What Is SEO Positioning, And Why Should You Start Using It?


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SEO positioning is a set of techniques that are applied to the content and code to maximize the visualization of a website. A good SEO strategy will take you to the top of the search results that users perform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will organically attract your target audience. You will make them find you and with the quality content, you will make them need you (1).


  • Understanding how SEO works will give you the guidelines so that when you create content for your website, you do it consciously. Really connect with the people who are looking for your products or services.
  • With the new consumer habits of users, the implementation of SEO strategies is essential in your digital marketing plan, you must know the benefits of doing a good SEO on your website and how it influences the growth of your business.
  • Apply good SEO practices to your website, this will help you optimize time, and maintain constant traffic of visitors and conversions. Best of all, it is achieved naturally, without investing money in promotional campaigns.

What you should know about SEO positioning

At this point, you must have many doubts about what should be your next move, after having built a website, so in this article, you will find basic concepts and recommendations that you can apply to improve your positioning.

How does SEO positioning work?

In order to be in the first search results, you must have quality content. This is because the number 1 mission of the search engine algorithm is to offer the best user experience and response. Below, we name the 3 processes that the algorithm uses for its operation:

  1. Tracking, all the content that exists on your website.
  2. Indexing, try to classify all the content found.
  3. Ranking, finally, it selects which content is relevant and in which position it will be shown (2).

You already know roughly how the algorithm works. To clarify a little more about how it works, we will tell you which aspects determine that your content is of quality. And this depends on the E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, and Trust), let’s see what it is (3):

  • Expertise is not only about being an expert on the subject. Google also values a good point of view, expert sources, forums, or discussions are also considered (1). Here you can also include reviews, references, recommendations, articles, etc.
  • Authority, here you show that your site and pages are trustworthy, authority is related to the link-building technique. When another website mentions or cites your content it creates a link that links to your page.
  • Trust, this is built by providing security to your users when they browse your website, always consider the implementation of an SSL certificate.

What is the importance of SEO positioning?

Commercial establishments with physical stores, to function and be profitable need buyers to enter and consume. Well, the same goes for your digital business, you need to increase the traffic of people who visit and consume your content, products, or services.

Therefore, it is important that you work on the implementation of an SEO strategy and put yourself in the place of your customers. Think about their conditions, such as, for example, how long they have to view your content, do they access their data, or they have to connect to Wi-Fi, and does your website offer a good user experience.

This graph shows that, although the main reason for Spanish people to buy online is the convenience of receiving the products at home. Also important is the availability of the website, being able to consult it at any time of the day, the ease of shopping, and the information it offers.

What is organic positioning?

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the word organically. This is one of the concepts that financially also contribute significantly to your business. When we talk about organic positioning, we refer to the way to appear in the main search results naturally, that is, without having to invest money in promotional campaigns for the website.

What are the main types of SEO positioning?

According to its implementation, the types of SEO positioning that exist are the on-page SEO technique and the off-page SEO technique or link building. Here is a brief description of each one:

  • SEO On page: is to optimize the internal factors of the website, so that its indexation is faster and improves its positioning. To achieve this there are a series of techniques that you must take into account, we mention them below.
  • SEO of contents: you must make research the keywords most searched by users. This will allow you to offer quality content, not only in the texts but also in the images.
  • Technical SEO: to use this technique you must have a little more advanced knowledge, for example, in source code or operating system. To ensure that robots can run the processes mentioned above, such as indexing, loading speed, and more factors that are not visible to the human eye (4).
  • Off-page SEO or link-building: this technique has a lot to do with building the authority of our website. When other pages related to your business link to your website.

SEO best practices that your website should implement

Define your target audience

It is important that you know which people you want to reach with your products or services, and who can really be your potential customer. Know what their buying habits are, what motivates them, and their basic data, both work and personal. This will help you create a better SEO positioning strategy and offer specialized content and effective actions.

To define your type of customer or buyer persona you can implement techniques to help you capture information. Use surveys or you can also do brainstorming. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and identify how to solve their needs or pain point. In this link, you can find more information on how to define your buyer persona (3).

