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The Apple App Store is a powerful platform for developers and users alike. With over 3 million apps available in October 2021, the store has become an essential part of our lives. Not only that, but it also generated $64 billion in revenue last year and saw 11 billion app installs during Q2 2021 alone. Furthermore, Games was the most downloaded iOS app category with 21.86% download share while 18.46% of all apps were aged between 1 to 2 years since their last update as of September 2020.

In addition to this impressive growth rate, other interesting statistics include: The average iOS app download size increased by 1022%, 96% of App Store's revenue comes from apps with in-app purchases; the top 200 apps have an average rating of 3.6; TikTok was the most downloaded app at 64 million downloads; 69

The Most Important Statistics
In 2019, non-gaming apps on iOS accounted for approximately 33.43% of app downloads.

This statistic is significant in the context of Apple App Download Statistics because it reveals the growing popularity of non-gaming apps on iOS. It shows that more and more users are downloading and using these apps, which indicates that the demand for these types of apps is increasing. This could be an important factor for developers to consider when creating new apps for the App Store.

In 2020, the median cost-per-install (CPI) for an iOS app in the U.S. was $1.53.

This statistic is a key indicator of the cost of acquiring new users for iOS apps in the U.S. It provides valuable insight into the cost of marketing and advertising for app developers, and can help them make informed decisions about their budgeting and marketing strategies. Furthermore, it can help inform readers of the blog post about the current state of the Apple App Store and the cost of acquiring new users.

Apple App Download Statistics Overview

As of July 2020, the category with the highest number of apps in the Apple App Store was Gaming, with over 970,000 apps.

This statistic is significant in the context of Apple App Download Statistics as it highlights the immense popularity of gaming apps in the Apple App Store. It demonstrates that gaming apps are the most sought-after type of app, with over 970,000 apps available for download. This indicates that the gaming industry is thriving and that Apple is providing a platform for developers to create and distribute their gaming apps.

In 2020, over 180 billion push notifications were sent through iOS App Store apps.

This statistic is a testament to the sheer reach of the iOS App Store. It shows that the platform is capable of delivering a staggering amount of notifications to users, demonstrating its immense popularity and potential for app developers. This is an important factor to consider when discussing Apple App Download Statistics, as it highlights the potential for success that developers can find on the platform.

Apple's App Store produced approximately 1.2 million jobs in the United States in 2020.

The statistic that Apple's App Store produced approximately 1.2 million jobs in the United States in 2020 is a testament to the immense impact the App Store has had on the US economy. It is a clear indication of the immense potential of the App Store to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. This statistic is a powerful reminder of the importance of the App Store in the US economy and its potential to continue to create jobs and drive economic growth in the future.


In October 2021, the Apple App Store had over 3 million apps available for download. In 2020, it generated $64 billion in revenue and saw 11 billion app installs in Q2 of 2021. The average iOS app download size increased by 1022% from 2013 to 2020 and Games was the most downloaded category with a 21.86% share of downloads. 18.46% of iOS apps were aged between 1 and 2 years since their last update while TikTok was the most downloaded individual app with 64 million downloads globally that same year. Global consumer spend on App Store grew 24.7%, 96% of which came from in-app purchases, while top 200 apps averaged a rating of 3.6 out 5 stars across all categories combined - 69


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Frequently Asked Questions

The average number of downloads for a top-grossing Apple App can vary greatly depending on different factors such as category and app’s quality. However, in general, a successful top-grossing app might have millions of downloads. Specific numbers may require further research and be subject to change over time.
The Games category consistently holds the highest number of total downloads on the Apple App Store, as it has the most popular and engaging apps for a wide variety of users.
The average cost of a paid Apple App varies depending on the category, functionality, and popularity of the app. However, generally, the average cost of paid apps ranges between $0.99 and $4.99. More premium and specialized applications might be priced higher.
On average, free apps generally have a significantly higher number of downloads compared to paid apps. This is because the barrier to download and try a free app is lower, making it more appealing to users who are less likely to invest money in an app upfront.
Over the past few years, the trend of Apple App downloads has continued to grow, with a noticeable increase in the total number of apps available and an emphasis on diverse, high-quality content. Subscription-based services and in-app purchases have also become more popular, with app developers focusing on sustainable revenue streams rather than relying solely on upfront app purchases.
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