The 8 Best Meeting Scheduling Apps

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape where time is a premium, scheduling meetings shouldn’t eat up a chunk of your valuable hours. Thankfully, technology has graced us with an abundance of apps designed to streamline this process, freeing up more time for you to focus on what truly matters – your work.

This blog post highlights the 8 best meeting scheduling apps currently ruling the roost. Whether you’re coordinating across time zones, wrangling a delegation, or just planning a catch up with a colleague, these apps can be a game-changer in your productivity arsenal. Let’s dive in to explore the features, pros, and cons of each to find a tool that’s the perfect fit for your scheduling needs.

The Best Meeting Scheduling Apps

1. Doodle

Doodle is an easy-to-use meeting scheduling platform that simplifies the often frustrating process of coordinating meeting times. Its standout feature is its “polling” system, which allows users to suggest potential dates and times, and then lets attendees vote on their preferred options. This eliminates the need for endless email exchanges and ensures a convenient meeting time for everyone.

Doodle’s flexibility also allows participants to choose multiple date and time options, reducing the chance of rescheduling. With a clear interface, it minimizes miscommunication and missed appointments, making it a valuable tool for efficient scheduling.


2. Calendly

Calendly is a renowned scheduling software that stands out for its ability to sync with up to six personal calendars. This feature automatically evaluates users’ availability, simplifying the scheduling process.

Calendly streamlines the process by finding gaps in users’ schedules across all connected calendars and proactively suggesting suitable meeting times. It not only secures convenient times for users, but also takes into account the schedules of other participants, facilitating coordination and eliminating scheduling conflicts. In today’s fast-paced professional world, Calendly’s easy-to-use features make it an essential tool for effective schedule management and increased productivity.


3. Clara

Clara is a revolutionary meeting scheduling app powered by advanced AI technology. It acts as a virtual assistant, saving users time by automatically managing emails and meeting schedules. Clara’s natural language understanding allows it to understand the context and sentiment of messages, enabling it to efficiently coordinate multi-participant meetings.

Users can interact with Clara via email and seamlessly direct it to perform tasks, bridging the gap between human-like understanding and machine-driven efficiency.


4. FreeBusy

FreeBusy is a flexible scheduling platform that integrates with various calendars to accommodate individual and organizational preferences. Its key feature is the ability to view the availability of users, facilitating easy scheduling without the typical back-and-forth negotiations.

FreeBusy also allows users to set time limits for meetings, respecting personal schedules and work-life boundaries. In addition, it streamlines teleconferencing by integrating popular conferencing programs, simplifying video calls and online seminars, making it a valuable tool in the era of remote work.


5. Meetingbird

Meetingbird is a versatile meeting scheduling app known for its seamless integration with popular productivity platforms like Google and Office365. This compatibility streamlines calendar synchronization and ensures an efficient flow of information.

Meetingbird excels at providing users with a clear and organized view of their daily meeting agenda, simplifying scheduling and preparation. It also prioritizes meetings based on importance, helping users focus on critical discussions. In addition, Meetingbird’s automation capabilities eliminate manual scheduling tasks, reducing errors and freeing up valuable time.


6. Arrangr

Arrangr stands out in the scheduling landscape with its innovative 1-on-1 meeting scheduling feature, which takes into account factors such as travel time and preparation to optimize meeting times. It also excels in group scheduling, efficiently accommodating the varying schedules of multiple participants.

Arrangr’s ability to reserve meeting locations increases productivity by relieving users of the burden of finding a suitable venue. In addition, Arrangr offers video conferencing integration for seamless remote collaboration, making it especially valuable in today’s remote working environment.


7. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is a versatile and easy-to-use meeting scheduling software that streamlines the often cumbersome process of scheduling appointments, interviews, and meetings. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, ScheduleOnce allows users to effortlessly coordinate and manage their busy schedules.

Users can customize their availability, sync with popular calendar platforms, and share personalized booking links with clients, colleagues, or prospects. The software offers advanced booking rules and automated reminders to ensure that appointments are seamlessly booked and kept. In addition, ScheduleOnce provides valuable analytics and reporting tools to help users gain insight into their scheduling patterns and optimize their time management.


8. HubSpot Meeting Scheduler

HubSpot Meeting Scheduler is a powerful software solution designed to streamline and simplify the process of scheduling meetings and appointments. This easy-to-use tool allows individuals and businesses to effortlessly coordinate meetings with clients, colleagues, and prospects. HubSpot Meeting Scheduler allows users to set their availability preferences, eliminating the hassle of emailing back and forth to find a convenient meeting time.

It integrates seamlessly with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar and Outlook, ensuring that all scheduled meetings sync automatically. It also provides the convenience of sending automated meeting reminders and follow-up emails to increase professionalism and reduce no-shows.

HubSpot Meetings


Choosing the right meeting scheduling app can significantly streamline the task of planning meetings, saving precious time and resources. With each app offering unique features and customization options, the choice ultimately lies in the specific needs of your organization. Take into consideration factors like the ease of use, calendar integration, additional benefits and costs.

While the 8 best meeting scheduling apps we’ve discussed offer powerful tools for better organization and productivity, assessing how these apps can cater to your specific business requirements will help you make the most of them. So, get started today, pick the best app for your needs and propel your productivity to new heights.


What is a meeting scheduling app?

A meeting scheduling app is a tool that helps users to plan and organize meetings by choosing a suitable date and time. It checks the availability of the attendees and also sends notifications and reminders about the meetings.

How does a meeting scheduling app work?

A meeting scheduling app works by connecting to your calendar and the calendars of your meeting attendees. It allows you to mark your available time slots and then it compares it with the availability of others. Once a common open slot is found for all, it schedules the meeting and syncs the information to your calendar.

What are some of the benefits of using a meeting scheduling app?

Using a meeting scheduling app saves time and eliminates the frustration of back-and-forth emailing to find a suitable time for all. It improves efficiency, reduces scheduling errors, and also keeps you organized by sending reminders and updates for upcoming meetings.

Are meeting scheduling apps secure?

Most credible meeting scheduling apps take data security and privacy seriously. They often come with features like end-to-end encryption and stringent privacy policies to ensure your schedule and other data remains secure.

Can I integrate a meeting scheduling app with other tools I use?

Yes, most meeting scheduling apps can integrate with a number of other tools like email clients, CRM systems, project management software, and communication platforms, making it easy to complement and streamline your workflow.


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