The 15 Best Professional Meeting Software Tools

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With teams sprawling across multiple geographies and the current pandemic induced work-from-home model, virtual collaboration has never been more critical. Having a reliable virtual meeting software tool that facilitates seamless communication and coordination has become a necessity, rather than an optional luxury. In today’s blog post, we will focus on introducing you to the 15 best professional meeting software tools.

Replete with unique features, user-friendliness, and a wide range of pricing models, these tools promise to streamline your remote meetings like never before. Whether you are a start-up, a small business or a large corporation, our comprehensive list has a solution to cater to every business need and preference. Welcome aboard this enlightening journey and allow us to help you discover your ideal virtual meeting software.

The Best Professional Meeting Software Tools

1. Zoom

Zoom is a versatile and easy-to-use collaborative meeting software known for its exceptional video conferencing, customizable virtual backgrounds, and real-time chat. It has gained immense popularity for its adaptability in professional, educational, and personal environments.

The platform’s virtual backgrounds allow users to express themselves creatively, while its real-time chat ensures seamless communication and decision-making during meetings, making it an ideal choice for remote work and distance learning.


2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, an integral part of Microsoft 365, provides a comprehensive collaboration solution with features such as document sharing, live chat, task management, and video meetings.

It streamlines workflow by centralizing document sharing, encourages real-time communication with its live chat, and improves project management with task assignment and tracking. Team video meetings facilitate face-to-face connections, making it a valuable tool for businesses adapting to a remote workforce.

Microsoft Teams

3. Google Meet

Google Meet is a premium collaborative meeting software known for its seamless integration with Google Workspace, which offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools. This integration streamlines event scheduling through Google Calendar and automatically generates invitations, reducing manual effort and errors.

Google Meet provides secure video meetings that meet the highest security standards for user peace of mind. Meanwhile, real-time collaboration with applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allows participants to edit and comment on documents during meetings, facilitating creative brainstorming and timely feedback.

Google meet

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is an advanced collaboration platform that is revolutionizing digital communication and remote working. It provides interactive video conferencing that transcends geographic boundaries and enables clear, professional communication across multiple devices.

The application sharing feature provides real-time access to software applications, enhancing collaboration on presentations and projects. Webex also provides a digital whiteboard tool for interactive brainstorming and concept illustration, and a polling option for efficient group decision-making and feedback collection, promoting inclusiveness in meetings and collaboration.

Cisco Webex

5. Slack

Slack is a leading collaborative meeting software known for its robust chat capabilities, making it the go-to choice for real-time collaboration. Users can engage in direct messaging, group conversations, and topic-specific channels, streamlining communication for both one-on-one interactions and team collaboration.

In addition, Slack’s integration with video conferencing allows for the efficient hosting of multi-participant video conferences, facilitating communication across geographic boundaries. Complementing these features is the platform’s seamless file sharing functionality, which allows users to quickly share various file types and promote transparency, productivity, and organization within teams.


6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting makes it easy and convenient to schedule and conduct professional meetings. Its easy-to-use interface accommodates users of all technical backgrounds and reduces the time and effort required to organize meetings. The software also offers helpful features such as calendar synchronization, automated reminders, and time zone conversion, eliminating the logistical challenges of coordinating schedules across time zones.

In addition, GoToMeeting ensures clear communication with high-quality video and audio during meetings, complemented by a chat feature for parallel text-based discussions. In an era of remote work and online collaboration, GoToMeeting serves as a one-stop solution for professionals worldwide, simplifying the process of organizing meetings and facilitating efficient professional interactions.


7. BlueJeans

BlueJeans is a leading collaborative meeting software known for its exceptional audio and video capabilities. Its standout feature is high-definition (HD) video conferencing, which delivers an immersive, lifelike experience similar to in-person interactions, bridging geographic distances.

BlueJeans also excels in security, integrating state-of-the-art technology to protect sensitive data and privacy. With a focus on superior audio/video quality and the highest levels of security, BlueJeans provides a secure and seamless communication experience tailored to today’s digital needs.


8. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting specializes in webinar hosting and offers a range of features to enhance the experience for both hosts and attendees. In particular, it provides polling for interactive engagement and valuable feedback, fostering open conversations. Interactive whiteboards enable real-time collaboration and visual representation of complex ideas, ideal for educational webinars and business presentations.

ClickMeeting also simplifies scheduling with flexibility and automated reminders to participants, ensuring a hassle-free process. These features make ClickMeeting an exceptional choice for webinar hosts and attendees alike.


