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Brand marketing is understood as those efforts made by companies to connect with people (4). The purpose of good brand marketing management is to make people come back to buy or use our services or products on more than one occasion.

There are several precedents of brands that have done it very well, and over the years their campaigns have been remembered as the best so far. Each one of them focuses on the reasons why a person resorts to acquiring their services or products.

The best examples of brand marketing: The definitive list

There are different examples of brand marketing, below we will show you the most outstanding so far. Each one uses different means and strategies to reach the consumer, without detaching from their initial objectives and focusing on their values.

24. Netflix

The process of making a connection between a brand and its consumers, creating unparalleled experiences, has never been clearer than the work of Netflix and its shows. Netflix has taken the consumer’s relationship with the series and movies on its streaming platform to another level.

In premieres such as “Stranger Things”, it has set up physical attractions simulating the different scenarios that can be seen in the films, making people feel part of the series and inviting them to watch its content.

23. Spotify Wrapped

Making your customers feel that they are being taken care of in a special way is a good way to make the customer feel part of the brand. Some companies give gifts on users’ birthdays or others offer specialized platforms with the consumer’s preferences.

In the case of Spotify, we can see an example of the second option. We observe how it takes advantage of important dates as a strategy to make the customer feel specialized attention. At the end of the year, it launches the wrapped of each person, which consists of a video in story format explaining the trends that each one has.

Users have the option to share their wrapped in stories on different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Not only does it give specialized information to the consumer, but it also turns them into brand ambassadors. Ambassadors are those who recommend a brand without any kind of payment, they only do it for the satisfaction of their service.

22. Tulip chooses to be controversial

Knowing what our market thinks and the environment they experience is essential to connect with them, of course, it is not an easy task. Nowadays, it is not enough with discount strategies or special gifts with your purchase, there is a lot of competition doing the same.

You have to get creative and empathize with the consumer, as we see with the condom brand Tulipán. To connect with its public, Tulipán conducted a campaign to raise awareness about mutual consent and developed a package that can only be uncovered when two people coordinate to open it.

21. Lego: “Reading can be fun”

A person can connect with a brand through the values it pursues (4). Campaigns that show a company’s beliefs are a good way to approach consumers. Under no circumstances should we detach ourselves from the mission and vision.

The Lego toy brand has as a principle the task of providing children with fun ways to explore their creativity and learn in the process. Under this premise, it launched a special series with its blocks in Braille. This move was made so that children with different abilities could learn the Braille language in a more fun way.

20. Google: “Year in search

Google, one of the most famous search engines today, made a video of approximately two minutes showing all the searches that had been performed throughout the year. The video consisted of a series of shocking and moving facts and images.

Google’s video makes clear its purpose, conveys its importance and, above all, makes us understand its differentiation value, which is to put at one’s fingertips information from all over the world. Google is the site where we learn the most about events, happenings and where we can search for the latest news.

19. FixNip: “Happy to be censored

We often forget one very important characteristic; we serve the needs of people. A brand is made by people for people. We address different points without thinking about what our frequent customers are really looking for.

FixNip, a brand dedicated to breast reconstruction, has listened to its community and has taken their side. In its latest campaign, it highlighted a very controversial fact for women on social media, encouraging support for its audience and their needs.

18. Pedigree: “Spreading Happiness”

Pedigree’s “Spreading Happiness” campaign makes good use of contextual information about its market. Over the years, it has discovered what drives them and what data is important to the consumer. All their efforts made it possible to convey the knowledge gained from their audience in a clear message and in the right format.

When we want to connect with the consumer, we must look at all the resources available to us. Evaluate the different channels through which we can reach the right consumer and choose the most suitable one. Highlighting, in a clear way, the message we are trying to spread, is essential, we have to start from scratch.

17. California milk manufacturers: “Got milk?

Reaching an audience that truly connects with your brand is better than reaching thousands of people who don’t react to the stimuli you send. California milk manufacturers knew where to expose their product in a way that would reach the audience that was already drinking milk.

