for users. Because they have that function of being shared because they are interesting.

Think that viral content will help you to have more opportunities and reach more users. Viral content on TikTok is also related to the topics with which you elaborate your videos. An interesting study shows that emotional factors in the creation of videos have an impact of 48.77% in the feed (6).

Here is a list of the most used content in viral videos.

  1. Humour
  2. Dance
  3. Pets
  4. Fashion
  5. Free spaces
  6. Life and wellness tips
  7. Cooking and recipes
  8. Reactions

3. Use of effects in videos

Use effects when creating your videos, this is something that the TikTok network likes.  Using it, you will have more reach to other users because this means that you elaborate your content with better precision and originality.

Also, use filters and music in your videos to get even more out of your publication, there are applications related to TikTok where you can create interesting things for your videos and thus make them more creative.

2. Videos duration

You will have to make an effort that your videos are not too short, or too long. Try to include the necessary information to present your ideas and content. The important thing here is that users see your content from beginning to end, this will help you have a better rating on the network.

Extra Tip

Participate more in the TikTok challenges, here you will be able to gain more visits to your profile and when you participate, try to incorporate something original of your own content and style

1. Creativity

At this point, originality is important in any field of life, and on TikTok to be original too. Being able to post original videos will get followers interested in following you and recommending you to other users.

Therefore, create quality content, it is said that little is better, make a few videos, but of good quality, and try to be original. Make duets with other users, this will help you to have more reach.

A study emphasizes that videos on TikTok, have become a broader platform for concepts such as culinary, skills, exercises, funny videos, prank videos, design, architecture, and even embroidery (7).


With these tips, you will have more chances to get followers and expand your interaction on TikTok. Try to make every post of your videos have these 10 steps. With this, you will achieve very good quality content that over time, you will achieve your goal of gaining more followers and your videos will be more viewed.

Something that may also interest you is that in addition to interacting, watching, commenting, and posting videos. It is important to analyse the network, how it is evolving, what changes it makes, and how to adapt to new features. To be always the first to adapt to these new specifications.

The content of value within an audiovisual narrative implies relevance and quality for the Internet user because it can transform a screen individual into an ordinary person with whom they can identify, says the author in his study (8).


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