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Leadership is a key element when planning any organization. A leader effectively communicates the company’s projects, goals and objectives. When it comes to meetings, it’s important to have people who can develop their leadership potential and pull off an effective business meeting.

Therefore, in this article you can begin to learn some transformational leadership techniques, a leadership method that simultaneously impacts the personal development and organizational productivity of everyone involved in your company (1). If you are in charge of planning an effective meeting, here are the top 8 tips for running a successful leadership meeting.

Key Facts

  • Business meetings always have a positive effect if they are based on successful leadership. This unifying effect is important as it will help you to ascertain the mission, vision and duties of your company.
  • Meetings based on leadership always create a participative atmosphere. It is important that all employees feel integrated and seek to contribute with new ideas and initiatives.
  • You should know that an effective leadership will allow solving problems and obstacles through work meetings. Don’t forget that good leadership motivates colleagues to seek solutions on their own.

Top Tips for Running a Successful Leadership Meeting

Some of the benefits you will get from this activity are that you will be able to have more knowledge and control over the mishaps of your business strategy. So that you have an idea of those scenarios that could arise in the future.

Importance of Leadership (Source: Gabriela Baquero/ Gitnux)

8. Set goals in advance

You have probably asked yourself, how does a leader influence the ability to meet goals and objectives? The answer has to do with the methodology he/she uses when preparing his/her work meetings. A good leader always plans in advance a work meeting and within this, what are the goals to be met and what are the problems that are hindering the achievement of this goal.

As a result of a correct organization, the leader will be able to detect all these problems in a tree of problems elaborated in such a way that it is understandable to expose it to his work group. Such activity means that a successful leadership meeting must be properly planned in order to be concrete in an estimated time.

Leadership is the ability to influence a group to achieve goals (2)

Therefore, it is also important to keep in mind that the leader will not solve any problem with a work meeting, because in reality these activities are effective because they motivate the rest of the collaborators to come up with their own solutions, propose new ideas and identify obstacles.

7. Be inclusive

Every leader must be a good listener and allow the participation of his or her coworkers. In a work meeting, it is important that the designated leader takes responsibility for ensuring that the vision is articulated and communicated, that the group defines goals, and that members develop the tools and resources necessary to achieve success in fulfilling the mission.

The leader does this on a regular and consistent basis (3). Therefore, it is important to take into account that it is the collaborators who really make the goals tangible and make the production criteria effective.

Therefore, a work meeting will be successful as long as it encourages the development of all employees and also takes into account their needs, since a meeting can be the ideal space to achieve other improvements: it improves internal communication, recognizes work and productivity and generates an incentive policy.

6. Share experiences

Since it is the leader’s duty to lead successful work meetings, there is nothing better than sharing some of the experiences, since it is one of the best indications of how to succeed with respect to obstacles and the achievement of goals.

A great leader invites you to be yourself, but also knows that inviting you to be yourself is much more than just having an honest conversation. These leaders are able to foster such authenticity also by showing themselves as vulnerable. They also share their struggles and successes. They invite that same vulnerability (4).

By sharing their own personal stories and inviting others, leaders demonstrate that co-workers at work and people at home can be unique and be themselves in their work experience (5).

5. Analyze the profile of your employees

(Source: Gabriela Baquero/ Gitnux)

Since a real meeting also depends on the employees and not only on the one who organizes the event, it is important to consider that the points to be discussed will be directed to the problems and to take advantage of the skills of each of the employees.

Because in many occasions work groups tend to disintegrate due to lack of good leadership, it is important that you take into account that before starting any meeting, your work group must have the following characteristics: hierarchy, determination, power, security, companionship, harmony, order and purpose.

Each work group evolves in a certain way

Next, the skills of each of the members of the meeting will be fundamental to the achievement of your goals.

4. Determine growth possibilities

Surely work meetings are the best opportunities to analyze the growth of the company and its employees. For this reason, it is important that you consider that there are several tools to evaluate the company’s progress.

Of course, to have a look at the evolution of the company, we talk about evaluating the growth of sales, revenues or profits and investments. At this point, it is important to be objective when analyzing the strategies with which the company is being managed, because, if the desired income is not received, the strategy should be reformulated in the work meetings.

It is advisable to measure growth in one-year terms and set more short-term goals and compare them with equal times.

Likewise, just as an internal audit of the company can be carried out, analyzing the organizational climate becomes a determining factor, since it is the basis for the productivity that is so much expected.

In fact, many businessmen consider that business growth is usually considered as the determining factor for the increase of the company’s competitiveness, its effectiveness being verified through the variation of the value of the shares in the capital market.

In this way, in the profitability that the shareholder obtains in this way, most of these studies are based on the consequences of growth, rather than on analyzing the causes of this growth (6).

3. Strengthens the company’s values

It is the company’s values that form the basis of a correct business vision.

This is another topic that should be reinforced in a successful leadership meeting. To start working on this point in a work meeting, the best advice is to allow the leader to lead by example, as this is the best way for the team to internalize the rules and comply with them.

Internal communication is fundamental in this point and we can make this work visible in activities such as training and inductions for new employees.

By rewarding behavior in line with the company’s values, we are actively showing how important they are. Ideally, the awards should not remain in the air, but should be communicated to the entire company through internal bulletins, newsletters or website (7).

Consequently, once the members of the organization recognize the values, they can be directed towards the consumer. Communication with the customer is vital for the company and the public will only be able to perceive the company in the way its employees project it.

Therefore, it is important to work on this point in a successful work meeting because a good leader cares about how his company is perceived and improves those communication channels.

2. Motivating personal and institutional development

Motivation is usually one of the main initiatives that every good leader recognizes as a basis in an organization.

(Source: Gabriela Baquero/ Gitnux)

Although “motivating the team” is your objective, it is not a goal in itself, since there will be certain factors that will show you how to achieve this motivation through various improvements and elimination of errors.

When a work team is well motivated, there will be higher performance and productivity. The effectiveness and efficiency with which it works and will allow the collaborators to expand their creative standards to contribute many more ideas.

1. Confronts problems

The obstacles in the company are all those factors that are evident both in the work environment and in the staff. All these problems have the power to block performance and productivity, as well as impede the psychological and emotional well-being of workers. It is important to approach institutional problems as a challenge rather than as a barrier for which there is no solution.

It is those obstacles that often become major critical knots for workers, because, on many occasions, unsolved problems become permanent headaches.

If the question “What obstacles are you currently encountering? is important to you, here are some of the difficulties that your co-workers may be having:

Problems with teamwork

  • Mixing emotional relationships with work relationships
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of leadership
    Poor work environment
  • Lack of training and motivational talks
  • Lack of recognition
  • Economic problems in the organization
  • Abrupt reduction of personnel
  • Inflexible hours and unpaid overtime
  • Institutional disorganization

In the face of these obstacles, it is necessary to organize the necessary meetings. Remember that a healthy mix of strategy sessions with a broader perspective and smaller tactical-level planning groups will be needed. It is also important to share relevant updates and hear about the work currently being done so that efforts are not duplicated.


The key themes for successful leadership meetings should not only be applied by managers and recruiters, as any active member of the work organization is fully committed and duty bound to improve the organizational environment.

Remember that it is also up to you to motivate your colleagues to remain productive. Use every spare moment to build relationships and strengthen ties so that you can collaborate with them and with the company. You can make a real tangible change.


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