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Social networks represent a big mystery for many people. Big headlines constantly appear in all the media referring to different metrics. They talk about the number of users that is getting bigger and bigger, and the millions of messages that are sent on the various platforms.

They also talk about the increasing amount of videos and photos that are shared, and the dangers to which those who do not use them properly are exposed. There are many possibilities to express oneself on social networks. But have you thought about the problems that our publications can cause us if we are not aware of the consequences of them?


  • Social networks are born with the purpose of establishing a fluid connection between thousands of people around the world. Nowadays, social networks are displayed through different platforms and applications for multiple purposes (1).
  • Through them, we can build bridges that we could not even have imagined before. And, in the same way, we can exchange ideas and information globally.
  • We can also interact, meet new places and people, create projects that cross borders and much more.

The best thought-provoking quotes on social media

Like everything else, in the beginning, we didn’t know much about the use of the different social networks. And, perhaps, because of that, we often didn’t use them for fear of doing it wrong. As time has gone by, we have become more and more immersed in them. And, thanks to the wide variety of networks we have today, we can choose the one that best suits our tastes and interests (2).

The number of users of the different social networks is getting bigger and bigger. (Source: Monica Volpato/

1. “In the past, you were what you had. Now you are what you share.” – Godfried Bogaard

Godfried Bogaard is a social media expert who states that this phrase is fundamental when it comes to coming up with a strategy which is applicable to a given business.

2. “What people say about you will be the most important metric in the future.” – Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh is an economist and business leader who has written several books on marketing and business. He has also led innovation projects and led various marketing teams.

3. “Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want to expose in a scenic ad with your face on it.” – Erin Bury

Erin Bury is a young entrepreneur who is also a technology expert. She is, in turn, the co-founder and CEO of the Willful platform, which specializes in estate planning.

4. “Think like a publisher, not a marketer.” – David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is a prominent American who focuses on marketing strategy. In turn:

  • is an online marketing manager
  • has written 12 books on this subject
  • among her most famous books are NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR, and the WSJ bestseller FANOCRACY.

5. “There is a human being behind every tweet, blog and email. Remember that.” – Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a journalist, an expert in consulting, both business and marketing, and is, at the same time, a great American speaker on social media marketing. He is also the author of famous books such as “The Success Formula”.

6. “Social Media is about sociology and psychology rather than technology.” – Brian Solis

Brian Solis stands out in the cyber world as a digital analyst, speaker and author. He is primarily a dedicated analyst who studies disruptive technology and its impact on business. His most relevant work is at Altimeter Group, a research firm acquired by global brand management consultancy Prophet in 2015.

7. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. What happens on Twitter stays on Google forever.” – Jure Klepic

Jure Klepic is a digital strategist who is not afraid to say what others are. She leads varied digital and marketing adoptions for global brands. In addition, she continues to promote change and champion innovation. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands that stand out globally, from the United States to the Orient.

8. “Today’s consumer is someone who is connected or about to be connected.” – Andy Stalman

Andy Stalman is a leading brand expert who ranks among the best in the world. He has 25 years of experience and has developed different projects spanning 5 continents. In addition, he is characterized by his great talent, charisma and capacity to influence. It is worth mentioning that this journalist and international relations graduate is recognized worldwide as “Mr. Branding” (3).

(Source: Monica Volpato/

9. “The companies that understand Social Media are the ones that say with their message: I see you, I hear you and I care about you.” – Trey Pennington

Trey Pennington is a marketing and social media expert. Two virtues that characterize this entrepreneur are:

  • empathy
  • audience-centered communication.

Owner of a radio show, author of a famous blog and also of a book, this renowned American is popular all over the world.

10. “The more you think you are free on the Internet, the more controlled you are.” – Anonymous

Although this phrase is anonymous, it invites us to reflect, because, the more freely we think we can navigate, the more controlled we are. That is, in many of the sites we visit in the vast world of the Internet, we are asked to enter data. As we well know, this data is shared from one domain to another. In this way, freedom is becoming less and less and control more and more.

