The 10 Best Paperless Board Meeting Software Tools

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In today’s increasingly digital world, organizations are constantly looking for ways to leverage technology to improve their operations. This is especially true when it comes to board meetings. Gone are the days when stacks of paper, heavy folders, and overflowing inboxes dominated the boardroom. The move towards sustainable and efficient solutions has led us to embrace paperless board meetings, increasing productivity and collaboration while reducing waste. In this blog post, we delve deeper into the realm of paperless board meeting software, exploring the top 10 tools that are revolutionizing the way companies conduct their crucial decision-making sessions. Whether you’re a start-up or a global corporation, these software solutions can streamline your meetings, save time and protect your confidential information, and guide your team toward more sustainable practices. Let’s explore the future of board meetings together.

The Best Paperless Board Meeting Software Tools

1. Boardable

Boardable is a robust and dynamic platform designed to boost productivity and improve collaboration among board members during meetings. It is packed with a comprehensive set of features meticulously designed to answer the wide spectrum of administrative tasks that surround the effective orchestration of board meetings.

Its interface is armed with an innovative meeting scheduling tool designed to take the complexities out of coordinating meeting times. By taking advantage of this tool, board members can quickly participate in scheduling decisions, which in turn drives the efficiency of aligning calendars and finalizing meeting times.

Beyond simplifying schedules, Boardable also doubles as a hub for document sharing. It offers secure, centralized storage that makes it easy to quickly share and retrieve meeting-related documents at any time. Board members can easily organize and access dedicated folders for agendas, proposals, financial reports, and the like, further driving convenience and transparency.

A crucial but often challenging aspect of board meetings is the accurate recording of minutes. Boardable addresses this issue with a built-in minute recording feature. This feature allows queries, additions or modifications to be made in real time, ensuring a thorough record of all relevant discussions and resolutions.

Boardable doesn’t fall short in terms of tracking decisions as well. It offers an interface where members can quickly identify and review important decisions and pertinent details from previous meetings. This ability reinforces accountability and aids in the assignment of tasks among board members.

At its core, Boardable is an all-in-one solution dedicated to revolutionizing the way board meetings are managed. Through its set of advanced features, it fosters productivity, fosters collaboration, and supports effective meeting management, promising a streamlined, productive experience for everyone involved.


2. BoardEffect

BoardEffect is an innovative platform with a focus on enabling boards to operate at peak efficiency while maintaining unprecedented levels of security. This level of security is paramount, particularly in a world where cyber threats have become more common and sophisticated. The solution offers users a host of impressive features designed to promote ease of use and top-notch confidentiality.

BoardEffect’s key feature is its granular access controls. This mechanism allows a significant degree of control over what data can be accessed by whom, drastically limiting the potential for data breaches. This feature sets you apart in a saturated marketplace by adjusting levels of access based on relevance and need for information to board members. This personalized approach to information access reinforces the platform’s reputation as a reliable and secure data management tool.

Furthermore, BoardEffect creates more than just a user-friendly experience; provides advanced encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest. This advanced encryption protects sensitive and confidential board data from various threats and vulnerabilities, thus creating a stronghold against a wide variety of cyberattacks.

However, to truly excel in security, it is not enough to prevent unauthorized access to data. BoardEffect goes one step further with its comprehensive audit trails. This security feature meticulously tracks and logs all activity on the system, providing a detailed history of tampering. This feature not only allows users to identify who made specific changes, but also reveals when the changes occurred, offering significant investigative benefits for addressing potential security breaches.

BoardEffect boasts its ability to handle both simple and complex board processes. Its innate flexibility makes it an adaptable and valuable tool in multiple scenarios, from the simplest directory tasks to the most complex operational requirements. This versatility ensures that regardless of the size, activity level or governance structure of the board, BoardEffect can seamlessly facilitate the necessary tasks, leading to an overall increase in board effectiveness and productivity.

At its core, BoardEffect demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by various boards in different industries by successfully combining ease of use, deep security, and versatility. This makes it an essential platform that meets the ever-evolving needs of modern boards.


3. OnBoard

OnBoard is feature-rich, all-inclusive board meeting software that strives to simplify and streamline the way you conduct meetings in the digital age. The platform features a comprehensive set of tools including an integrated voting and approval system, offering an efficient way to streamline decision-making processes. By providing this feature, OnBoard ensures that no team member is left out, fostering an environment where every voice counts and opinions are respected.

Its notification feature ensures that crucial meeting updates, such as changes in time or location, can be communicated immediately, minimizing the chances of absenteeism or delays. This feature reduces the need for back and forth communication and keeps everyone on the same page.

