The 13 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools

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In a world where time is money, organizing meetings shouldn’t take more time than the meeting itself. Efficient scheduling and smooth coordination are a vital part of the business landscape. With that in mind, finding the right scheduling tool can be a game changer and increase productivity. In this blog post, we’ll help you navigate the busy seas of scheduling by reviewing the 13 best meeting scheduling tools available. Whether you run a multinational corporation or a small start-up, the right tool to fit your specific needs is just around the corner. So, buckle up and join us as we simplify your scheduling woes with the top 13 meeting scheduling tools that are reshaping the way we plan in the digital age.

The Best Meeting Scheduling Tools

1. Calendly

Highly acclaimed for its simple design and easy-to-navigate interface, Calendly significantly streamlines the often cumbersome process of planning meetings. This is accomplished through a unique interactive process, which allows others to choose an open time slot that harmoniously aligns with their own obligations and routines.

The minimalist and highly intuitive design of the platform makes it an extremely attractive tool for users from various industries and functions. However, its popularity does not lie solely in its design. What really amplifies the appeal of Calendly is the level of convenience and user autonomy it offers.

Without the need for perpetual back-and-forth emails or phone correspondence, typically associated with scheduling a mutually convenient meeting time, Calendly allows users to simply share their availability, allowing other participants or groups to choose the time slot that best suits your schedule.

In addition, the platform’s fast working capabilities with leading online calendar services eliminate the possibility of inadvertent double-booking and overbooking. Calendly also offers the flexibility to set in-between times between meetings, ensuring a smooth transition and adequate preparation time.

In the modern fast-paced world where everyone’s time is of the essence, Calendly comes as a substantial asset in productivity management. His ability to harmonize various scheduling needs not only minimizes misunderstandings, but also fosters an environment of professional respect for everyone’s time and commitments.


2. Doodle

The platform works as a versatile tool that allows multiple participants to vote on the most appropriate date and time for meetings or events. It marks the beginning of a democratic approach, giving everyone involved the opportunity to contribute their input and express their preferences, thus ensuring that the scheduled date and time suits the majority.

Managing multiple people’s schedules can be a daunting task due to the clash of different commitments and variable availabilities. Therefore, this platform eliminates the complicated process of automatically checking each participant’s calendar and brings everyone together on a single, unified page. It acts as a bridge, integrating and synchronizing everyone’s schedules with ease.

In addition, the democratic nature of the platform optimizes participation and engagement, as it allows each stakeholder to feel seen and heard in the decision-making process. By introducing convenience and efficiency to the often chaotic task of programming, it simplifies the process, saving valuable time and energy.

At its core, this platform is more than just an organizational tool. It encapsulates the essence of collective decision-making, facilitating better coordination and cooperation among those involved. It is a testament to the power of technology to simplify administrative tasks and foster a more inclusive and efficient approach to meeting planning and scheduling.


3. Clear

This tool, designed with elements of artificial intelligence, works as a dedicated personal assistant, efficiently coordinating and managing your emails 24 hours a day. With its intuitive, high-tech system, you can filter your messages, sort them by priority, and even reply on your behalf under your guidance, all right from your inbox.

To streamline your scheduling process, this tool reads your availability as well as the addresses in your emails and proceeds to schedule meetings in sync with your calendar. Suggest possible time slots for meetings based on pre-defined preferences, and once approved, send out the invitations to the other parties.

In a more advanced setup, it will also consider factors such as the frequency of meetings with certain contacts, the preferred length of the meeting, and the preferred time of day, making the scheduling process incredibly personalized. It doesn’t just help you arbitrarily, but improves over time by learning from your behavior and adjusting its features accordingly.

In short, this tool transcends the traditional limitations of email management and breathes new life into productivity, facilitating efficient communication and thus allowing you to focus on the tasks where your attention is most required.


4. HubSpot Sales Hub

Maintaining a well-organized schedule is key to maintaining a smooth and efficient business operation. Connected directly to your calendar and fully integrated into your HubSpot CRM, the software is an essential tool that significantly reduces the common frustration of endless back-and-forth correspondence associated with scheduling meetings.

The feature comes integrated with smart technology that allows it to sync with your calendar in real time, giving you immediate and up-to-date access to your daily commitments, appointments, and schedules. This means you know when you’re free and when you’re booked, allowing you to schedule meetings accordingly, thus optimizing time management and productivity.

