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Career pages can ease companies’ outreach when it comes to recruiting qualified employees. The use of this tool, in some cases a little unknown to managers and professionals in the HR area, helps the recruitment process in their company (7).

The recruitment and selection process in an organization has always been a highly important activity, and that is why it must be carried out properly. This process helps to thoroughly and objectively check whether the candidates meet the employer’s requirements, leading to recruitment. In this article, you will learn more about this important topic.


  • Having the most suitable talent is the ultimate asset for organizations and employees.
  • Online recruitment and choice is a strategic process that requires two very critical factors: speed and accuracy (1).
  • Companies are facing an increasing level of competition in attracting and retaining qualified staff.

What you should know about the career page

Thanks to technology, career pages have become an effective tool for both companies and job candidates. Here’s what you need to know to create an attractive career page.

Career page by industry (Source: Sandra Arias/ Gitnux)

What is a career page?

This solution helps to strengthen the company’s recruitment process, but at the same time, it can enhance the awareness of the employer brand. Employer branding helps you to have a more attractive image for potential job applicants and ensures that you can reach the right people more quickly.

By doing so, you can show why it is attractive to work in your company, highlighting the benefits that employees have, such as the working environment, so that users can understand what it is like to work in your company. By making your company more attractive to potential candidates and extending the reach of your job offers, you can achieve the goal of attracting the best employees for the growth of your business (3).

Why do you need a career page?

Recruiting new talents that your business needs for its growth is a key part of any company’s development. Career pages are a great tool to boost your brand image as an employer and give you access to publishing your job offers, thus attracting the best talent.

Potential employees always research a company before applying for or accepting a job offer, career pages allow you to retain and attract talent. The term retain talent is very important, because as a company you want to retain and grow the talent you have.

The results of a good career page can be measured when the number of applications for each job offer published increases and when the conversion rate of interested applicants improves. Thus fulfilling the recruitment goal.

8 elements of a good career page

When we talk about effectiveness and speed in recruiting, we focus on how it can improve the skill and diversity of the workforce, and how it can contribute to customer satisfaction. Also it should foster innovation and stimulate creativity in the hiring process (2).

Your company’s career page is the foundation of your entire recruitment strategy. It is the most important recruitment channel, so we’ve included the elements you should have on your career page to achieve your recruitment goals.

1. Make it easy to find

Access to your career page should be placed at the top navigation bar. A nice career page is useless if visitors can’t find it easily.

When you add this option, people can directly share your company’s vacancies on their social networks or personally with someone. This gives access and visibility to your organization.

3. Multimedia content

Videos, audios, or images are resources that always draw a lot of our attention. This way you can create an identity, show the information more clearly, and take more advantage of the time the user spends on this material to convince the talent you are looking for to join your team.

4. Clear and concise application forms

Your company’s application form or process should be simple and brief. Candidates are reluctant to apply for a position when the application form is lengthy.

The best practice is to request the required information and then ask for more information at the time of shortlisting or interview.

5. Constant updates

Keeping the career page updated, allows you to attract attention to your organization, while improving the SEO of the site, since search engines always reward updated content. Read more about what is SEO.

6. Compatible with mobile devices

Mobile devices are everyone’s favorite devices for all kinds of tasks. That is why it is important to take advantage of it and make your career page compatible with mobile devices, providing better access to the user.

SEO on career pages (Source: Sandra Arias/ Gitnux)

7. Clear job description

It is important to take your time and to make clear, consistent and compelling job descriptions. This section says what you expect from candidates and whether they would fit into the organization. This is a space where you need to stand out from the crowd, be creative and innovative.

8. Feedback

As we know, most companies do not give feedback to candidates who have not been selected, this leaves a bad image to the applicants. Although it requires a time investment, giving feedback has some benefits, such as:

  • It allows you to correct mistakes made and be able to face future recruitments with greater knowledge.
  • It improves the image of the organization in the eyes of users.
  • Candidates increasingly demand fluid communication with the company during the recruitment process.
  • It improves the company’s branding.

8 sections for structuring your company’s career page

Structuring web pages efficiently is extremely important nowadays, due to the amount of information that can be found. This determines the success or failure of the career page’s effectiveness to a significant extent.

Below, you will find the sections that should not be missing in your career page if you want to achieve effective communication.

1. Summary of the company

The company summary is a very important part of the career page. It should explain the mission and vision of the company very clearly, it should be short and easy to read, it should explain who you are, what you do and why you do it.

2. An overview of the company’s values

By including a description of your organization’s values, you are pointing out the expectations and rules of engagement in your company, it also allows you to clarify the type of applicant you are looking for.

3. A list of open jobs

Keeping your list of open jobs up to date ensures that people can see what’s a good fit for them or someone they know. You can sort jobs by department or location for easy navigation. Having a consistent job description will help candidates have a clearer picture of the process they need to follow.

4. Overview of your benefits

It allows you to demonstrate that your company is consistent with the values it embraces, and considers its applicants not only as employees, but also as people, showing an interest in their mental well-being and professional development.

5. Company achievements

It is very important to show your achievements as a company, because it shows where you stand as an organization. Showing all your achievements will allow you to attract the right candidates who want to work in leading and outstanding organizations.

6. Identity

It should refer to the authenticity you want to convey as a company, so it is important to seek the advice of a marketing professional for developing this part, as it should be coherent with your values, mission, and vision.

7. Life in your company

In this section, you can show how the company culture is lived, and how the mission, vision, and values are fulfilled. It shows candidates how they can see themselves as part of your team.

8. Recruitment process

Being clear on the level of time commitment a job applicant should have in your organization gives an image of order in the recruitment process. Having a standardized hiring method, by area or function, is always a good practice (4).

How to promote your company’s career page

Increasing traffic to your career page speeds up the recruitment process, a process that does not have to be costly or complicated. The career page helps you to generate an employer brand image in two ways (5).

  • They promote your job offers.
  • They share content about your company’s culture.

In the following table, you will find the best ways to advertise your job offers, which will attract more candidates to your website.

Free job portalsContributes significantly to the hiring process.
Take advantage of social mediaGives access to a wider range of prospects. Also gains organic traffic to your page.
Partnerships with universities or collegesAllows access to young talent who are completing their studies.
Employee referencesA job referral program with fair incentives will produce very good results.
Leverage traffic to your websiteProspect visits to your website promote your company’s brand representation.
Use recruiting softwareAllows everything, from scheduling an interview to automating evaluations and analysing CVs.

Advantages and disadvantages of using job portals in candidate recruitment

Below, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of using a job portal in the recruitment process of your company (6).


  • Reduction of time and money costs
  • Advertising and promotion of the company
  • Broader coverage and reach
  • Creation of databases and the possibility of maintenance for future recruitment processes
  • Possibility of transmitting more information to the potential employee
  • A highly cost-effective way to generate organic traffic to your site


  • Candidate saturation
  • Lack of human contact
  • Sensitivity to data confidentiality


Career pages are currently the most effective tools for your company’s recruitment process. It is important to have the most suitable people to fill the positions that will help your business to constantly develop. So career pages ensure that your recruitment objectives are met and that your company’s brand is recognised at the same time.

Therefore you should have this feature on your website. By creating a site where candidates can learn more about your organization, the culture, and the values you promote, you bring users closer to your brand and improve your company’s visibility in search engines. It is crucial to effectively structure your career page to provide the right information to visitors, speeding up your recruitment process and promoting your brand image.


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