The 10 Best Board Meeting Management Software Tools

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In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, effective organization and management of board meetings is crucial to success. Making sense of complex agendas, multiple attendees and diverse topics is no easy task. That’s why many firms are turning to technology for assistance. Board Meeting Management Software tools are fast becoming indispensable assets in the boardrooms around the globe.

They streamline workflow, improve collaboration, and ensure meetings are both efficient and productive. In this article, we’ll break down the 10 best board meeting management software tools currently on the market, highlighting key features of each, to help you make an informed decision for your organization.

The Best Board Meeting Management Software Tools

1. Boardable

Boardable features a robust agenda builder that makes it easy to plan, organize and set clear goals for meetings. It also provides centralized document storage, eliminating the need for scattered files and promoting better organization.

The software supports remote meetings, allowing participants from around the world to join seamlessly, and provides clear visibility into board activities for more informed decision-making.


2. BoardPAC

BoardPAC focuses on efficiency and security. It offers e-signing capabilities for quick approval of documents, reducing paperwork and increasing security with legally binding digital signatures.

The software provides robust analytics tools to monitor usage and improve decision-making with data-driven insights. It also emphasizes secure data management, protecting sensitive information with advanced encryption and regular backups.


3. Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is a trusted board meeting management software known for its best-in-class security features, making it the first choice for organizations of all sizes. It offers robust protection for sensitive data through rigorous digital protocols. It stands out for its comprehensive suite, including a well-designed meeting agenda management tool that streamlines agenda creation, distribution, and monitoring.

It also offers sophisticated document review capabilities that increase efficiency by enabling real-time sharing, annotation and change tracking. The software promotes collaboration with integrated tools that facilitate seamless idea sharing and task completion.

Diligent Boards

4. OnBoard

OnBoard is an easy-to-use board meeting management platform that emphasizes usability for board members of all technical skill levels. It streamlines governance processes, allowing participants to focus on strategic decision-making rather than administrative tasks. Security is a priority, with features such as two-factor authentication and file encryption to protect sensitive data.

OnBoard promotes paperless meetings, increasing environmental responsibility and efficiency, and efficiently manages meeting documents in real time, saving time and resources. This software combines usability, security, sustainability, and document management to streamline board meetings.


5. BoardEffect

BoardEffect is a comprehensive board meeting management software that simplifies the complex tasks associated with organizing and conducting board meetings. It provides features for efficient scheduling, document sharing, and voting and approvals. The scheduling component streamlines coordination among board members, reducing scheduling conflicts and miscommunication. Document sharing is secure and organized, preventing lost or misplaced files.

In addition, the software facilitates voting and approvals within the platform, increasing transparency and accountability. BoardEffect integrates these features into a seamless experience that saves time and promotes efficiency in board meeting management.


6. Sherpany

Sherpany, another innovative option, focuses on streamlining corporate functions related to board meetings. It excels at creating agendas, distributing information, and managing meeting minutes, efficiently reducing the workload and improving the organization of meetings. Its secure document sharing capabilities minimize miscommunication and data leakage, ensuring the safe circulation of sensitive information.

Sherpany’s asynchronous decision-making feature allows participants to contribute insights at their own pace, fostering a flexible and inclusive collaborative environment. It also centralizes data related to collaborations and meetings, enabling organizations to measure and analyze their impact on productivity.


7. BoardPaq

BoardPaq is an affordable and easy-to-use board management software that provides a suite of tools to streamline the entire board meeting process. It simplifies meeting scheduling, agenda creation, and document handling. The software also extends its functionality to post-meeting tasks, helping to track meeting minutes, record decisions, and provide access to important documents.

BoardPaq’s cost-effective approach reduces administrative burdens, allowing boards to focus on strategic decision-making. This software is a valuable solution for organizations of all sizes looking to streamline their board meeting processes and increase transparency.


8. Boardvantage

Boardvantage is a highly effective board meeting management software known for its user-friendly design and robust document management features. Users, regardless of technical expertise, can easily navigate its features and streamline the storage, sharing and editing of documents.

In addition, it simplifies meeting organization by offering scheduling, attendee invitations, and response tracking. Its secure collaboration tools promote real-time project work while ensuring data security.


9. Convene

Convene is the leading corporate meeting management software with a comprehensive suite of features. Its dynamic meeting agenda feature provides flexibility and transparency, allowing executives to efficiently manage meetings, adjust discussions as needed, and prioritize strategic decision-making.

The software prioritizes confidentiality and security, providing secure document access that protects sensitive corporate information and helps maintain auditable records. Convene also includes advanced voting and decision-making tools that streamline the decision-making process and improve overall governance efficiency.

Azeus Convene

10. iBabs

iBabs revolutionizes board meeting management by providing a paperless solution that contributes to sustainability. Its efficient agenda distribution feature allows for electronic sharing of meeting agendas, improving communication and eliminating the hassles of paper-based distribution.

iBabs simplifies the management of minutes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in recording meeting details and making them easy to archive for future reference. The software also provides a robust decision tracking tool, increasing accountability and facilitating task monitoring. Overall, iBabs provides a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly approach to board meeting management.



Harnessing the power of effective board meeting management software tools has become an indispensable aspect in today’s digital and fast-paced corporate environment. These 10 best board meeting management software tools we’ve highlighted in this article each offer a unique set of features designed to ease communication, enhance participation, streamline processes, and ultimately lead to a more efficient and productive board meeting experience.

Don’t allow your organization to get shackled by the constraints of outdated methods or ineffective systems. Consider upgrading to a more sophisticated, secure, and user-friendly board meeting management software today, to take your board’s productivity to new heights.


What is board meeting management software?

Board meeting management software is a digital platform that helps in organizing, scheduling, and managing all aspects of a board meeting. The software allows for efficient planning of agendas and minutes, secure document storage and sharing, attendance tracking, and facilitating communication among board members.

Why is board meeting management software needed?

Board meeting management software is crucial for improving efficiency and effectiveness of board meetings. It streamlines the process of scheduling, reduces paperwork, ensures that all participants are updated in real time, and offers secure environment for sharing sensitive information, ultimately leading to improved governance.

How secure is board meeting management software?

Security is a top priority for most board meeting management software providers. The software uses high-level encryption and multiple security layers to ensure that all meeting data and documents are safe. Additionally, they often comply with data privacy regulations and standards, such as GDPR, to protect sensitive information.

Can the board meeting management software be accessed remotely?

Yes, most board meeting management software offers cloud-based solutions, which enable board members to access meeting materials, participate in discussions, and make decisions remotely, making it suitable for teams dispersed geographically.

Does board meeting management software support various file types?

Most board meeting management software supports a wide range of file types for document storage and sharing, including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel. This makes it easy for members to share different types of files during the meeting or conversation, without compatibility issues.


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