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In today’s fast-paced corporate ecosystem, every moment is priceless and every meeting is crucial. Discussion points and decisions made during these meetings are often the cornerstones for implementing strategies or driving projects. Therefore, keeping accurate meeting notes is integral to success. But with countless meetings and relentless deadlines, this task could be challenging without using the right tools. This is where meeting notes software tools come to the rescue. They streamline the process, save you time, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity. With an overwhelming number of options available, choosing the most effective tool can seem daunting. To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the 10 Best Meeting Notes Software Tools so you can focus less on note-taking and more on making those important strategic decisions. Let’s dive in.

The Best Meeting Notes Software Tools

1. Evernote

Evernote stands as a leading meeting notes software, cherished for its user-friendly interface that simplifies note-taking, archiving, and sharing. Its seamless cross-device synchronization guarantees that your notes are accessible from any digital platform, promoting efficiency and preventing crucial details from slipping through the cracks. Notably, Evernote’s versatility extends beyond text, accommodating images, web clippings, audio recordings, and document attachments, fostering a holistic note-taking environment.

Moreover, its effortless sharing capabilities streamline collaboration, eliminating communication gaps and enhancing workplace productivity. In the realm of multitasking, Evernote functions as a dependable personal assistant, freeing you from note management to focus on your essential tasks.


2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a highly adaptable meeting notes software, offering a digital workspace where users can seamlessly combine typing, drawing, and multimedia elements for enhanced collaboration and project management. Integrated into Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, OneNote ensures a smooth workflow by connecting with other Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This versatile tool excels in team-based note-taking, enabling real-time collaboration during meetings and providing easy access across multiple devices. Beyond traditional note-taking, it also helps organize documents and web content, making it a comprehensive solution for structured, creative, and productive note-taking. Microsoft OneNote stands as a powerhouse for users seeking convenience, collaboration, and cloud-based innovation in their note-taking experience.

Microsoft OneNote

3. Google Keep

Google Keep, a user-friendly note-taking tool by Google, offers efficient note-taking capabilities within a streamlined interface, catering to users of all tech levels. Its key strength lies in seamless integration with Google’s extensive ecosystem, particularly beneficial for existing users of Gmail, Calendar, or Drive, reducing digital fragmentation and enhancing workflow efficiency.

For businesses immersed in Google’s suite of products, Google Keep serves as a valuable asset. Its smooth integration with Google tools fosters rapid information sharing, collaboration, and productivity, unifying project management elements on a single platform. Furthermore, the seamless transition between devices ensures uninterrupted task tracking, reinforcing its utility for time-efficient and multitasking-oriented users and organizations seeking speed, accessibility, and productivity.

Google Keep

4. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook stands out as a visual thinker’s go-to meeting notes software, offering a plethora of tools for personal memos, detailed notes, and comprehensive work plans. Its versatility shines through its support for dynamic multimedia, including audio notes, checklists, images, and handwritten notes, providing various ways to capture ideas and information efficiently.

This platform excels in individual ideation and brainstorming, accommodating everything from research documents to fleeting thoughts. Additionally, Zoho Notebook enhances productivity with integrated tools like time-bound reminders, color categorization, and smart cards for content organization. It transcends traditional note-taking, fostering creativity, organization, and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for business meetings, lectures, conferences, or personal reflection in today’s multifaceted landscape.

Zoho Notebook

5. Turtl

Turtl stands out as a secure and encrypted meeting notes platform, specially designed for safeguarding sensitive business data. Its stringent security measures ensure the utmost protection, allowing users to note down critical information during meetings while maintaining content discretion.

In an age of ever-present cyber threats, Turtl offers a reliable solution to securely document important information, bridging the gap between functionality and security. With its encrypted environment, Turtl prioritizes both privacy and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for those who value confidentiality while maintaining comprehensive, clear, and concise meeting notes.


6. Simplenote

Simplenote lives up to its name, offering a straightforward and minimalistic note-taking experience. It provides a distraction-free platform for text-based notes without the clutter of complex features, formatting tools, or multimedia add-ons. Instead, it focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Despite its minimalistic approach, Simplenote excels in synchronization, allowing users to access their notes effortlessly across various devices. Whether you’re at the office, at home on your laptop, or on the go with your smartphone, your notes are readily available. Simplenote’s blend of minimalistic design and efficient synchronization makes it a compelling choice for those who prefer a straightforward approach to note-taking.


7. Quip

Quip revolutionizes project management and team collaboration by integrating notes, documents, and spreadsheets into a unified platform. This multifunctional software simplifies processes and saves time by eliminating the need for multiple applications. It excels in collaborative meetings, providing workspaces for real-time idea sharing, input exchange, and tracking changes, enhancing team communication and productivity.