The innovative annotation feature allows members to take important notes on shared documents, making it much easier to highlight important information, ask questions, or provide feedback. This offers a collaborative and interactive experience, ensuring intensive engagement.

One of OnBoard’s invaluable features is its offline access. Recognize the fact that Internet access is not always a guarantee. Thus, it allows users to download their meeting materials and work on them offline. Subsequently, any changes made can be synced when Internet access is restored, ensuring seamless productivity.

OnBoard is designed to put safety first. It incorporates a robust, high-level security system that protects all meeting content, data, and communications. This is to ensure that there is no risk of data leakage. It adheres to the strictest standards of confidentiality and data protection.

OnBoard’s user-friendly interface is easy to use and does not require advanced technical knowledge. It maximizes convenience by offering a clear and intuitive layout that’s easy to navigate. It also provides comprehensive onboarding training to new users.

Finally, the platform integrates a set of third-party applications, further enhancing its functionality. This feature allows users to take advantage of the tools they are already using, ensuring flexibility and a smoother transition for both the company and its board members.

At its core, OnBoard isn’t just board meeting software—it’s a strategic advantage that transforms the way your team communicates and makes decisions. It is specifically designed to comprehensively address all aspects of board management.


4. Diligent Boards

Known for its strong security measures, Diligent Boards stays on top when it comes to providing a seamless solution for collecting and distributing materials for board meetings. The security features are hardened, ensuring absolute security of sensitive documents and information, making it a favorite choice among corporations and organizations.

But what really sets Diligent Boards apart is not just its impressive ability to securely store and disseminate information, but also its array of utilities designed to optimize team cooperation and productivity. By offering note sharing capabilities, the platform encourages members to easily collaborate and exchange ideas.

On top of that, its annotation features add another layer of interactive engagement for board members, helping to jot down key points, highlighting needed changes, or adding inputs, making the decision-making process clearer and more efficient. .

Plus, with task management capabilities built right into your system, Diligent Boards goes beyond paperwork. It enables tasks to be effectively assigned, tracked and organized, ensuring that board members stay on top of their own responsibilities as well as the progress of the group as a whole. This, in turn, ensures that no critical task slips by and that board meetings are organized with the utmost precision and efficiency.

In short, Diligent Boards is distinguished by its commitment to security and collaboration. Through its comprehensive and feature-rich design, it ensures efficient compilation and distribution of board meeting materials, while boosting cross-team collaboration and productivity. An essential tool in the corporate governance arsenal, Diligent Boards continues to set the benchmark for secure and collaborative board management systems.

Diligent Boards

5. BoardPAC

BoardPAC is recognized as a unified platform that provides an innovative approach to board meetings and related procedures by presenting a robust, secure and easy-to-use interface. This seamless interface allows easy access to crucial board documents, facilitating faster and more accurate decision making. Where physical documents can be tedious to navigate, here the necessary board documents can be easily reviewed, increasing meeting effectiveness and efficiency.

An integral aspect of BoardPAC is its ability to offer an interactive meeting agenda where both organizers and participants can have dynamic control over the flow of the meeting. The worry of missing an item on the agenda is eliminated, since everyone can follow the planned order presented through the platform. This ensures that all pain points are addressed, fostering inclusive discussions and a more participatory board meeting.

Complementing the interactive agenda is the real-time voting function. Meetings often result in important decisions, and BoardPAC streamlines this process by offering instant voting capabilities. Members can cast their votes securely, allowing for immediate recounts and results. Whether big or small, every decision counts, and this platform ensures that votes are counted quickly and accurately without compromising confidentiality.

BoardPAC further enhances your platform by enabling powerful annotation capabilities. This intuitive feature helps participants take note of important items, clarify points, underline or highlight parts of documents that would be crucial during discussions. Unlike traditional pen-and-paper methods, this digital annotation feature keeps everything streamlined and organized, aiding in better understanding and thus fostering a more effective decision-making process.

In short, BoardPAC proves to be an unmatched platform that integrates powerful tools and robust security to enable effective and efficient board meetings. Backed by a user-friendly interface and interactive features such as an engaging meeting agenda, real-time voting, and advanced annotation capabilities, BoardPAC truly embodies the future of board paper management and collaborative decision-making.


6. Directorpoint

Directorpoint is a holistic solution that simplifies all facets of board communication as well as administration. It is designed to be an all-in-one digital interface encompassing many beneficial features for smooth running of board activities.