11. “You are what you post on Twitter.” – Alex Tew

Alex Tew is a young British entrepreneur, who, at the young age of 21, founded a page called “The Million Dollar Page”. This creation allowed him to earn his first million dollars in just 5 months. Subsequently, he also created a meditation application called Calm.

12. “Saying hello is not about ROI, it’s about building relationships.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk of Russian American nationality is the entrepreneur whom the New York Times Magazine chose four times as the best-selling author. He is also a famous speaker and a world-renowned digital personality. He stands out in digital marketing for the creation and distribution of quality content.

13. “Live your life as if your mom is watching, because she probably is: the population fragment that is growing the strongest on Facebook is women aged 55 to 65.” – Eric Qualmann

Eric Qualmann is the author of the bestseller Socialnomics, which can be found in more than 1100 libraries around the world. An American national, this world-renowned author has also written other renowned books on digital leadership.

14. “Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.” – Jay Baer

Jay Baer is one of the most retweeted personalities within the digital marketing world. He is, in turn, a recognized business strategist, speaker and author of 5 books on digital topics. In addition, he has advised, in terms of content marketing and social media consulting, more than 700 companies, including well-known brands such as Caterpillar and Nike.

15. “Looking for something? Google it. Looking for someone? Facebook it. Want to think? Tweet it.” – The Social Network

This quote invites us to think and rethink our practices in the cyber world. As Internet users, we have everything we want at our fingertips. We can do it all through social networks, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits our intentions at any given moment.

16. “Facebook is already the third largest country in the world, if we consider its population, so it is capable of moving more information than any government.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is one of today’s greatest systems programmers. In turn, this world-renowned American entrepreneur is a philanthropist, and one of the creators and founders of Facebook, the homonymous social network. He is also the current president of Facebook (4).

17. “By creating irresistible content you can become a celebrity.” – Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin is a writer, speaker and trainer who has been analysing the effects of technology and digital media on business for more than 25 years. Before devoting his professional life to the study of the social media phenomenon, he founded TechTarget. This is one of the new media emerging from the Internet, and he also worked as an editor for Computerword magazine. Today, he advises senior executives and managers on how to get the most out of the new social media.

18. “Social life has already been transformed into an electronic or cyber-mediated life.” – Zygmunt Bauman

Zygmunt Bauman was a sociologist, who was concerned, among other things, with the study and everything related to social classes. In addition, he was:

  • a great philosopher
  • a Polish-British essayist of Jewish origin
  • developer of the concept of liquid modernity

19. “Twitter has become the nervous system of our societies, and we have to learn how to use it.” – José Luis Orihuela

José Luis Orihuela is a renowned professor in the School of Communication at the University of Navarra. He is also the author of the blog eCuaderno and the books “La revolución de los blogs” and “Mundo Twitter”, known worldwide. Orihuela also holds a degree in Information Sciences, a Master of Arts in Journalism and a PhD in Public Communication. He is not only a professor at the University of Navarra, but also a graduate of the same.

20. “A company’s identity is much more than its brand.” – Bluebird Comunicación

Bluebird Comunicación offers a particular formula for success that focuses on hard work and professionalism. Therefore, innovation and creativity are the two requirements that this company finds essential to optimize the desired positioning of an organization, brand or product (5).

21. “At the heart of social networks is the exchange of personal information.” -Zygmunt Bauman

Zygmunt Bauman was a sociologist, who dealt, among other things, with the study and everything related to social classes. He was also a great Polish-British philosopher and essayist of Jewish origin. Zygmunt was the one who developed the concept of liquid modernity.


It is true that, globally, in recent years there has been an increase in cases of anxiety, depression and insomnia due to the indiscriminate use or misuse of social networks. Many users consider that they define their lives, and what is more, the more likes or comments they add, the greater the increase in their happiness (6).

Teenagers often enjoy the experience of browsing social networks and consider them an extension of their real life. And, it is also true that, thanks to social networks, today you can reach people who share passions from different places, on the other side of the world. So, you can learn and inform yourself. You can create and share things of your own that will have a reach you would never have imagined. It’s up to you.


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