12 Leadership Goals For Every Team Leader

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Surely at some point, you have had an opportunity to participate in a work, training, or study group. These groups are usually organized by a leader, who is in charge of the group.

They may have a lot of work skills, knowledge, and initiative. However, many of them lack the ability to lead a group (1). So in this article, we will focus on leadership goals that every leader should have, whether they are new or have been leading for a long time.


  • Many people do not have the ability to lead, but they can develop and obtain it.
  • It is not necessary to have several followers or to be well-known to be a good leader.
  • In any economic or social activity, leaders are sought after to help achieve goals.

What you should know about setting leadership goals

Success is based on goals or objectives (2). Setting them helps you to be able to measure them and see when you have made progress. Therefore, a leader needs to always set clear and measurable goals. Here are 12 leadership goals that strong leaders set for themselves:

1. Be a leader, not a boss

First, we want you to know the difference between a leader and a boss. Because they are not the same, and people often get confused.

What is it to be a leader?

A person who knows how to lead people towards their best performance. In addition, he/she is a person who distinguishes himself/herself from others. A leader is a person who encourages, teaches, listens, is sincere and acts as a guide in a group.

(Source: Jonas Chino/ Gitnux)

A leader is also a person who works with the group and the group does not work for him/her. His/her qualities enable him/her to influence those who follow him/her, to develop and fulfil the tasks or activities.

What is it to be a boss?

A lboss is a person who is in charge of a group of people (mostly the head of an organization). He/she has a hierarchical order superior to the others and has many functions that imply commanding, directing, etc.

As a result of having a high hierarchy, these people tend to be prideful or unfriendly, and so on. However, this is not always the case, but it happens to the majority of them, as there will always be someone above them who is still in charge of them.

2. Developing personal responsibility and self-discipline

These attributes will allow you to reach your goals. In addition, they will give you a broad vision of what you want to become and achieve, but let’s see what each of these means.

What is self-discipline?

This is probably the most valuable to you in your life. Being self-disciplined means having the ability to control your feelings, your mood, your character, your own body, etc. In order to move forward, progress, stay motivated no matter what the circumstances are.

Certainly, this attribute is not easy to develop, and it requires a lot of patience and attitude. It will help you to control your life better. You will not be like a robot, instead, you will be a person who is an example to follow.

What is it to have personal responsibility?

Personal responsibility is about taking responsibility for all your actions, whether they are positive or negative. It is about understanding that we have power over our decisions, and that our decisions can affect others.

By applying both in your life, being aware that your decisions have repercussions later on and being able to handle those decisions seriously, you will achieve a broader leadership vision. This will empower you to lead a team and yourself.

3. Learn to fail

Failure is natural for humans, no matter how many times you fall or fail, you can always get up, it’s up to you (3). But it’s not just about getting up, it’s about learning why you fell.

Recognizing mistakes makes you a good leader, but recognizing and working on those mistakes makes you an even better one. Don’t let a fall defeat you, that’s where your self-discipline (controlling your character) comes in.

4. Practice attentive and active listening

Listening is a great skill to have. There is nothing better than a leader who listens to their team. Developing this ability will help you to connect better with your team, they will feel that you are a leader and not a boss.

But listening takes more than that, you must also understand. A true leader listens, advises and understands. Finally, he/she gives feedback appropriately.

5. Be adaptable

One skill that will help you be a better leader is adapting to any situation. Developing your ability to adapt can be very challenging, as it involves getting out of your comfort zone, which is difficult.

It is also closely related to adapting not only mentally, but also physically. Being a leader requires a lot of effort, and sometimes this effort will cause a lot of stress and frustration. Developing this quality takes time, but it helps you to be prepared to work in any environment.

6. Build your character

Your character is who you are and how you act. These qualities set you apart from others. You need to form and develop them consistently. This will help you in your future decisions so that they will be firmer and more confident. This will be passed on to the group you are leading.

7. Develop a leadership presence

You may have many of the qualities that a leader or boss has, such as fluency or strong character. However, it is essential that you have leadership presence. It means that you have the respect of your group, their trust. Seek to do this by action, show it by accomplishing objectives and not just by words.

SMART goals are a set of concrete goals that meet five basic components (Source: Jonas Chino/ Gitnux)

Gain presence until it gets to the point where they see you and feel more comfortable and willing to work. Also, they do not feel fear or mockery of you, and they have admiration and respect for everything you do.
See examples of SMART goals at work

8. Identify and encourage leadership in others

A good leader trains future leaders. It is necessary that while leading your group, you always motivate everyone to be a leader. Look for activities, division of work, individual assignments, etc. This can help employees develop leadership skills.

Everyone has the potential and the ability to be a leader (4). One objective you should have as a leader is to teach them that, identify their potential and motivate everyone to be a leader.

9. Use persuasion

Being persuasive should be one of your best weapons (5). When you talk to your group, always try to motivate them to do something. Whether it is something small or something big. It will help you develop this ability little by little.

10. Personal resource management

A good leader knows how to take care of his/her resources, the ones that help you produce or earn a profit. That is why we ask you to analyze what drives you to achieve success, whether physical or not.

(Source: Jonas Chino/ Gitnux)

Once you find what brings you success, take care of it! You are not immortal or a machine, you need to wisely manage your resources. For example, exercise, eat well and healthy, and don’t stress yourself.

11. Always see the bigger picture

Looking to the future is something that should characterize a leader. You should not only focus on the present and what could have been, but on what is to come. A leader is forward-looking and forward-thinking.

No matter how many times you fail, don’t let that defeat you. Don’t regret the past, create an ideal future.

12. Care, feel and work

Finally, the key is to lead with passion. If you love those you lead, love your work, love what you do, everything will be easier.

  • Care about the people you lead and about yourself, and look out for their well-being.
  • Feel: a leader is one who understands or tries to understand the team and, above all, understands himself.
  • Work: this is the first thing you have to do to be a leader.


Certainly, being a leader is difficult. Always try to do the right thing and lead, don’t be a boss that everyone is afraid of, be a leader that everyone respects.

Don’t forget to manage your resources, they are not unlimited. Don’t stress yourself for nothing, and remember to care about others and work with everything you’ve got.


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