9. Zoho Meeting

Zoho CRM integration with collaborative meeting software revolutionizes remote communication by streamlining video conferencing, webinars and online meetings. This synergy streamlines operations, saving time and reducing errors. Attendee details and schedules are seamlessly integrated into the CRM platform, increasing productivity.

Precise meeting records improve future meetings, making it an essential tool in the digital age of virtual collaboration. Users benefit from device and location flexibility and enjoy superior call quality for a seamless communication experience.

Zoho Meetings

10. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect differentiates itself in the competitive digital marketplace with a unique, customizable interface. Users can tailor their digital meeting rooms for optimal utility and efficiency, creating personalized, easy-to-use environments.

Customizable meeting layouts adapt to different purposes, from webinars to team meetings. Switching between layouts during live meetings is effortless, increasing adaptability. The software provides a rich set of collaboration tools and delivers high-quality audio and visuals for effective virtual meetings and broader audience engagement. Adobe Connect sets the standard for interactive web conferencing, delivering flexibility and innovation.

Adobe Connect

11. ezTalks

ezTalks is an outstanding collaborative meeting software known for its exceptional audio and video quality, making it a reliable platform for digital communication. In particular, it offers precise meeting recording capabilities, allowing users to review important discussions or accommodate absent participants.

The scheduling feature ensures that meetings are never missed with easy task reminders. The addition of screen sharing promotes transparency and efficient collaboration, benefiting professionals in a variety of environments. Whether for work, school, or personal use, ezTalks meets a variety of communication needs and is an indispensable tool in our increasingly virtual world.


12. RingCentral Video

RingCentral, a leading technology company, provides comprehensive and fully integrated communications solutions for businesses worldwide. Their browser-based video meetings simplify business communications without the need for additional hardware or complex setups. This easy-to-use system offers flexibility by allowing participants to join from office desktops, personal laptops, or mobile devices.

RingCentral also excels at call handling, ensuring that no call goes unanswered. Features like call forwarding, auto attendant, and voicemail improve customer service and phone system management. This ease-of-use and flexibility make RingCentral an ideal partner for businesses of all sizes and industries to efficiently and reliably improve collaboration and customer engagement.

RingCentral Video

13. Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a versatile communication platform for businesses and individuals. It offers a wide range of features beyond virtual meetings, including file sharing, instant chat and video conferencing. File sharing simplifies team collaboration by allowing seamless document sharing and reducing reliance on email chains.

Chat enables real-time communication for faster decision making. Skype for Business’ high-quality video meetings effectively support remote working, while its integration with Microsoft applications streamlines workflow and increases efficiency.

Skype for Business

14. Lifesize

Lifesize is a premium video conferencing solution known for its exceptional video and audio quality. It accommodates large numbers of participants without compromising quality, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Lifesize’s customer support is responsive and ensures a smooth user experience. Its scalability is a standout feature, making it an excellent choice for larger organizations hosting all-hands meetings, webinars, or large presentations. The combination of capacity and streaming quality encourages effective collaboration among participants, improving teamwork and communication.



In today’s digital era, having reliable professional meeting software tools is not just a nice addon, but a necessity. From fostering better collaboration within teams to enhancing productivity and improving clients’ interactions, these meeting applications can redefine the way you conduct your meetings. Understanding your specific needs and assessing their features, pricing, and user-friendliness can help you choose the most suitable software.

Remember, the best meeting software tool is the one that solves your unique challenges and fits in seamlessly with your workflow. Out of the 15 tools we’ve introduced and dissected in this post, we’re confident you’ll find a solution that aligns with your business needs, making your meetings more efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Happy hunting.


What is professional meeting software?

Professional meeting software refers to a range of computer programs or applications that allow individuals or groups to hold meetings over the internet. These tools often include features such as video conferencing, shared screens, and interactive whiteboards to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Why should a business or organization consider using professional meeting software?

Professional meeting software can improve efficiency by eliminating the time and expense associated with travel. It supports collaboration among teams regardless of their geographical location, it’s convenient, often customizable to suit specific business needs, and enhances communication with features like screen sharing, chat functions, and document collaboration.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, and GoToMeeting are some of the popular professional meeting software options. They each come with their own unique features and pricing, ensuring there is something suitable for businesses of all sizes.

How secure is professional meeting software?

Security varies from one software to another. However, most professional meeting software providers place a high priority on security. Features might include end-to-end encryption, password protection for meetings, secure file sharing, and more. It is always recommended to review the security features of any software before deciding whether it meets your organization’s needs.

Can I use professional meeting software on different devices?

Yes, most professional meeting software is compatible with multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows for flexible communication, ensuring you can attend meetings from home, the office or while on the move.


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