Plus, its seamless integration with HubSpot CRM, a popular and versatile customer relationship management platform, syncs all your customer and meeting data in one central location. This allows you to track and manage customer interactions, understand customer behavior and preferences, and seamlessly schedule meetings while having all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Furthermore, this type of integration also brings joy to the end user. Instead of having to adjust to the complexities of your schedule and the inconvenience of constant rescheduling, they can optimally time the time slots you have open, resulting in a user-friendly, streamlined, and hassle-free experience for your customers. .

By effectively eliminating the tedious manual process of scheduling meetings via email back and forth, this software not only improves your productivity but also raises the bar for your customer service. You’ve set a new benchmark in the way businesses operate, optimizing the use of your time, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your relationships and your business.

HubSpot Sales Hub


Said platform comes with full integration with popular calendar apps, which serves as the perfect tool for hassle-free meeting booking and organizing. Essentially, it bridges the gap between several different calendar interfaces, allowing users to consolidate appointments across different scheduling programs.

You don’t just assemble multiple calendars: the platform ensures that events, deadlines, commitments and reminders are perfectly aligned, avoiding setbacks resulting from misunderstandings or miscommunication. In other words, it works as a universal calendar tool that interprets data from various sources and presents it in a consistent and easy-to-understand way.

Plus, it doesn’t just take care of the scheduling aspect of meetings. The platform also includes a section dedicated to sharing documents. This feature greatly facilitates the preparation phase of any meeting. Users can share documents, presentations, spreadsheets or any other necessary files directly on this platform. This eliminates the need to rely on email threads or separate document sharing applications to circulate meeting materials.

The document sharing module also ensures that nothing gets away when preparing for an important meeting. Packed with features to store, organize, and manage multiple files, it becomes the centralized hub of information that facilitates seamless collaboration among participants before, during, and after the meeting.

In short, this platform integrates disparate time management systems while providing a robust environment for file sharing and collaboration. By combining scheduling with document sharing features, it makes scheduling and preparing meetings a hassle-free and efficient experience. No more missed dates or lost files – everything you need for a successful meeting is now streamlined, organized, and super easy to use.


6. Xai

In addition, the AI-powered scheduling system also learns everyone’s preferences over time, from their most productive hours to their preferred meeting length, to create more personalized and effective plans. This not only reduces the time and effort spent on calendar management, but also significantly increases scheduling accuracy and efficiency.

In addition to this, AI also takes care of sending meeting invitations, reminders, and notifications to the participants, including necessary details like the agenda or meeting link. In case of any changes, the AI robustly manages the rescheduling, ensuring no one is bothered.

In essence, by harnessing the power of machine learning and natural language processing, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage our schedules, promoting a more collaborative, organized, and efficient work environment.


7. Trade Time

This innovative tool is an invaluable asset for businesses in established and emerging markets, providing a host of services that use the latest advances in technology to streamline operations. In an increasingly digital world, it offers cutting-edge features like appointment scheduling that allow companies to keep track of crucial meetings with clients, business partners, or internal team members.

The tool is especially valuable for service-oriented companies that deal directly with customers; it is essential to ensure that all appointments are recorded correctly and managed in a transparent and efficient manner. This tool allows businesses to seamlessly schedule appointments, reducing the risk of overlapping bookings or missed meetings. It essentially serves as a digital assistant, eliminating the need for manual management that is time-consuming and error-prone.

Plus, it offers the added benefit of online booking for individual and group events. This functionality is particularly useful for companies hosting workshops, webinars, conference meetings, team building events, or even social gatherings. By integrating this feature into their operations, businesses can provide a more user-friendly experience for their customers and clients.

A prominent feature of this tool is its push notifications. These are designed to provide timely reminders to assignees about upcoming appointments or events. Notifications can be customized as per requirements which helps to plan and organize better. This drastically minimizes the risk of no-shows, missed appointments, or forgotten appointments, making the overall operational process more seamless.

Using this tool could greatly improve the efficiency of a business, automate crucial aspects of customer interaction, and generally improve the quality and effectiveness of your services. It is an indispensable tool in this progressive digital age in which companies need to continually adapt and evolve their strategies to better serve their clientele.



Through seamless integration with Google and iCloud Calendar, this software not only simplifies and streamlines the meeting scheduling process for clients, but streamlines it as well. With its intuitive features and easy-to-use interface, it allows customers to quickly view and book available times at their convenience, minimizing the chances of overlap and double booking.

Further improving the efficiency and quality of business operations, this integration takes the hassle out of back-and-forth communication by offering a real-time view of available appointments. In effect, it significantly reduces scheduling conflicts and improves the overall customer experience by giving customers flexibility and control over their booking.

