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It is a tool that allows you to create advertising ads on Instagram and Facebook. It is important to know it because it can help you grow your business exponentially since it allows you to segment your audience in a very specific way, and you can create advertising campaigns at a very low cost with a great reach because it has 1,130 million daily active users (2).

In addition, you can define your budget and modify it whenever you decide, as well as visualize the results of your campaign daily. This way, you will be able to monitor your investment while analysing the profitability of your campaign (2).


  • Carefully choose the advertising objective of your ad to make it much easier for you to achieve the expected results.
  • Choose your audience wisely, keep in mind that if your business is new or not so well known, it is best to use the saved audiences offered by Facebook Ads.
  • Make sure your ads are very visually appealing.

7 essential tips to get the most out of Facebook Ads

  • Your ad information should be short and contain keywords.
  • Segment your clients correctly, have personalized audiences, and develop a different strategy for each one of them.
  • Your image must be persuasive and attention-grabbing, it is one of the most powerful elements to reach your audience!
  • Create similar audiences with different objectives so that the algorithm has more margin.
  • Segment your audience by mobile devices, as the ad format changes.
  • Optimize your budget wisely, Facebook offers you the option to work with relatively low budgets, which allows you to test your first campaigns.
  • Don’t forget to run Remarketing campaigns, where you target people who have already interacted with your brand – it’s always easier to sell to someone who already knows you!

What you should know about Facebook Ads…

1. How to create an ad?

Creating an ad on Facebook Ads is very simple and consists of 6 main steps, which we will develop in more detail in the article. Below, we show you the steps:

  1. Choose the target of your ad.
  2. Choose the right audience.
  3. Decide where you want to place the ad.
  4. Choose the format of your ad: Facebook offers different formats for your ads such as photos, videos, stories, slideshows, and Messenger ads. You must analyze which is the best option according to your advertising objective and the target audience.
  5. Publish the ad.
  6. Manage the ad: You must track the performance of your ad, later we will see which metrics Facebook Ads provides you to measure the effectiveness of your ads.

2. Know the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads


  • Segmentation is very specific and if done correctly, it allows you to reach potential customers and grow on social networks
  • Creating a campaign on Facebook is very simple and fast. Plus, you can start seeing results almost immediately
  • You have full control over your daily budget and maximum cost per click
  • You can be in contact with people who have already visited your website through retargeting campaigns


  • It can be costly if you don’t segment your audience properly
  • Have little reach if you do not take into account other platforms such as Instagram or Google Adwords to promote your ad
  • Creating an effective campaign takes a lot of time since the key is to correctly segment your audience and choose the right objective

3. Know the structure of a Facebook Ads campaign

Every ad consists of three levels:

  1. Campaign: Here you must define the advertising objective of your campaign so that the algorithm works according to your objective.
  2. Ad set: In this step, you must define your daily budget, the publication schedule of your ads, segment your audience and choose the ad placement.
  3. Ad: Here you must define the format of your ad. You must take care of the quality and look for your ad to be attractive.

4. Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

It is important to understand that both have very different targets and both can be very useful, it all depends on your advertising objectives. Below, we show you the main differences, so you can evaluate which one is more suitable for what you are looking for:

Facebook AdsGoogle AdWords
Where are the ads displayed?On social media, either Facebook or InstagramGoogle search
What is the presentation of advertisements?It allows you to include an image and textYou can only include text in ads displayed in search results.
How to choose your audience?SegmentationSimilar searches or keywords entered by users

When is it better to use this tool?When you don’t know the user’s search intentWhen you know the user’s search intent

5. How to make an ad successful on Facebook?

Choose the right audience!

Targeting is constantly evolving due to Facebook’s algorithm and it is necessary to be constantly updated on these issues. That is why here we are going to explain what you should know about targeting Facebook Ads in 2022.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you use the saved audiences, since the algorithm does not yet have enough data for the other two types of audiences. On the contrary, if your page is already known and you already have sales, it is recommended that you select similar audiences as the algorithm looks for patterns that have similarities with your saved audience.

The custom audience has a great reach and generates a very good performance and return on investment. Since it is easier to sell because they are people who already know your brand and have had some kind of contact with it (3).