With an intuitive user interface, Quip ensures efficient operation while reducing the learning curve, making it a preferred choice for businesses. In today’s remote and fast-paced corporate environment, Quip’s feature-rich platform facilitates real-time collaboration, setting it apart from traditional note-taking and document-sharing tools. Its ability to consolidate team management and project planning elements into a single platform makes it a comprehensive solution that keeps teams synchronized.


8. Bear

Bear is a cutting-edge note-taking app designed for Mac and iOS users, offering flexibility for storing a wide range of content, from thoughts to projects. What sets Bear apart is its markdown support, allowing users to format text effortlessly for a smoother note-taking experience. Markdown’s simplicity is a highlight, enabling users to apply various text decorations and create lists or links with ease.

Bear’s advanced search feature proves invaluable for handling extensive data, offering comprehensive searches for keywords, phrases, and tags across all notes, saving time and boosting productivity. Beyond functionality, Bear impresses with its clean and refined interface, catering to modern user aesthetics while delivering a user-friendly environment. By integrating advanced features, Bear reinvents note-taking for Mac and iOS users, making it a compelling choice for personal, academic, or professional needs.


9. Asana

Asana, primarily known for its prowess in project management, offers a highly efficient task management system that significantly boosts productivity and organization. Designed to streamline the creation, distribution, and monitoring of tasks, Asana empowers teams and individuals to maintain impeccable organization, meet deadlines with precision, and foster accountability in their work. However, Asana’s versatility transcends its primary project management role, making it a valuable tool for note-taking, particularly in professional and academic meetings.

In the context of meetings, Asana shines by seamlessly transforming discussions into actionable tasks. Attendees can capture critical meeting points and effortlessly convert them into tasks within the platform. These tasks can then be assigned to the relevant individuals or teams, complete with due dates, supporting information, and attached documents if needed. This all-encompassing functionality ensures that everyone involved remains on the same page, promoting real-time task tracking and accountability. Additionally, Asana’s search and filtering capabilities make retrieving specific tasks or notes a breeze, further solidifying its role as a versatile meeting notes tool. In conclusion, while Asana’s primary strength lies in project management, its role in note-taking during meetings opens up new possibilities for teams and individuals seeking maximum productivity while minimizing the risk of miscommunication or missed deadlines.


10. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper, a powerful tool from Dropbox, is a versatile solution for creative teams, particularly those focused on content creation and editorial work. It excels in note-taking, task tracking, and media integration, offering a comprehensive platform for seamless collaboration.

The note-taking feature facilitates efficient documentation of ideas and conversations in a collaborative space, ensuring real-time edits and feedback, thus enhancing creative discussions and brainstorming. The task tracking capability allows users to create to-do lists, assign tasks, and set deadlines, promoting effective team coordination and project completion. Dropbox Paper’s media integration, which includes images, videos, sounds, and links, enriches content quality.

With its user-friendly interface and multimedia support, Dropbox Paper bridges the gap between brainstorming and content creation, making it an indispensable tool for content-focused meetings within creative teams. It fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity, making it a must-have for creative professionals.

Dropbox Paper


Sifting through the vast array of meeting notes software can be overwhelming, but we hope our guide to the 12 best options has provided a valuable starting point. These tools vary in features, pricing, and user-friendliness, but all share a commitment to improving your efficiency and organization. By leveraging the power of these software tools, you can streamline your communication, ensure the retention of crucial information, and enhance collaborative efforts amongst team members. Remember, the best software for you largely depends on your specific needs and the nature of your operations. So, consider your circumstances, evaluate your options, and opt for the one that best aligns with your workflow.


What is meeting notes software?

Meeting notes software is a digital tool designed to help individuals or companies record, organize, manage and review information and action items from meetings. It’s mainly used in a business setting to streamline the process of taking notes and make meetings more effective and productive.

What are the benefits of using meeting notes software?

Meeting notes software can help increase productivity and efficiency. It saves time by recording information instantly instead of handwriting notes. It promotes clarity by providing a unified source of information and cuts down on errors and miscommunication. Most software also allows easy sharing of these notes to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Can I create action items from my meeting notes within the software?

Yes, most meeting notes software allows for creating and assigning tasks or action items directly from the notes. This functionality ensures that important tasks are instantly set in motion rather than being forgotten or lost in translation.

Does meeting notes software integrate with other tools?

In many cases, meeting notes software is designed to integrate smoothly with other common business tools such as calendar apps, project management software, and email platforms. This helps to create a more seamless work experience by linking key applications together.

Is my information secure with meeting notes software?

Yes, reputable meeting notes software providers prioritize security to protect business data. This usually involves end-to-end encryption, secure hosting environments, and strict policies on access and data handling. However, different providers have different levels of security, so it’s crucial to review a software’s security measures before committing to use.


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