It’s good to balance the different brand marketing campaigns we have. Balancing plans that target potential and existing consumers is a good way to reach different markets.

16.Cadbury Dairy Milk: “Flags of Generosity”

Winner of a golden lion at the Cannes 2022 festival, the Cadbury brand managed to impact its market and spread its message in the right way without deviating. The brand’s main focus is generosity, which is why, during the confinement crisis caused by COVID, it launched a campaign around this principle.

The campaign consisted of providing food aid to families in Malaysia and Singapore who were waving a white flag. Events began to occur when families were affected by the closure of jobs during the confinement.

15. Inebir: “Windows”

The campaign “windows” made by parnaso, shows us how to make a branding campaign to connect with people. The main point is to link the objectives we pursue and transmit them to the consumer appropriately, seeking to position ourselves in their first options (2).

In this case, we see how they show the whole background of what a window means. The performance commercials that show us the prices or the characteristics of the product, have been left behind. In a world where we see many ads per day and retain few, it is important to stand out.

14. Ikea: “Place

Nowadays, with new technologies, it is possible to improve the consumer experience, and we have new ways to connect with customers (1). One example is IKEA’s new option, with the help of a phone app and simulators, makes it possible to visualize the furniture and accessories you want in your home.

Most of us bring a phone with us, and we use hundreds of apps every day. Connecting with the public’s new ways of communicating is indispensable these days. It is important to continuously update the media we work with to be able to generate correct communication with customers.

13. GoPro

Gopro has been able to connect with users through the people who already use its products. It has identified the lifestyle of its consumers very well, and with the help of the content they share, it has been able to express what the Gopro brand is all about.

The brand uses the content recorded by its users with its products and uploads them on its official accounts. Allowing, on the one hand, that other user who have not yet purchased their products, can see the results of using their cameras and, on the other hand, generates a bond with their consumers by sharing their content.

12. Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin Donuts campaign, winner of a golden lion at Cannes 2012, had great sales success from the moment it was launched. After several studies, they managed to find the right moment, places and times to promote their coffee and reach their potential consumers.

With a good mix of commercials, store positioning and understanding the long working hours of people, they managed to position their brand among the first places in the minds of coffee consumers. The results of the campaign alone speak for themselves; sales in the coffee shops located at the bus stops increased by 29%.

What should be highlighted in this campaign is that it shows us a good example of how to use the senses to create stimuli that intervene in the consumer’s purchase (5).

11. Apple: “Think different

Even after all these years, the efforts generated, back then, by Steve Jobs, have carried his message to this day. When a message is clearly understood and captured by its consumers, what Apple has achieved is to have people loyal to the brand.

Apple’s brand message is very clear, it has managed to connect with millions of people over the years. In each of its campaigns it manages to communicate that its products are made for those who think differently, you provide the ideas and they provide the team to achieve what you propose.

10.Nescafé: “Tribute”

Thinking about the image of the brand, is also to take care of how the workers see it, they also spread and are image of the same. The coffee brand Nescafé, through its tribute campaign, recognized each one of its coffee growers, helping to have a good perception of the company.

Working and taking care of all aspects of a brand results in the recognition of all those who follow it. Starting to spread the values it pursues must be done from the inside.

9. Always: “Like a girl

The Always brand has worked over the years on feminine products, specifically feminine pads. Along with the sale of its products, the brand has accompanied its campaigns with information regarding issues related to menstruation and its onset at puberty.

Always with its campaigns such as “like a girl”, shows us that it disseminates information to make women feel more confident about issues such as the changes presented during adolescence. With this type of action, it manages to support its public.

8. The Argentine Liver Transplant Foundation: #YoSoyTuAm AmigoFiel (I Am Your Faithful Friend)

The foundation’s campaign managed to connect with the emotions of its potential audience, the insights, or what consumers don’t know they know. The job of marketers is to find out those little details of the consumer so that the brand can get closer to them (3).