Also, updates happen in real time, so any schedule changes are immediately visible. This ensures that all interested parties are kept informed of any rescheduling or cancellation. Consequently, the integration of Google and iCloud Calendar with this system cultivates a more organized, transparent and efficient environment for scheduling and managing meetings.

Overall, it’s remarkable to realize how such technology integration represents an innovative advancement in digital time management, streamlining meetings and appointment scheduling. By adopting this tool, customers, as well as companies, can gain a lot in terms of productivity, effective management, and customer satisfaction. It is about making the most of time and opportunities in a world of technological evolution.


9. Arrangr

Widely recognized for its streamlined ‘1-2-3’ scheduling process, the system significantly enhances business collaborations by providing an organized structure for setting up group and one-on-one meetings. This easy-to-use platform establishes itself as an indispensable tool that manages and simplifies the often tedious process of organizing meetings, making it as easy as a count of three.

Instead of engaging in tedious email chains and constant back and forth, users can more effectively harness their energy by using this efficient scheduling service. This system diligently considers everyone’s availabilities, then proposing the most feasible times for the meeting. Once the time is set, the system further proves its efficiency by sending organized invitations to all attendees.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where effective time management is of the utmost importance, this scheduling system excels by eliminating unnecessary confusion and making significant strides in increasing business interactions. The fast ‘1-2-3’ approach of the system not only increases productivity, but also ensures a smoother preparation process, resulting in more focus during crucial meeting sessions and thus improvement in to a large extent general business operations.


10. ScheduleOnce

The aforementioned feature helps facilitate seamless coordination between personal and professional schedules. By integrating individual calendars and aligning them with respect to each other’s availability, you help streamline the process of setting up meetings or appointments.

Fundamentally, this system works by evaluating available spaces within a specific schedule and allocating a common free space that is suitable for all parties involved. Then, it confirms this selected time slot and automatically includes it in the respective calendars of each one. This automatic addition of the meeting calendar provides a seamless experience and eliminates the need for manual entries.

Additionally, this integration system also prioritizes schedule harmony and ensures there is minimal overlap or conflicting events. By doing so, you significantly decrease the chances of missed appointments, double bookings, or overbooking, effectively improving individual productivity and collaborative efficiency.

This synchronization not only bridges the gap between the different schedules, but also paints a clear picture of one’s schedule. With a glance, users can understand their commitments and plan their day accordingly. It provides a convenient, well-organized, and time-efficient method of managing personal and professional lives, giving users greater control over their time management.

In addition, the feature is flexible and can adapt to last minute alterations or changes, showing its robust design aimed at serving dynamic schedules. The system can navigate through changes and realign appointments accordingly, minimizing disruption from sudden changes.

In an age where time is a precious commodity, such integration can be a boon for professionals striving to achieve work-life balance. It serves as a personal assistant, doing all the tedious work of coordinating, scheduling, and reminding users of upcoming appointments, allowing them to focus on more pressing matters.


11. Acuity Scheduling

As a sophisticated online assistant, this innovative tool is elevating the field of digital support by offering 24/7 non-stop service. Operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it never rests, ensuring continuous and consistent support for your needs.

Crucially, one of the main features that sets this tool apart is its proficiency in booking management. Whether it is scheduling appointments, reserving a place for a seminar or booking flights, the online assistant is capable of handling any booking task with maximum efficiency. To further simplify the process, it is equipped to handle multiple reservations at the same time, minimizing errors and saving valuable time.

Beyond monitoring reservations, the tool is designed to send personalized reminders. Whether it’s an upcoming meeting, a pending monthly bill payment, or a scheduled medication intake, it accommodates everything. By customizing reminders to individual preferences, this assistant makes it virtually impossible to miss important dates or deadlines.

Furthermore, the online assistant deviates from the mainstream by providing a platform for seamless and secure transactions. Its highly functioning processing system not only accepts payments but also thoroughly checks the details to prevent any fraudulent activity. This helps automate the billing process, reduces hassle, and makes transactions easier for everyone.

In conclusion, this specific online assistant tool is not just an aid but a comprehensive solution to manage various crucial aspects of routine. With constant availability, proficient booking management, personalized reminders and secure payment processing, it meets all the immediate needs of a busy professional or someone who values organized and efficient support. By integrating this tool into your life, you will gain nothing less than convenience, efficiency, and above all, peace of mind.

