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In the current context, we find new ways to acquire our needs and tastes. The internet is becoming an important part of business, with the need to innovate in a changing and demanding market. Creating the best brand positioning statement gives you extra points to win customers and build customer loyalty.

People are looking not just to buy, but to create a connection with what they buy.

They are also more demanding about what they buy and who they buy it from, therefore, writing your brand positioning statement properly and assertively is so necessary. However, you should always keep in mind the factors that help to create an integrated, enhanced user experience, we help you with that.


  • Achieve a short, unique and assertive brand positioning statement.
  • Show brand confidence and credibility in a positioning statement.
  • Avoid over-enthusiasm in the brand positioning statement.

7 Steps to creating the best brand positioning statement

The following steps will guide you in an easy and effective way, in order to write your brand positioning statement in the most optimal and adequate way. This not only represents an approach to the customer and customer loyalty, but also more sales, which means profits for your company.

However, we hope you remember the following: all the people who will be your potential customers or users, have a variable of infinite tastes. So you must generate a concise, short and congruent, leaving the essence of your brand and what statement you want to be transmitted. Remember, we only have 10 seconds to attract the attention of users.

1. What is a brand positioning statement?

We should start with the basics, as you may be working on your positioning without even knowing it. But we help you to be aware of it, correct your mistakes and position yourself in a better way. This way you won’t wander aimlessly in the infinite space of knowledge, whether advantageous or not, that the web provides us with.

Concept of the brand positioning statement

The branding position statement is a brief and holistic presentation of your company or business in the market that you should have with your brand. You can use this statement on your website or as part of your social networks. It is vital for good marketing that it is the integration of several relevant factors, that there is a customer perception that is in line with your brand identity.

So, we can say that: it is the pillar of our brand, where factors such as identity, history, products, perception, and brand background are deployed. Therefore, it must be solid and consistent, hoping to reach your customers clearly, and correctly, so that this connection creates customer-brand loyalty.

Why should I position my brand?

Digital marketing seeks to increase profits for a company or business, but also seeks to make a customer feel that experience is very sufficient. That is why positioning your brand is crucial for a better flow of sales and acquiring new customers. According to Business Syield, a magazine that has a wealth of information you need for your business, mentions that:

Effective positioning also benefits your internal teams, enabling sales, marketing, service and support teams to deliver more pleasurable, on-brand experiences for customers (1).

This is very important to understand, since positioning our brand in this innovative and changing market is relevant. It allows us to create a greater interaction of all parties, where the departments of your company or business, work more effectively. Satisfying customer needs and creating loyalty, showing a pleasant experience, where users want to buy again.

We are talking about, and it’s not just about the product that is purchased, but the entire shopping experience. Assertive and sincere interactions with our customers reinforce that satisfaction.

2. Differences between brand position and brand position statement.

This information allows you to understand, in a more effective way, the differences between both concepts, hoping that you will be able to understand, in a more productive way, all this accumulation of knowledge.

Brand Positioning (BP)Mental perception of your brand in the marketplaceinfluenced by user interactionsGoogle = search Trivago = hotel search
Brand positioning statementPerception in the marketplace, this is by the wording and illustrating how you want your brand to be viewedinfluenced by your subjectivities, tastes and brand objectivesIKEA: At IKEA our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them

This table is created apart from the analysis and understanding of the article: All about Brand Positioning (2). Look at positioning, then, as the ranking that users have within their favourite brands to buy. The brand positioning statement is, as it were, the written invitation to conquer users.

3. What is the impact of a good Branding Position statement?

As we have already mentioned, new technologies push us to change, create, and be up-to-date with new technologies in the market more intensely and constantly. For this reason, we give you some considerations to take into account, for what acted and most of your branding position.

How to create that impact?

Obviously, as you are the owner, you will not be able to give an objective sighting, but this gives that identity we are looking for. Make an impact with a punctual, simple product that generates emotions and connects with the people who know it. Imagine yourself as a customer, in your position as the brand owner, it will be quite difficult.