Retargeting: When you target a campaign to a person who already know you because they have interacted with you

(Source: Katterine Ramirez/

How to choose the right target for your ad?

To ensure the success of your campaign, it is essential to define the objective correctly, since the algorithm will optimize your ad based on the objective you have selected. Here are the different objectives offered by Facebook Ads:

TargetWhat does it mean?
Brand recognitionIncrease your brand recognition.
OutreachShow the ad to as many people as possible within the target audience you created.
TrafficThis refers to being able to direct your Facebook audience to any other site of your company that you have previously selected.
InteractionIncrease the number of likes, comments and shares your page receives.
App installationDirect your audience to the place where they can download your application to create an account.
Video playsLet your audience play your ad.
Lead generationCollect the data of your target market.
MessagesHave contact with your potential customers through the communication channels you have established.
ConversionFocus on getting your audience to take the specific action you decide, be it downloading your app, making a purchase, and so on. 

How to choose the right placement for your ad?

We can choose to show our ad only on Facebook, Instagram, or Stories. The placement of your ads depends on your advertising objective, that’s why it is very important to choose it properly, since, a great part of the success of your campaign depends on that.

However, if you are not sure yet where you want to show it, you can choose the “automatic placement” option and Facebook will optimize your ad and show it where, according to the algorithm, it gives better results and is more profitable (3).

6. How to interpret the results of my ad?

When looking at the results of your campaign, it is important to see how we can make it more profitable. To know what values you should analyze to improve your campaign, you should be based on your advertising objective, since they are directly related. However, below we will show you the metrics that are essential for you to know how to analyze the results of your campaign efficiently:

  • CPC: It refers to the cost per click, that is, the cost generated by each interaction.
  • CTR: It is the % of clicks that your ad received.
  • ROAS: Refers to the return on investment you get for the advertising expenditure you have made. It helps you to know the optimization of your campaigns and to know if they are working according to your objectives or not.
  • Interaction: Refers to the number of interactions your audience has with your ad,

If your advertising objective is to generate traffic, you must analyze the CPC and CTR to measure the results and performance of your campaign (2).

7. How to make Facebook Ads profitable?

  • That your segmentation is oriented to your objectives and make sure it is the right one to reach your target audience. Your CTR will depend on this and the higher it is, the lower the cost will be.
  • Target an audience that already knows you and values your product, for this you must carry out retargeting campaigns (3).
  • Make sure that your advertising objective is aligned with your ad (2).

How much money should you invest to get the expected results?

It depends entirely on your advertising objective, your sales expectations, and your budget. The best thing to do is to make different tests and measure the results to see what is working and if it is necessary to increase the budget or not. Also, it is important to take into account that if your sales depend only on Facebook Ads, you will need to invest more budget (2).

In the beginning, Facebook will suggest a daily budget of 19 euros but you can choose how much you want to spend daily or if you want it to be a permanent expense. As well as the time and date you want your ad to be published.

8. Learn about the most common mistakes people make on Facebook Ads

  • Using poor-quality images.
  • Not setting clear objectives: It is key that you know the objective of your ad to use your budget wisely and not invest more than what is really needed (7).
  • Publishing too many ads: By doing this, you generate confusion and your ads have little reach. It is better to reduce the number of ads, have a bigger budget for each one, and in this way, get better performance from each one of them.
  • Focus your ads only on sales: Do not promote only your product, you must seek to establish a connection with your audience through more real ads where you show the essence of your brand and useful content (7).
  • Not using the location feature: It is very important to use it so that you do not spend your budget on people who are potential customers for the brand.
  • Not optimizing advertising for mobile devices: Few people view Facebook from a computer and by not optimizing your advertising for mobile, you are losing a large number of people who could be interested in your brand (7).
  • Create lookalike audiences or custom audiences with lots of annotations. This limits the algorithm and prevents the campaign from being successful (8).


Now you know the main tools of Facebook Ads and everything you should know to make the most of this tool. It is a very good option if your brand is little known, you want to grow your business and you have little budget.

You must always evaluate the objectives of your brand and what is the best platform to promote your products. The most important thing is that your ads are aligned with your objectives and stick to them, remember that the more organic your ads are, the easier it will be to capture the attention of your potential customers!


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