The 11 Best School Board Meeting Software Tools

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In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, managing and organizing school board meetings effectively has become more important than ever. As educational institutions adapt to the evolving demands of modern-day learning, it’s crucial for school boards to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the right software tools. With a myriad of options available on the market, identifying the best school board meeting software has become somewhat challenging. That’s why we have handpicked the 11 best school board meeting software tools to streamline communication, planning, and decision-making processes. In this comprehensive blog post, we will introduce you to these cutting-edge solutions specifically designed to enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and foster transparency among school board members, administrators, parents, and community stakeholders. So, let’s dive right in and explore the tools and platforms that will support your school board in transforming the educational experience.

The Best School Board Meeting Software Tools

1. Boardable

Boardable revolutionizes school board meeting management by offering a comprehensive platform for efficient communication and collaboration. Users gain control over agenda creation, meeting minutes, and scheduling, ensuring all topics are covered and past records are archived automatically.

RSVP management becomes hassle-free with quick attendance confirmations, allowing for headcount adjustments and attendance pattern analysis. Electronic voting expedites decision-making, eliminating manual tallying, and enhancing transparency. Boardable also integrates seamlessly with video conferencing platforms, providing a consolidated space for accessing meeting resources and facilitating effective virtual meetings, even for remote participants. In essence, Boardable streamlines school board meetings, optimizing organizational tasks, and promoting real-time collaboration for more productive decision-making.


2. BoardDocs

BoardDocs is the ultimate solution for school board meeting efficiency, offering streamlined planning, e-agenda management, and policy administration. It promotes transparency and compliance, allowing for easy creation, organization, and sharing of meeting materials through a user-friendly digital platform.

The platform simplifies e-agenda management, saving time and resources, and enabling board members and administrators to focus on strategic tasks. Additionally, BoardDocs centralizes policy management, ensuring policies are up-to-date, accessible, and compliant. With its secure, transparent approach, BoardDocs enhances public trust, fosters positive community relationships, and empowers school boards to excel in governance.


3. BoardPaq

BoardPaq stands out as the ultimate board management platform for school boards, offering a user-friendly interface designed to meet their unique needs. The platform provides secure document sharing, agenda creation, and scheduling tools, ensuring efficient processes.

BoardPaq goes beyond the basics with integrated communication modules, secure voting tools, and digital archiving, promoting collaboration, simplifying decision-making, and preserving organizational records. Security is a priority, with advanced encryption, access controls, and backup solutions to protect sensitive data. In today’s tech-driven world, BoardPaq empowers school boards to streamline operations, make informed decisions, and excel, making it the go-to solution for effective board management.


4. Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is a forward-looking platform that prioritizes accessibility and security for board members, allowing them to access critical meeting documents from anywhere, on any device. It liberates board members from physical constraints and empowers efficient remote collaboration.

The platform ensures the highest level of security for sensitive documents through robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, and stringent access controls. Its user-friendly interface supports real-time collaboration and simplifies the process of updating and distributing meeting materials, enhancing overall productivity and accuracy in board meetings. Diligent Boards revolutionizes board communication and document management, facilitating informed and collaborative decision-making in today’s technology-driven business world.

Diligent Boards


eSCRIBE is a versatile meeting management solution tailored to the needs of K-12 educational institutions. Its automated workflow management reduces manual tasks and errors, fostering a productive work environment. The platform’s seamless integration with video streaming services enables virtual meetings and enhances remote engagement, aligning with the recent trends in remote learning.

eSCRIBE also offers real-time tracking of action items, promoting accountability and efficiency in schools. Customizability is a key feature, allowing schools to adapt the platform to their specific governance structure and needs. In summary, eSCRIBE empowers educational institutions by streamlining governance processes, improving communication, and promoting transparency, ultimately allowing them to focus more on providing quality education to students.


6. OnBoard

OnBoard is a comprehensive meeting management solution that revolutionizes board meetings, focusing on efficiency and information-driven processes. It offers secure document sharing, customizable agenda creation, and advanced collaboration tools to enhance coordination among board members. With robust encryption, it ensures data security and transparency, while streamlined agenda creation saves time and effort.

OnBoard’s user-friendly interface empowers board members to modify agendas effortlessly, and its collaborative features enable real-time communication and idea sharing. It provides a centralized repository for various meeting-related documents, enhancing accessibility and decision-making. Overall, OnBoard is a modern meeting management tool that improves productivity and decision-making in contemporary board meetings.