But put this exercise to the test, so you can get an idea of what you want to show about your brand, and what you think might be interesting. We are pickier people when we know about the product, so be a critical customer yourself. Without forgetting your essence as the person who owns that brand, there will be more rigour in the criticism, and it will help you to improve.

How to give a clear image of the brand?

Do you remember the saying: “To each his own”?

Well, giving a clear image is quite difficult, since people feel, think and get excited in different ways. You have to put yourself in the shoes of an artist, where he wants to convey an emotion, but whoever perceives it, interprets it. You have to be clear about what you want your brand to represent and what not, what it means to you, your work and how you approach potential clients or users.

The reason for seeking simplicity is important, it does not let people get distracted by necessary or irrelevant details. In addition to this, it should differentiate you from the rest, print the identity you are looking for in the brand, it gives it originality. So, look for simplicity and originality, which is not difficult to find, when your identity is printed in the brand.

What kind of image does my brand have?

We have already shown you some relevant factors about the positioning of your brand, and how this helps you in the market. Now, we show you information to help you identify what kind of image your brand has. This will help you to better articulate your statement.

These are the types of images of how you perceive yourself on the web (Source: Aleja RodCa/

4. Why is your brand identity so important for your positioning statement?

It is important to emphasize the identity of your brand since this is the starting point to creating the image. It can be said, that the image of your brand is its identity.

The people you are targeting have an identity of their own, however, this will be an important quality.

Those who feel similarities or connections with their own identity and that of your brand, create a person who is loyal to it, a person who is interested in your updates, improvements and optimizations.

What is a brand identity?

Your brand identity is integrity between your personal characteristics, the ambitions you have for your brand and the set of objectives you are working on. All this represents a concrete image, from your logo to your brand positioning statement. Being part of this harmonious and substantial integration.

You will always leave your subjectivities, your perspectives on your brand.

What should you take into account to understand your brand identity?

  • Take into account the values under which you wish to govern yourself, understanding that these values are the representation of those who lead that brand.
  • The image you wish to represent in the market positions your brand.
  • Observe the graphic designs you usually print on your brand.
  • Analyze the competition and compare that integrality with that of your brand.

5. The importance of brand values in the creation of the positioning statement.

The image you post on social media, or in any type of advertising you use, must be authentic. Plagiarism that is not business from your own trade is quite serious for your brand reputation and brand validation.

The importance of being authentic.

If you analyse the factors that will be affected, right at the moment you describe your brand. Authenticity immediately imprints the identity of the person behind the brand and their trustworthiness.

Why shouldn’t you over-flatter your brand?

The simplicity of the brand creates a better positioning. If you put too much information or information that is not real, you lose the reliability that your customers had. Where the interaction between the customer and the brand becomes a vital connection for your business or company, according to Perez Sanchez (4).

It is important to connect with people who are potential customers (Source: Alejandra RodCa/

6. You should always show your brand’s updates

As we mentioned before, the evolution of digital markets is constant, fast, increasingly optimal and specific. You must be able to be up to date, so that users and loyal customers are always interested.

You must be aware of what the competition is doing, to keep up to date, finding where you need to improve and evolve. Updates in the uses of your products and new innovations in marketing strategies, allow us to create a more and more complete and specific branding.

7. You must remember to take into account the following:

We summarize for you by way of advantages and disadvantages, factors to take into account to create the best brand positioning statement. You could take the disadvantages as what NOT to do to create your brand positioning statement.


  • Know your brand identity
  • Give value to your brand
  • Summarize the statement in 4 sentences
  • Give originality and authenticity


  • Do not create optimized information
  • Over flattering your brand
  • Saying things that don’t go with your brand
  • Not constantly updating your branding


We can say, in summary, that the integration of brand positioning is an optimal new brand, expressing the best statement of this and giving it a juicy sip. Hoping that the users will connect with this and stay aware of the brand, business or company, where this connection was created, allows your brand to gain prestige with its positioning.

A short statement, where the words used are congruent with the ideology of the brand. Remember that interaction is created between the statement of your brand for better positioning, to the vision and mission you have for it. Therefore, it is the essence of your brand, transmitting in a paragraph, transmitting in an assertive way, waiting for the connection that ends in customer loyalty and therefore purchases.


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