In this ad we see the background of what it means to be a donor, the good thing about transmitting a branding campaign in social media is the reach that our campaign has and the time. There is no limit to reproduction in the networks, compared to other media such as television or radio. This makes them the most suitable for transmitting a branding campaign.


VANS has done an excellent job of understanding their consumer and connecting with them. All of their events, stores and campaigns are made with the urban style that their consumers follow. Listening to the people who consume your brand is fundamental to make adjustments to meet their needs.

What every brand must fulfill is a sales promise, which is to give customers the best of them, with the hope that they not only make a purchase, but that the customer returns to buy on more than one occasion. Vans supports events and causes that the people who follow it support.

6. Nike: “Find your greatness”

In Nike’s market, there are not only great athletes or people who exercise every day, but also those who seek to improve day by day. Segmenting our market to know who we are targeting is an arduous but essential task.

In this campaign, Nike not only sells to high-performance athletes, it also sells to people who are starting out and looking to go far. It found a way to impact everyone in its market.

5. P&G proud sponsor of moms: “Thank You Mom

“Thank You Mom” remains one of the most acclaimed campaigns because of the connection with its target audience, in this case, moms. P&G took advantage, at the time, of the events of the Olympic Games and found a way to connect it to the lives of moms.

At first we could not identify the relationship P&G has with the Olympics, the marketing efforts were necessary for the brand to grow globally and gain recognition. They used all the elements at their disposal to connect with people, putting as a background that in every successful adult there is a dedicated mom.

4. Dove: “Choose to feel beautiful”

Dove broke with stereotypes of the “perfect” woman in its ads. Dove realized that in its market there was not just one type of woman, each of its consumers had unique traits. It discovered that because of beauty standards, most of its market did not see their own qualities.

In her campaign strategy to connect with her audience, she used different women with different characteristics to send a very clear message. Now we understand that Dove doesn’t just sell to thin, tall women with a unique silhouette, but rather, it caters to all women who choose to feel beautiful.

3. Volkswagen: “The last wishes of kombi”

For the farewell of the last combi made in Brazil in 2013, the brand made a short film with memories of several consumers who spent time in this model. It made each of them feel part of Volkswagen’s history by telling their experiences in the combi.

Involving people in all of the brand’s events, elevates the connection with them. In this campaign we not only see the experiences of the users, we also see how Volkswagen gave them a gift in recognition of their loyalty to the vehicle.

2. Mastercard: “Priceless”

Mastercard’s “priceless” campaign, has been one of the most successful so far. It managed to appeal to the reasons why a consumer would choose the card, they didn’t just think about the ads of big executives paying with their account. After market research, they evaluated what people actually used their card for.

By exposing the consumer’s experience from a closer point of view, they were able to make them identify with the brand, making the premise that there are several things that money cannot buy, but for everything else, there is Mastercard.

1. Coca-Cola: “Share a Coke

In the number one spot we have Coca-Cola with its “Share a coke” campaign, the strategy was for people to share a Coke with the person whose name was on the back. With this campaign, people started to search for their names and those of their friends or family members, increasing sales of the soft drink around the world.

A good strategy contemplates all the moments in which the consumer approaches your brand, has a promise of value and appeals to the emotions and needs that are hidden behind the service or product. By understanding very well what you are selling, you can generate valuable content.


The constant updating of consumer behavior is the basis for creating a good brand marketing campaign. We must not forget that all efforts are aimed at satisfying the consumer’s needs, and thus, be able to generate a profitable transaction for the brand.

Guiding us of the hidden motives that are hidden in the acquisition of our services or products is not an easy task. By observing and analyzing the people who use our services, we can decipher many things such as the stimuli for their marketing.

Look for content of value to your audience, so you can position yourself in their first options (source: Nahomi Farías/


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