Implement SEO tools

There are many platforms that offer you SEO tools, some of which offer free or paid functionalities. To begin with, use basic tools, among which we can recommend Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  • Google Analytics, allows you to analyze data, gives you a summary of the total traffic, conversions, the volume of users per day and time and the number of users who are visiting your site at that moment, and the pages they are viewing (5).
  • Google Search Console, this tool allows you to check the status of your website, gives you information about the crawling, indexing, and publishing of your pages, and correct problems (6).

Analyze your competitors

Just as it is important to know your customers, it is equally important to know your competitors. This allows you to improve your strategy and identify opportunities and create quality content. In your research, you will find the keywords that have led to the success of your competitors.

For this practice, you can go to the Google search engine, search for your product or service and see which companies are in the top positions, and identify which keywords can work for your positioning strategy.

Create quality content

At this point, you may have noticed that we have repeatedly mentioned the content and quality of the words, to reach the top positions in search results. The first thing you should avoid is writing for the sake of writing, it is better to take your time and write consciously. Make sure your content offers something of value to people.

In order to deliver quality content, take into account the following aspects:

  • You must know who you are targeting, and know your target audience.
  • Research keywords related to your product or service.
  • Show reliable data and consult expert sources, you can use tools such as Google Scholar to search for scientific and academic sources.
  • Write good titles.
  • Read carefully what you have written and if you can find an acquaintance who also read what you have written and know their opinion.

Creativity and originality are key to engaging your readers, so unleash your imagination and share the best of your business.

Do exhaustive research of keywords

Keywords are those that a user types in the search engine to find content that solves their request. For example, if a person wants to prepare a flan, he will probably type the following: ¨how to prepare flan¨ or ¨recipe to make flan¨ and these are the keywords for this search.

To start identifying keywords and optimize your content, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a document where you will list your keywords.
  • Define your topic and your target audience.
  • Now put yourself in your customer’s shoes and how he would search for your product or service
  • You can use free or paid tools, which help you quickly identify an infinite number of keyword options for your specific topic.

And that’s it! you will have a list of identified keywords that you can use in your content (7).

Create the best User Experience

Now that you have managed to get your customers to your website, you must make sure you offer them the best user experience. That is, all the comforts to stay and come back to you. But then, how to know if your website offers a good responsive experience, here are some important points:

  • Does your website have a responsive design (adapts to any type of device such as mobile, laptop, or tablet)? Keep in mind that your customers can open your page at any time and place, either while using their mobile or from a desktop PC.
  • The loading time of your website is fast, the optimal time is 3 seconds, otherwise, the user will abandon your site and look for a faster one.
  • Taking into account what we have seen above, is your content quality?
  • The actions to be performed by the user on your website are intuitive, that is, the user does not have to think so much about what to do since the buttons and actions to be performed within the page are easy to understand.
The main SEO strategies (Source: Adroaldo Sanchez/

Build authority, make your website reliable

Send positive signals to Google, and show it that your website is reliable so that it puts you at the top of the search results. To achieve this, keep in mind what factors search engines consider to define a website as trustworthy:

  • Backlinks or external links: when you get other search engine accredited websites to link to your web page, as a result, your content is so good, reliable, and original.
  • This is why we reiterate the importance of creating quality content.
  • As well as providing an excellent user experience.
  • Only link your website to reliable sites or academic or expert sources.

Define the frequency of your publications

According to the content you produce, for example, how often you should make updates to the content. Remember to be consistent. Although there is no established period to make updates to the site, keep in mind that once a month may be too little.

SEO Tools

Finally, we would like to share with you some of the best tools that exist, classified according to their functionality. It should be noted that many of these tools perform more than one task that will help you implement your SEO strategy (8):

Competition analysisSimilarWeb
Website optimisationDesarrollador web
Google Search Console
Google PageSpeed Insights
Website auditsScreaming Frog
Search for KeywordsAnswer the Public
Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends
Data analysisGoogle Analytics
SEOWorkers Analysis Tool


We hope you found this article helpful as an introduction to the world of SEO. Although there is no general rule for the implementation of an SEO strategy, you can apply many of the techniques mentioned. You can consult many more that are also effective and will help you to position your website at the top of the search results.

Don’t forget to keep yourself updated because search engines are constantly changing their algorithm, with the number 1 goal of showing the user the best answer to his query. So constantly work on offering the best content and the best user experience.


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