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Description Socio is a powerful and easy-to-use virtual event platform that helps you connect with your audience, no matter where they are. With Socio, you can create engaging and interactive online events that bring people together from all over the world Docket is a meeting software that allows users to manage and organize their meetings. It provides an agenda builder, which helps users create agendas for their meetings, as well as a meeting minutes tool, which allows users to take notes and track action items.
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Pricing Rates FREE and ADVANCED (not price provided, needs to Contact Sales) Pro,$6.40 /seat/mo or business ( contact company to see the price) (Paid Annually)
Could be better adding features that are essential for any good virtual event platform add a feature to keep track of who has RSVP’d or set up reminders
Key features Abstract / Papers Management
Attendee Profiles
Event Maps
Social Media Promotion
Mobile Check-in
Calendar Management
File Sharing
Resource Scheduling
Collaboration Workflow
Management Task
Management Meetings
Progress Tracking
Support 24/7 Live Support
Business Hours
24/7 Live Support
Business Hours
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Best for for any small business for small business

What is Socio and who is it for?

Socio is an event management software that helps users plan, manage and promote events. It offers features such as ticketing, registration, check-in/checkout system, analytics and reporting tools to help users track the success of their events. Additionally it also provides marketing tools for promoting events on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Socio is an event management software that helps users to create, manage and promote their events. The features of Socio include:
– Event registration & ticketing
– Mobile check-in & scanning
– Lead retrieval & tracking
– Gamification tools for attendee engagement
– Onsite surveys and polls – Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter) – Customizable branding options – Analytics dashboard with real time data insights

Socio is a software platform designed for event organizers, exhibitors and sponsors. It provides tools to help them create virtual events, manage attendees, engage with their audience in real time and measure the success of their events.

What is Docket and who is it for?

Docket is a cloud-based task and project management software designed to help teams collaborate, organize tasks, track progress, and manage projects. It offers features such as Kanban boards for visualizing workflows; customizable dashboards for tracking performance metrics; Gantt charts for planning complex projects; team collaboration tools like chat rooms and discussion forums; document sharing capabilities with version control support; time tracking tools that allow users to log hours spent on tasks or projects from any device or location.


Docket is a project management software that helps teams collaborate on tasks and projects. It features task tracking, time tracking, Gantt charts, resource scheduling, document collaboration tools, reporting capabilities and more. It also includes integrations with popular third-party services such as Slack and Dropbox to help streamline workflows.

Docket is a project management software designed for teams of any size. It helps users manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members in real-time.

What are the benefits & downsides of Socio and what say users about it?

Socio is a cloud-based event management platform designed to help organizations manage their events. It provides features such as online registration, ticketing, email marketing and analytics tools for tracking the success of an event.


– Easy Registration & Ticketing: Socio’s web-based interface makes it easy to register attendees and sell tickets in real time with its integrated payment gateway. This eliminates manual data entry errors and saves time while ensuring accuracy.

– Comprehensive Event Management Tools: Socio offers comprehensive tools for managing every aspect of your event from start to finish including agenda creation, speaker management, attendee engagement activities like polls or surveys during the session etc., which helps you make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.

– Automated Email Marketing & Analytics Tools: With automated emails sent out before and after each session along with detailed insights into how successful they were at engaging people (open rates), this feature allows organizers to measure performance over multiple sessions so they can adjust accordingly in future events if needed.

Downsides :

– Limited Customization Options: While Socio does offer some customization options when creating forms or designing pages within their platform, there are limits on

Users of Socio report that the software is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive user interface. They appreciate its ability to help them manage their events efficiently and effectively. Many users also comment on how helpful the customer support team has been in helping them troubleshoot any issues they may have had while using the platform. Overall, users are generally satisfied with their experience using Socio for event management purposes.

What are the benefits & downsides of Docket and what say users about it?

• Docket is a cloud-based project management software that helps teams track tasks, collaborate on projects and manage resources. It offers an intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop features for easy task creation and assignment.
• It provides real time updates to keep everyone in the loop as well as notifications when changes are made or deadlines approach. This ensures all team members stay up to date on progress without having to constantly check in with each other.
• The dashboard view allows users to quickly see what tasks need attention, who’s working on them, and how far along they are in completion – making it easier than ever before for teams of any size to coordinate their efforts efficiently.

• Some users have reported difficulty understanding certain aspects of the system such as creating new projects or assigning tasks properly within existing ones which can lead to confusion among team members if not addressed promptly by administrators/managers.
• There may be some compatibility issues between different versions of Docket due its frequent updates so older devices may struggle running newer versions correctly (though this should improve over time).

Users of Docket have generally had positive experiences with the software. Many users report that it is easy to use and provides helpful features such as a customizable dashboard, task management tools, document storage capabilities, and more. Additionally, many users appreciate its affordability compared to similar products on the market.

What are the differences between Socio and Docket and in which case should you use either of them?

Socio and Docket are both event management software solutions. The main differences between the two programs include their features, pricing plans, integrations, customer support options, and user experience.

Socio offers a range of features that make it easy to manage events from start to finish including registration forms for attendees; automated emails for communication; custom branding tools; virtual networking capabilities; analytics dashboards for tracking performance data such as attendance numbers or revenue generated by an event; ticketing systems with payment processing options like PayPal or Stripe integration. It also has mobile app compatibility so users can access all the same information on-the-go via their smartphones or tablets. Pricing plans vary depending on how many events you need to host each year but they offer discounts when purchasing multiple packages at once plus free trials available if needed.

Docket is primarily focused on helping businesses streamline processes related to managing meetings within organizations rather than hosting large scale external events like Socio does—although some basic meeting scheduling functions are included in its feature set too (such as setting up agendas). Its core functionality includes task automation through workflow creation which allows teams to quickly assign tasks based off pre-defined parameters without having them manually assigned every time

Socio is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage their relationships with customers, while Docket is an online project management tool.

If you are looking for a solution to help your business track and manage customer data, then Socio would be the better choice over Docket. However, if you need a tool to organize tasks or projects within teams or departments in order to improve efficiency and productivity, then Docket might be more suitable for your needs.

It depends on the specific needs of the user. Docket is a software platform designed for managing legal documents and processes, while Socio is an event management platform that helps with creating virtual events, networking opportunities, and more. If you need to manage legal documents or processes then Docket would be the better choice; whereas if you are looking for an event management solution then Socio might be a better fit.


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