How Should You Structure Your Marketing Team?


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The marketing team is a department responsible for promoting the company’s public image and reputation. This also includes the creation, coordination and dissemination of the product or service offered by the company in the market. However, do you know how to structure this team?

Generally, it will depend on the size, objectives and needs of the organization. In smaller organizations, professionals will assume more than one function. On the other hand, in larger organizations, these professionals will specialize in a specific area of the department’s structure.


  • A great product or service is useless if there is no well-structured marketing team to make it known on the market
  • The key is to have the right professionals for each specific position
  • The marketing team is the public face of the company

What you need to know about how a marketing team is structured

The marketing department is tremendously important for the achievement of the company’s objectives. It is crucial to have qualified professionals in a solid and well-organized structure (1). Can you imagine the head of communication at Apple, dealing with the cost prices of an iPhone?

What qualities should a marketing team have?

Generally, each member of the team will have different qualities from the others. However, all of them should have four in common for the team to function properly towards the objective

Therefore, if the team mentality meets these parameters, you will have a department with high operational performance.

(Source: Miquel Rodríguez Duatis/

What does a marketing team organization structure look like?

A marketing team follows a necessary structural hierarchy, so is the organization structure the same in all companies? No, it isn’t. You will hardly find two organization structures the same, but you will find similarities between them. Once again, the size and capacity of the company will be decisive for this structure.

For example, if a company focuses on digital marketing, its structure will have certain indispensable members. Thus, depending on the size and capacity of the company, the organization structure will be arranged in one way or another (2).

Example of the structure of a marketing team

(Source: Miquel Rodríguez Duatis/

How is the marketing team managed?

Usually, this task falls to the marketing manager. It is essential that the manager is trained in leadership and is not just a boss. This means that he/she must have a high degree of emotional intelligence and motivational skills.

It is important that the manager knows all members of the team in an objective manner. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a SWOT analysis to start defining the characteristics of the team members (5).

(Source: Miquel Rodríguez Duatis/

What is the role of each member of the marketing team?

All the agents shown in the organization chart have a specific function, but not independent from the rest. The reason is that they must interact with each other to coordinate the strategies of the marketing plan.

Have you ever wanted to buy a new product, and it is not yet available on the manufacturer’s website? Well, this is an example of bad department coordination.

Roles of marketing team members

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How does the marketing team plan its tasks?

  1. Definition of objectives and strategies: First of all, we must set the objectives that will be our lighthouse throughout the process. To do this, the optimal tools and processes that the team will use to achieve them will be decided.
  2. Organize the collaborators: Next, the tasks will be distributed according to the SWOT analysis carried out previously.
  3. Plan the route: Next, a scheme of concrete processes will be created, showing how to perform the tasks and when they should be completed.
  4. Measurement and evaluation: During the whole process, KPIs or markers will be used to contrast the evolution towards the objectives

How to find specialized personnel for the marketing team?

First of all, it is necessary to be clear about the profile of the professional needed to guarantee the company’s expectations. In addition, it will be very important that he/she is in tune with the corporate culture with which he/she will collaborate.

Below, we will show you some recommendations that can help you in the process:

  1. Check the candidate’s training. Make sure that the candidate really has a degree from a regulated and official university.
  2. Evaluate their experience in the sector. In this case, the recruiter should assess the quality of their marketing experience as a decisive point for hiring them.
  3. Assess your digital knowledge. Similarly, it is necessary that you value their knowledge of digital tools, as well as their presence in social networks.
  4. Capture their capabilities. It is important that you know how to identify their ability to communicate, to solve problems and their ambition to learn.

From here on, the candidate selection process can be either internal or external. This task can be performed either by the company’s HR department or by an external agency.

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Where does a marketing team fit into a company?

At the end of the day, a marketing team is integrated into the structure of a company with the same status as the rest. However, they must be in contact with the rest of the company’s departments, just as they do with each other (3).

Can you imagine the administration department receiving a half-million-dollar surprise charge for an SEM campaign?

Integration of the marketing department in a medium-sized company

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Is the marketing team in charge of sales?

Since both departments have the common goal of increasing sales, it is logical to confuse the two. On the other hand, depending on the size of the company, sales or commercial may be integrated into marketing or be a separate department (4).

The main difference between them is that marketing thinks along the road to long-term profits. On the contrary, sales has an immediacy mentality and wants to generate them in the short term.

In any case, we must understand that marketing actions facilitate the work of the sales team. In this sense, they will always have a very close relationship, since both need each other.

How to integrate the sales team into the marketing department?

First of all, it will be necessary to agree on a single vision and establish common objectives between the two departments. Consequently, the metrics and KPIs for measuring goals should also be the same for both.

Surely, this new environment will involve a series of profound paradigm shifts for both parties. This means that all information must be shared to generate feedback that adds value to help achieve the objectives. On the other hand, communication between both parties must be fluid and constant.


In summary, a well-structured marketing team makes the difference between the success or failure of a company. Therefore, it is important that it is given the utmost attention in its creation.

In fact, it does not matter the size of the department if the team is of quality and focused on the company’s objectives. On the other hand, there are organizations that lack this capability. In these cases, it is advisable to hire an external marketing agency.


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