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In this article, we will review a very interesting topic that is really trending in the marketing world: SEO strategy. If you want your website to be successful in search engine positioning, you must take into account certain aspects that we will name below.

You will be able to observe all the tools that we present to you to achieve a successful and prosperous SEO strategy for your website. With emphasis and dedication, you can manage and control your website’s SEO yourself.

Much of the traffic on the Internet depends on search engines, so they are considered a basic and indispensable tool for companies that own websites.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the set of actions and techniques used to improve the positioning (visibility) in search engines of a website on the Internet, within the organic results in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • To do this, search engines collect the list of pages on the web and sort them according to their algorithm. These algorithms are updated from time to time to try to offer users the results that most closely match the search they have made and to ensure that the top of the list does not include manipulated text or spam (1).
  • SEO is achieved, according to Den-ning (2013), by maximizing the exposure of a website in search engines and directories, through the use of specific keywords and phrases. That process largely consists of making changes to the site (page titles, development of keyword-rich content and metadata) in a way that makes it more attractive to search engines (2).
  • SEO vs. SEM. There are two types of SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Keyword ResearchAdvertising Campaigns
Google Analytics, Google Search ConsoleGoogle Ads, Yahoo Ads

The best guidelines for SEO strategies: The definitive list

Nowadays, everyone who works in marketing or is in charge of a website knows how important SEO strategy is. It is a job that requires time, research and dedication. We recommend you to keep in mind these guidelines to achieve your goal and exceed expectations.

13. Link Building

The first method we highlight is Link Building: it is an organic SEO process that consists of creating external links (backlinks).

The objective of this method is to improve the position on search engine results pages. In addition, it helps search engines understand the credibility and relevance of your website. Also, link building can increase your company’s visibility with both search engines and Internet users.

12. Internal linking

These are links that go from one page to another within the same domain. Internal links are the tool that allows the reader to read more posts on your website that are related to what they are currently reading.

Internal links are important for 2 main reasons:

1. They make it possible for the reader to stay longer on your domain.
2. They facilitate the three phases of the work of the Googlebot (Google’s web crawling robot).

Keep in mind the Googlebot’s working phases for better performance of internal links on your website. (Source: Erina Sarghel/

11. Website optimization

Optimizing a website for SEO means improving it so that it appears in the different search engines for the keywords you are most interested in. In other words, it aims to generate quality traffic to your website.

Some objectives of the optimization of your website are:

  1. Contains keywords you are interested in.
  2. The website loads quickly.
  3. The website is responsive, i.e. it adapts to any type of screen, both computer and mobile devices.
  4. The website is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.
  5. The architecture of your website is consistent and has a clear and well-connected organization.

10. Improve your landing pages

The landing page of your website is your letter of introduction, since it is the first thing a potential customer sees. They often look like simple pages, but in reality, it is the main page of the site. Therefore, there are several points to keep in mind to make your landing page stand out:

  1. Title. Its objective is to attract the visitor’s attention so that he/she continues reading and observing the whole page landing.
  2. Copy or main text of the website. Its content must be complete and intriguing so that the visitor is intrigued by the rest of the website.
  3. Call-to-action. The call-to-action button is essential on a landing page because it allows the visitor to easily contact you.

09. Regular posting of content

A key point for a successful SEO strategy is to constantly publish valuable and relevant content, so your visitors can be updated with your products or services.

Remember that having valid and credible sources always gives a touch of authority and value to your website. The basis of considerable content is the previous research on the topics to publish and an analysis of your competition.

08. Analyze the competition

These are the most important criteria for analysing your competition (Source: Erina Sarghel/

As we said previously, analysing your competition is essential to have an idea of where you are positioned with respect to them and what elements you should add to offer something that they do not offer.

No matter if it is direct or indirect competition, you must broaden your horizons, and look for what differentiates you from the rest, giving an extra touch to your website.

07. Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a fictitious and generalized representation of your ideal client. This profile will help you understand who you are selling your products or services to.

The way to create a buyer persona is by researching your current customer base. You can ask a few questions to get a better idea of who your customers are.

06. User intent

User intent is the reason why users perform a specific search, in other words, the real meaning behind Google searches.

Some questions that are often asked to understand user intent are:

  • why are they searching?
  • are they searching because they have a question and want an answer to that question?
  • are they searching for a specific website?
  • are they searching because they want to buy something?

With these questions and their answers, you will have a clearer idea about the purpose of the user’s search.

The more specific a user’s query is, the better and more appropriate the results should be to answer the user’s intent.

05. Audience Segmentation

Segmenting our digital audience is to analyze and identify consumer profiles that “may need different products and services”, and require different marketing strategies to attract them to our website.

Some segmentation processes are:

  • Location, i.e. their place of residence.
  • Their specific needs or interest in a particular product or service.
  • Demographics: their age or ethnicity.
  • Their lifestyle, opinions and decisions.

From the collection of this data, you will have found the necessary information to know who your audience is, and how to publish your content.

04. Basic free SEO tools

To get into the SEO world, you should consider the tools that exist to be able to carry out your website tracking. However, there are a lot of tools and programs that are used, so we will name the main and basic tools that will help you to track the status of your website:

Analytics Tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword Hero

Tools to index a website

  • Beam Us Up

Keyword Research Tools

  • Answer The Public
  • Ubersuggest

Linking tools used in our SEO agency

  • Link Explorer

Tools for various SEO purposes

  • Chrome DevTools
  • MozBar

Tools to analyze a website

  • View Rendered Source

03. Keyword planner

In the third place, we tell you about a strategy to highlight that every SEO specialist uses: The Keyword Planner. It allows you to research keywords for your Search campaigns. You can work with this free tool to discover new keywords related to your company, and see estimates of the searches they receive, as well as the cost of targeting ads with them.

The best known by specialists is the Google Planner: Google Keyword Planner.


  • Discover new keywords
  • See monthly searches
  • You determine the cost
  • You can organize keywords
  • You can create new campaigns


  • Your account must be in Expert mode
  • To access your account, you must add your billing information and create the campaign

02. Define your objectives

When immersing yourself in the SEO world, you should develop a plan of monthly goals, so you can better organize yourself and meet your expectations. It is essential that you are realistic and know very well how far you want to go, so you will have an idea of the type of process you will approach and the tools you will need.

Do some research on your field and analyze all aspects. Get to know what content you can publish and what you can offer on your website, so you will be prepared to be able to control your business in a more effective way.

01. Action plan

We come to the first place, which we consider, must be given priority when you want to use SEO on your website; keep in mind that without a plan of action your goals and needs will not be clear, and unfortunately, you will not succeed in your business without an order. It may sound a bit extreme, but if you analyse it, no business works without a plan, without organization; that is why you must first know what kind of website you have and what you want to offer on it.


Throughout this article, we have exposed the key points for your SEO strategy to be successful. Remember to follow the order we recommend, it will help you to develop the work, and do not give up in the attempt.

You can become an SEO specialist with the tools we provide you, and with your dedication to your website. You just have to trust your criteria and take advantage of the potential of your business.


1. Anonimo, A. (2018). SEO (Search Engine Optimization). ElEconomista. Retrieved 2022, Source

2. Darein Robles, L., & Valdez Romero, M. M. (2020). Application of SEO strategies in the web page investigacioncientifica.or. Scientific Journal of Social Communication Bausate. Retrieved 2022, Source


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