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Gitnux is a digital platform where businesses find the best tools and tips to succeed in the digital age. We pride ourselves on helping entrepreneurs build great companies through our high quality information and research reports.

Our team is composed of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and designers and as every year we conducted a multi-modal survey rating websites on the internet.

The result: The finest websites based on our selection criteria below get our sought-after, but free to use quality badge “Top Rated Website”.

Selection Process

Step 1: Identification of candidates

First, a list of all websites was created. The data came from various data sources such as online directories and CMS systems (WordPress, Blogspot, etc.).

Step 2: Relevance

From the remaining websites, all websites that published less than 5 posts per year were removed. In addition, websites with very low monthly traffic were sorted out.

Step 3: Extensive research

The remaining websites were reviewed by Gitnux-experts using objective and subjective criteria. The research catalog contained features in 4 categories. A points system was then used to determine the winners of the survey.

The evaluation criteria

The badge is given after an evaluation in four different areas:

  • UX / Usability
  • Privacy and security
  • Information content and research
  • Services and communication

UX / Usability

  • Is the design and structure of the site pleasing?
  • Is the website programmed in a functional way?
  • Is the search function practical and is there an autocomplete?

Privacy and security

  • Is personal data only collected, processed, used and passed on to third parties to the extent legally permitted or to which the user has given consent?
  • Is information on the use of personal data provided in an understandable and accessible form?
  • Is there information on data security (e.g. SSL)?
  • How trust-inspiring is the website?
  • Is there an imprint and a data protection statement and, if so, are they linked on the homepage?

Information content and research

  • To what extent are the posts researched?
  • Are there audiovisual elements (images, graphics, videos)?
  • Is the content professionally produced?
  • Who manages the website?
  • How long has the website been running?
  • How popular is the website?

Services and communication

  • Is there interaction with readers (e.g., in comments)?
  • Does the website offer other services (e.g., e-books or online courses)?
  • Does the website have social media channels?
  • How many followers does the website have on different platforms?



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