Acuity Scheduling

12. Rallly

This innovative feature allows users to create a voting poll that proposes possible meeting dates and times, ensuring that everyone involved can reach a mutual consensus. This tool provides a democratic and highly efficient method of accommodating various schedules, with the goal of satisfying everyone’s availability.

It’s a perfect way to streamline the often convoluted process of planning a meeting. Instead of traditional back-and-forth email chains or message threads, this feature allows users to propose various dates and times that suit them. Using a simple voting system, each participant can easily express their preferred option or indicate the availability of it, allowing the group to reach a decision that agrees with the majority.

It uses the concept of collective decision making, which reduces confusion and saves everyone time. It also reduces the risk of unforeseen schedule conflicts that can lead to last-minute cancellations or rescheduling.

The voting poll is designed with intuition in mind, making it easy to use even for those who are not tech-savvy. In addition, the voting process is fully transparent, increasing trust among all participants.

This solution is optimal for professional settings such as corporate meetings, but can also be applied to informal social gatherings or outings. By ensuring everyone’s input is considered, you get an equitable solution for coordinating meetings or events. The feature strives to take the stress out of scheduling, turning a once-dreaded process into a simple, streamlined solution that respects and values everyone’s time.


13. Microsoft findtime

As a journalist, I would extend the explanation as follows:

The Outlook add-in we are reviewing is an innovative and interactive tool that helps organize and schedule meetings by checking the availability of all participants. This digital assistant works by evaluating the open time slots on each participant’s calendar, prioritizing times when they are most available, thus eliminating the common struggle of lining up everyone’s busy schedules. Clearly present a set of optimal meeting time options to the people involved.

A distinctive feature of this technological marvel is its democratic voting system. After identifying the most suitable time slots, the tool allows all participants to have their say. It opens the space for democratic decision-making, facilitating a voting process where each member can cast their vote at the time they prefer. In this way, the tool addresses individual needs while maintaining a collective approach to final decision making.

Upon completion of the voting process, the plugin proceeds to finalize the meeting details. It automatically integrates these details into each attendee’s Outlook calendar and also sends invitations to their email inboxes. In this way, you ensure that each individual is informed of the details of the meeting and of any changes that may be made later. The plugin’s integration with the Outlook platform means participants don’t need to juggle multiple applications, making the process more streamlined and user-friendly. By significantly reducing the time and effort spent scheduling meetings, the Outlook add-in increases productivity and improves the overall meeting experience.

Microsoft FindTime


After extensive exploration and analysis of various meeting scheduling tools, it is safe to conclude that there is no shortage of software available to streamline your scheduling activities. These 13 tools have the potential to transform the time you spend planning your meetings into productive and strategic work. From automating routine tasks to enabling global scheduling with ease, these tools can do it all. The best option for your needs will depend on the number of participants, the complexity of the programming and, of course, your budget. Improve the efficiency of your workflow with one of these great meeting scheduling tools, and you’ll have more time to focus on satisfying and engaging meetings.


What are meeting scheduling tools?

Meeting scheduling tools are software programs or online services that help individuals, businesses, or organizations plan and schedule meetings. They automate the process of finding a suitable meeting time, often by allowing participants to share their availability, and may include additional features like calendar integration, automated reminders, and room booking capabilities.

Why are meeting scheduling tools necessary?

Meeting scheduling tools are necessary to avoid the time-consuming and often complex process of coordinating schedules manually. They make it easy to find a meeting time that works for all participants, can handle changes or cancellations efficiently, and reduce the likelihood of double-booking or forgotten meetings.

Can meeting scheduling tools be integrated with other platforms?

Yes, many meeting scheduling tools offer integration with popular calendars (like Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal), email platforms, and other work productivity services. This allows you to sync your meetings with your personal or work calendar automatically and may provide additional convenience features like the ability to schedule a meeting directly from an email.

Are meeting scheduling tools expensive?

The cost of meeting scheduling tools varies greatly depending on their complexity and feature set. Some basic tools are available for free, while more advanced solutions, intended for larger organizations or those with specific needs, may charge monthly or annual subscription fees. Many vendors offer tiered pricing models, so you can choose the level of functionality that suits your needs and budget.

Some of the popular meeting scheduling tools include Calendly, Doodle, When2Meet, Microsoft Bookings, and Acuity. These tools offer cloud-based scheduling solutions with features such as time zone conversion, integration with digital calendars, automated reminders, and various customization options. Selection typically depends on a user’s specific requirements and preferences.


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