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In today's digital age where mobile apps reign supreme, understanding the metrics behind their success is essential for any business or developer. This in-depth blog post takes you through the critical maze of App Store download statistics. We'll delve into the numbers that are shaping the app industry, uncovering the trends, behaviors, and preferences that contribute to successful apps.

Whether you're an app developer, marketer, or an industry enthusiast, this guide will equip you with valuable insights into the ever-changing world of mobile apps and the statistics that drive their downloads. Get ready for a data-driven journey through the fascinating world of the App Store.

The Latest App Store Download Statistics Unveiled

There were nearly 218 billion mobile app downloads worldwide in 2020.

Painting a vivid global landscape, the staggering figure of nearly 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020 serves as a towering lighthouse, guiding our journey into the vast seas of App Store Download Statistics. This impressive number not only showcases the undeniable ubiquity of mobile applications in today's digitally-dominated world, but it also underscores their escalating popularity which knits together both the booming technology industry and our highly connected lifestyles.

Offering a fresh perspective on the enormity of the mobile app landscape, it ignites a powerful spark that illuminates the core of subsequent discussions surrounding download trends, consumption habits, and future forecasts in the blog post.

In Q2 2021, the Apple App Store is reported to have generated nearly 78.3 billion U.S. dollars in gross app revenue.

Framing the vast span of digital competition, our eyes are drawn to the sterling performance of the Apple App Store in Q2 2021, which proudly churned out an astonishing 78.3 billion U.S. dollars in gross app revenue. Such a figure serves as a beacon, illuminating the relevance and dynamism of the Apple platform, thereby shaping how developers, investors, and tech enthusiasts comprehend the intricacies of App Store download statistics.

The sheer numbers add weight to Apple's gravitational pull in the app market universe, anchoring it as a powerhouse in digitized retail. Hence, we cannot undermine the role of these highlights in creating a well-rounded comprehension of App Store behaviors, their patterns, and implications for both current scenarios and future projections.

In comparison, Google Play saw nearly 28.8 billion apps downloaded in the first quarter of 2021.

Throwing light on the voluminous 28.8 billion apps downloaded from Google Play during the first quarter of 2021 presents a rich, contrastive viewpoint for our discussion on App Store Download Statistics. It's akin to placing a quantity scale on one side of a balance whilst exploring the other. The sheer magnitude of these figures speaks volumes about customer preferences, platform dominance, and competitive positioning - features that can enrich our understanding of the App Store's performance dynamics.

Comparing these download numbers, hence, equips us with a more comprehensive view of the app download landscape. Not to mention, it helps us identify, infer, and hypothesize the ongoing trends, strategies, and possible futures in this digital realm. By looking beyond the confines of the App Store, we can glean invaluable insights into the broader market behavior and niche patterns.

As of 2021, there are about 1.96 million apps available for download on the Apple App Store.

Painting a vivid picture of the ever-expanding digital universe, the impressive figure of approximately 1.96 million apps on the Apple App Store in 2021 reflects the relentless growth and dynamism in the App marketplace. In the rich tapestry of a blog delving into App Store Download Statistics, this arresting nugget of knowledge serves as a formidable testament to the immense opportunity and concurrent competition vying for user's attention in the digital browsing space.

In other words, this striking statistic is not just a number, but rather a palpable pulse of the digital ecosystem. It echoes the growing density of the App universe and sets the stage for intricate analyses of download trends, popularity indices, genre preferences, and more.

TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide both in the App Store and Google Play Store in Q1 2021.

Recognizing TikTok as the most downloaded app worldwide in Q1 2021 underscores the shifting dynamics in the realm of mobile applications. This intriguing data point serves as a beacon of success in the sea of apps, illuminating the pivotal role of innovative user engagement strategies that cater to modern, tech-savvy audiences.

Discussing TikTok's triumphant position in the Apple and Google app marketplaces not only reflects the app's magnetic pull on the digital populace, but also paints a vivid picture of current user preferences and behaviors. It sets the stage for an insightful exploration of App Store download statistics, pushing readers to ponder what ingredients mix to make an app like TikTok sizzle.