One of Directorpoint’s key offerings is task tracking. This feature enables monitoring and efficient completion of tasks by board members. This means you have the ability to closely monitor work progress and final completions, ensuring goals are met and important assignments aren’t overlooked.

Possibly the most critical feature of Directorpoint is its secure messaging option. This integrated communication tool is not only fast and easy to use, but also highly secure, placing great importance on discretion and confidentiality. With cybersecurity concerns at an all-time high, knowing that board conversations are protected must be a comforting thought for users.

Additionally, Directorpoint supports decision-making steps with its unique voting tools. The system allows seamless online voting, creating a smoother and more efficient decision-making process. This consequently creates space for greater transparency and removes the hassles of traditional voting methods.

Finally, the product also provides a reliable document storage and retrieval system. This is designed to offer a centralized location where important meeting related files are kept for quick and easy access. Your document management system is not only reliable but also secure, preventing unauthorized access or accidental loss.

Overall, Directorpoint represents an advanced tool that aims to not only streamline board communications and the management process, but also enhance the security of internal operations and interactions.


7. Aprio

Aprio is an innovative digital platform that strives to streamline the often complex and time-consuming process of preparing, executing and following up on board meetings. Their goal is to make each stage efficient and easy to use.

Basically, Aprio offers a variety of features to automate and speed up the most labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks often associated with board meetings. One of its main components is the actionable agendas feature. This tool not only helps to design a comprehensive plan for upcoming discussions, but also makes it easy to modify and improve them as needed. Promote optimal productivity by maintaining a clear focus on topics before, during, and after each meeting.

Additionally, the addition of Aprio’s real-time voting not only improves decision-making processes, but also adds a layer of transparency. Board members can cast their votes on important issues instantly and without confusion, thus fostering a fair and democratic environment.

Furthermore, Aprio recognizes the importance of strategic planning for any board meeting and therefore offers dedicated tools for this purpose. These tools are designed to create a roadmap for future discussions, assess priorities, set key performance indicators, and map out what-if scenarios. By doing so, you facilitate strategic conversation and keep everyone on the same page.

In addition, Aprio’s built-in surveys play a crucial role in evaluating meeting effectiveness. They allow board chairs or administrators to collect instant feedback on the overall quality and impact of recent interactions. It also helps identify any perceived weaknesses or areas that need improvement, allowing changes to be implemented more quickly and proactively.

In short, Aprio transforms the often complex processes of managing board meetings into a simple and easy-to-use experience. It does this while ensuring meetings are productive, effective, and strategically focused. It’s less about manual paperwork and more about focusing on the core decisions and strategies that drive organizations forward.


8. Boardvantage

As the leading industry platform, Boardvantage offers a robust, comprehensive approach to managing board meetings more effectively, with a wide range of innovative features that streamline the entire process. This includes seamless document distribution, process automation, and secure communication channels. Through its easy-to-use interface, Boardvantage equips organizations with the ability to disseminate vital meeting materials with ease and accuracy, promoting effective collaboration among board members.

Boardvantage’s sophisticated process automation further ensures that board meeting proceedings are executed with optimal efficiency. Significantly reduces administrative burden and eliminates procedural errors by effectively automating routine tasks such as scheduling, reminders, diary creation, and minute-taking.

Additionally, the platform provides secure communication channels, thus maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of board meeting discussions. Boardvantage adopts strict security measures, including end-to-end data encryption, access controls, and audit trails, to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Beyond this, Boardvantage also empowers meeting organizers by offering tools to closely monitor meeting engagement. With built-in analytics, organizers can track the level of participant engagement, measure meeting effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement. It also allows organizers to track access to documents, making it easy to confirm who has viewed certain documents or track those who haven’t.

At its core, Boardvantage offers a comprehensive and reliable board management solution, making it an indispensable tool for organizations looking to improve the effectiveness of their board meetings. Whether it’s seamless document distribution, advanced process automation, secure communication, or robust monitoring capabilities, Boardvantage’s compelling and unique value proposition sets it apart from traditional board meeting management platforms.


9. Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene, a leading name in the digital meeting solutions market, boasts of a wide collection of dynamic features explicitly designed to not only make board meetings more productive, but also effectively transform them into interactive sessions. of exchange of ideas.

The main unique selling proposition of the platform lies in its advanced user management, which ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for all users. This feature simplifies the process of assigning roles, granting permissions, and moderating user access. It offers granular levels of security, allowing the meeting facilitator to control who sees what, offering unwavering protection to sensitive and confidential data.

