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The way we develop jobs and hire employees has changed after 2020, either because the world has turned upside down or because the world has turned us upside down. In the end, the change at that time had to be made, and now it has become a decision for companies.

Remote work leads to the remote incorporation of personnel every day in various companies. Having proven that the development of activities can be carried out remotely and its progress has no drawbacks, companies have updated their hiring mechanisms. Here are some tips on how to use remote recruitment in the best way.


  • Establishing a hiring plan prior to remote onboarding makes it simpler.
  • There are tools that facilitate the performance of remote employees.
  • The employer-employee relationship has consequences on the performance and compliance of the work team.

Top Tips for Remote Employee Onboarding: The Ultimate List

Remote onboarding requires the presence of digital tools and effective monitoring by the employer. One of the objectives of the arrival of new employees to a company is to grow the development of the company and for this, the new onboarding must be done methodically. So that this stage does not present inconveniences and has a total emphasis on the fulfilment of the company’s goals, below you will have information on how to have the best remote incorporation.

1. Creation of a hiring plan

First of all, before starting a conversation with the job applicant, a hiring plan must be designed. This plan allows you to have a defined structure to arrive at the choice that best suits your needs.

These are the steps to know when hiring a new employee. (Source: Vanesa Colman/

2. Establish work mode parameters

When hiring a new employee, the type of work must be taken into account, since it determines the form of the contract to be signed. Below, we present the four types of existing contracts.

Indefinite WorkThere is no fixed term, it is a fixed activity that may have a specific schedule.
Temporary workThe contract has a determined time to perform the activity and specific action. Such a contract must be justified by the employer
For training and apprenticeshipIdeal for the labour insertion and first employment of young people up to 25 years of age. The activity is complemented by the employee’s training in the same company or in an educational centre
internshipsIt is related to the professional training of the hired person. Its purpose is the acquisition of professional practice to a person with a university degree for example

3. Fostering the employer-employee relationship

The employer-employee relationship determines the way and results of the performance of both parties, and a positive relationship benefits the fulfilment of the company’s objectives. In order to carry out a relationship in accordance with the employees, here are some factors to take into account on a daily basis.

Maintaining an employer-employee relationship makes both parties equally more productive (Source: Vanesa Colman/

Anne Trebilcock – “The term industrial relations (also used industrial relations), refers to the system in which companies, workers and their representatives and, directly or indirectly, the Administration, interact in order to establish the ground rules governing labor relations”

4. Establish online onboarding

Establishing an onboarding is to develop a process of incorporation of new employees, it is a model that seeks to generate organizational links to prevent labour desertion, on the one hand, and to ensure that the new collaborators increase their labour insertion with the organizational values and norms (1).

Performing this process digitally speeds up and automates each step and is ideal for generating a bond with the new member. Remote incorporation should not be distant in terms of human relationships.

Below, we present digital tools that allow you to carry out an online onboarding in a simple way, recommended by the company Factorial, a specialist in the creation of software for the corporate human resources area.

  • Trello: allows you to create lists and checklists of activities where the whole team can work. It has the possibility of tagging each member and changing their status, for example, activity solved.
  • Factorial Software: automates the actions of employees and allows keeping track of their development, documentation and records of each one.
  • Signaturit: allows obtaining an instant electronic signature.
  • Cornerstone: ideal for remote incorporation and offers training to enhance the actions in each area. Promotes professional development within a company
  • Loom: creates videos with voice, ideal for a presentation where the activity is explained to the whole team.

5. Select a guide for the new employee

In order to stimulate productivity and fulfilment of objectives, the new employee can be assigned a colleague to guide him/her in his/her activities and to whom he/she can consult on how to perform them. This should be considered for a certain period of time.

To guarantee the adequate integration of human talent into the organization, it should be complemented with a follow-up or accompaniment in the first months in order to verify that the professional has received the necessary information to perform his position and that he is received by highly trained people open to dialogue (2).

There are two types of guides to be selected and their characteristics are presented below.

Buddya colleague with the same hierarchical position who accompanies you in each activity in a reduced time
Mentora person with a higher hierarchical level in which he/she shares a relationship in a more formal and time-consuming way

6. Establish the necessary tools for the development of the activity

The different locations of people mean that each device has a different location, so it is necessary to implement the use of administrative tools and software for eliminating problems in the performance of work.

Here, we detail some tools that will make the connection work regardless of the location of the device and allow the evolution of remote actions.

Remote assistance allows optimizing a company’s performance (Source: Vanesa Colman/

7 . Define the means of communication with the work team

Unifying the relationship and communication in a work team is essential. It is important to establish communication methods that allow the creation of a participative culture among its members. It should be based on clear, faithful and efficient communications, that are assertive, precise and concrete (3).

Being present at the request of another person’s queries means that work can be done on time and problems can be checked in good time. The existence of software or applications to be installed on laptops or cell phones makes it possible to establish a communicative connection. A point to take into account is to mark available times and days to schedule common points.

8. Confirm the learning process with the date and evaluation process

At the beginning of the distance learning stage, it is necessary to establish how each activity will be taught and how the learning will be evaluated.

We define training as a planned process of acquiring new knowledge that can be transferred to work routines, modifying them in part or substantially, and not only solving problems but also questioning the criteria from which they are solved. From this point of view, learning is closely related to action and its implementation (4).

This means that the performance of the new recruit will serve as an evaluation. It is necessary to measure how he/she performs his/her work, to have meetings to consult his/her performance and, being an employer, to follow up with the chosen guide.

9 . Establish a plan of objectives

Defining the objectives of hiring new employees allows you to set the direction of the company. For this reason, before making remote incorporation, it is necessary to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of not having clear objectives of the same.


  • Optimal understanding of the company’s projects.
  • Growth of relationships between employees.
  • Development of a sense of belonging to the brand.
  • Low level of uncertainty when taking an action.


  • Uncertainty of professional behaviour.
  • Undefined roles.
  • Negative evolution of employee performance.
  • Failures in the performance of activities.

10 . Confirm arrival with an institutional gift

Remote incorporation does not need to be distant on an emotional level. The newcomer has doubts and nerves on his first day, so you can send a present. You can also send digital cards and integrate them into the company’s networks or website.

The demonstration of being part of a team will lead the new member to work in a positive mood and enhance their performance. People are looking for and selecting the remote mode to perform professionally and receive them differently will make them stay in your company.

Over 50% of people seek to work from home post-pandemic (Source: Flexjobs /


Remote onboarding in a company should be automated because it allows the whole team to feel part of the company. Knowing what position needs to be filled and what their actions entail in the growth of the company allows this to be achieved.

Remote work is already a fact and as an employer, you should be aware that it is gaining prominence and focus on how to develop it for the evolution of your company.


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