7. Simbli

Simbli is a user-friendly board meeting software designed for K-12 schools, offering a comprehensive suite of features. It excels in agenda management, enabling easy creation and distribution, and simplifies document sharing for better collaboration and decision-making. Simbli includes communication tools like messaging and email notifications to facilitate clear and timely interactions among board members.

Moreover, Simbli integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, enhancing document management and workflow. Its robust security measures ensure the safety of sensitive information, making it a trustworthy choice for educational institutions. Overall, Simbli optimizes board meeting processes and promotes transparency and collaboration for effective decision-making in schools.


8. NovusAGENDA

NovusAGENDA is a cutting-edge web-based platform tailored for school board meeting management, providing customizable agenda templates, policy management, and advanced voting tools. It enables school boards to maintain consistent and organized meeting formats, simplifies policy management, and ensures transparent and efficient voting processes through real-time electronic voting.

Moreover, NovusAGENDA promotes collaboration among board members by facilitating communication and document sharing, enhancing teamwork, and ultimately leading to more productive meetings. In today’s technology-driven landscape, this comprehensive solution streamlines meeting processes, allowing school boards to focus on crucial decisions that impact students nationwide, fostering efficient and effective educational governance.


9. Boardvantage

Boardvantage is a cutting-edge board meeting software designed for school boards, offering secure document management to organize confidential materials efficiently and reduce paperwork. Collaboration tools such as discussion forums, shared calendars, and task management enhance teamwork and coordination among board members.

Real-time updates keep members informed about changes within the board and the school district, ensuring preparedness for meetings. The user-friendly interface caters to users of all technical skill levels, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise, and facilitating better communication, decision-making, and information sharing among board members.


10. PlanStreet

PlanStreet is a sophisticated project management platform that revolutionizes board meeting management with its collaborative approach to agenda creation, efficient document sharing, and streamlined action item tracking. Its dynamic agenda creation feature encourages team members to contribute ideas and ensures organized and effective discussions. The centralized document sharing system simplifies access to essential information, eliminating the need for time-consuming email exchanges.

Furthermore, PlanStreet empowers teams to efficiently track and manage action items arising from board meetings, promoting accountability and proactive problem-solving. With customizable features, organizations can tailor the platform to their unique needs, enhancing project management and board meetings. In summary, PlanStreet enhances governance, transparency, and engagement while optimizing board meeting processes, ultimately driving improved results for organizations.


11. MinuteMe

MinuteMe is a user-friendly and efficient meeting software designed for school boards, streamlining agenda creation, document sharing, and communication. Its intuitive interface simplifies tracking meeting action items, reducing confusion and enhancing overall performance. Collaborative agenda creation fosters unity and active participation among board members.

MinuteMe’s organized document repository ensures easy access and editing, preventing delays caused by misplaced or outdated files. The platform’s centralized communication system allows direct board member interaction, with structured discussion threads for agenda items. Furthermore, MinuteMe simplifies minute-taking, providing customizable records for review, edits, and approval. In summary, MinuteMe empowers school boards to conduct productive and organized meetings, focusing on educational institution improvement.



In conclusion, choosing the right school board meeting software tool is crucial for the smooth functioning and management of your school board meetings. The 11 best meeting tools we’ve shared are designed to meet the varying needs of schools, ensuring seamless communication, organized documentation, and efficient collaboration. While each tool has its own unique features and capabilities, ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific preferences and requirements. Taking the time to explore these options and select the best one for your school board will result in more productive meetings and improved overall governance. As school boards continue to embrace digital technologies, adopting the right meeting software tool will pave the way for a more connected and streamlined future.


What is the purpose of school board meeting software?

The purpose of school board meeting software is to facilitate the organization, management, and communication of school board meetings by providing an easy-to-use platform for scheduling, sharing documents, and collaborating among board members and participants.

How does school board meeting software ensure secure access to meeting documents?

School board meeting software ensures secure access to meeting documents by incorporating password protection, user authentication, and permission controls so that only authorized users can view, edit, or share sensitive information.

Can school board meeting software support virtual meetings for remote participants?

Yes, many school board meeting software programs offer virtual meeting capabilities allowing board members and participants to attend meetings remotely via video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time chat features.

How customizable is the school board meeting software when it comes to managing meeting agendas and minutes?

School board meeting software is highly customizable, allowing users to create dynamic meeting agendas, track meeting minutes, and include personalized templates to streamline the process of organizing and documenting the board meetings.

Does school board meeting software have integrations or compatibility with other commonly used tools?

Yes, school board meeting software typically offers integrations or compatibility with popular tools, such as email, calendar apps, document storage platforms, and more to ensure seamless collaboration and exchange of information for board members.


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