Additionally, Azeus Convene prides itself on its state-of-the-art document controls. This feature leads to smooth document navigation and enables efficient organization of countless files and data. The intricate controls help in speedy recovery, avoiding any waste of time and facilitating uninterrupted discussions. The system also provides a secure space for document storage and helps with easy document sharing, ultimately improving work synergy and cross-departmental collaboration.

A highlight of Azeus Convene is its intuitive interface. Designed to be simple and easy to use, the interface allows users to effortlessly navigate the system, thus taking the user experience to a new level. The intelligently designed and easy-to-use control panel provides easy access to all functions, eliminating unnecessary complications and making it suitable for users with varying degrees of technical proficiency.

In addition, the platform comes with additional features such as a time scheduler, instant note-taking, and real-time polling and voting—features designed to make meetings efficient, effective, and engaging.

In conclusion, with its robust user management, revolutionary document controls, and simple interface, Azeus Convene clearly sets itself apart from the competition. It promises and delivers a digital solution that supports paperless meetings, thereby optimizing efficiency and adding immense value to any organization’s decision-making process.

Azeus Convene

10. BoardPad

BoardPad is a digital solution that provides vital utility services that streamline and improve meeting processes, specifically for boards of directors and senior executives. In an age where physical meetings can be difficult, BoardPad is a cutting-edge tool that incorporates the convenience of technology to ensure executive meetings continue effortlessly.

Understanding the paramount importance of security in handling sensitive information, BoardPad has prioritized strict security protocols in its services. This facet of the platform ensures secure access to documents, allowing confidential materials to be shared and discussed securely among meeting participants. This security feature is reinforced with encryption measures that keep sensitive data well protected against potential threats.

Additionally, BoardPad streamlines the meeting process with an organizing feature that helps create clear and concise meeting agendas. This attribute provides a systematic way to manage time efficiently during meetings, ensuring that each member is aware of what is on the table for discussion. This feature not only improves productivity, but also simplifies the process of following up and referring to discussion points during subsequent meetings.

It also invests in creating a user-friendly environment with its intuitive interface. This is designed to keep managers actively engaged and well informed, reducing the potential for miscommunication or misunderstanding. The interface design elegantly blends simplicity and functionality, making it easy for participants to navigate during meetings.

Additionally, BoardPad’s reporting feature ensures a continuous flow of updates and relevant information, keeping managers informed even after the meeting is over. This persistent communication ensures that all members are informed of the latest updates, eliminating the risk of someone being left out or uninformed.

Ultimately, BoardPad’s innovative features serve to facilitate an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use digital meeting experience. It offers a one-stop solution for today’s virtual executive meeting demands, making it a technology-forward choice for many. Despite the functions it performs remotely, BoardPad manages to maintain the intimacy and essence of traditional face-to-face meetings.



In today’s digital age, switching to paperless board meeting software is not only an eco-friendly option, but a practical one as well. The ten software tools we’ve discussed in this blog post are the cream of the crop, packed with intuitive features like cloud storage, real-time collaboration, robust security, and easy accessibility. Transitioning to any of these software solutions can streamline board meetings, reduce clutter, improve communication, and increase overall productivity. Remember that the best software for you will depend on your organization’s specific needs and budget. Therefore, consider testing a few options before making your final decision. Embrace the future with these efficient and innovative tools for paperless board meetings.


What is paperless board meeting software?

Paperless board meeting software is a digital solution that allows organizations to conduct meetings without the need for physical papers or documents. This software typically offers a suite of features that facilitate organizing, scheduling, notetaking, document sharing, voting, and other board meeting activities in a secure digital environment.

How does paperless board meeting software benefit organizations?

It offers numerous benefits including streamlined scheduling of meetings, secure collaboration, and document sharing, instant updates, and decreased reliance on physical paper which reduces costs and is environmentally friendly. It also encourages more efficient and transparent communication among board members.

Is using paperless board meeting software secure?

Yes, most paperless board meeting software include robust security features. This includes bank-grade encryption for data transmission, secure storage for sensitive documents, user authentication, and access controls. However, the level of security can vary between providers, so it’s important to confirm this with your software provider.

How easy is it to transition to paperless board meeting software?

Transitioning to paperless board meeting software can be straightforward, depending on the service provider chosen. Many providers focus on user-friendly design and offer comprehensive onboarding and customer support to help along the way. Additionally, most software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those with limited tech experience.

Can paperless board meeting software support large organizations?

Yes, these software platforms are often scalable, meaning they have the capacity to support organizations of different sizes. They can handle the complexity of large organizations, where there may be numerous meetings happening concurrently and vast amounts of documents to share and archive. However, it’s essential to check the software’s specifications before deciding, to ensure it suits your organization’s needs.


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