Gaming apps account for 21.49% of active apps on the Apple App Store.

Delving into the vibrant digital world of the Apple App Store, it's fascinating to note that gaming apps make up a staggering 21.49% of active apps. Illuminating this figure in our blog post about App Store download statistics gives our readers a high-res snapshot of the current app landscape. Evidently, gaming apps have vanquished a significant kingdom in the App Store's expansive empire.

This insight not only underlines a clear opportunity for app developers and digital entrepreneurs, but also paints a clearer picture of user preference, cementing the reality that a considerable number of App Store users are indeed, game enthusiasts. Painted into numbers, this gaming trend is a testament to the influence and prevalence of digital merriment in our day-to-day mobile interactions.

In 2020, users completed 130 billion app downloads across the App Store and Google Play Store.

Highlighting the impressive figure of 130 billion app downloads across the App Store and Google Play Store in 2020, squarely places a spotlight on the evolutionary dynamism of our tech-oriented society. This monumental figure is not just indicative of the consumer's appetite for new apps, but also points towards the thriving potential for app developers in this burgeoning market.

In the realm of a blog post about App Store download statistics, this multi-billion downloads milestone underscores an emergent digital culture with apps at its core. More than ever, people are turning to apps to streamline their life, from better communication to entertainment. Hence, this statistic serves as a pulsating testament to an increasingly digitally integrated world and the surging demand for innovative, user-friendly apps.

In Q1 2020, Apple's App Store saw users spending an estimated $15 billion in the platform, up 5% from one year ago.

Delving into the mentioned figure, it offers a testament to the thriving digital economy powered by Apple's App Store. Acknowledging a $15 billion expenditure in Q1, 2020, evokes a staggering picture of the platform's financial ecosystem. Moreover, the 5% surge compared to the same period last year manifests an evolving user behavior with an increasing willingness to purchase on the platform.

Therefore, the implications extend beyond mere downloads, shedding light on consumer trends, purchasing capacity, popularity, and potential ROI for app developers and investors. This data serves to reinforce the App Store's potent influence and continued growth amid a saturated digital marketplace.

Over 30% of all mobile phone users are forecasted to use iPhone in 2021.

Delving into the potential implications of the said statistic, we realize how integral it is in shaping the underlying narrative of the blog post about App Store download statistics. Imagine, one out of every three mobile phone users is projected to break the technology chain with an iPhone in 2021. This contributes a tantalizing dimension to understanding the dynamics of the market and preferences of users.

In essence, it plants a tale of staggering iOS adoption rates, underscoring the vast influence that the App Store holds in app distribution. Consequently, this influences the interest and investment of app developers in prioritizing their efforts on the App Store platform. It's more than just casual trivia, it’s a north star guiding strategic decision-making for entities involved directly or indirectly with the App Store - from app developers to marketers, to consumer psychology analysts, providing them a thorough understanding of their target audience.

So as we portion this data under our analytical lens, we shine light on the far-reaching ripples it sends across the thriving digital ecosystem.

In 2020, Facebook was the most downloaded app from the Apple App Store.

Highlighting that Facebook was the most downloaded app from the Apple App Store in 2020 serves as a crucial testament to the undeniable dominance of social media in today's digital landscape. It underscores the extensive reach and influence that such platforms hold, commanding significant consumer engagement and shaping digital behaviors on a global scale.

This nugget of information is integral in painting the broader picture of App Store download trends, ultimately hinting at the growing preference for and dependence on social connectivity apps amongst users worldwide. It's a trend that app developers, marketers, and strategists should pay close attention to as they strive to stay relevant and competitive.

Mobile game downloads represented the largest category of app downloads on the App store in 2020.

Delving into the realm of app downloads, it becomes strikingly evident that mobile game downloads took the crown on the App store in 2020. The fascinating dominance of gaming apps not only uncovers the undying enthusiasm for digital entertainment among users but also forms the crux of understanding App Store download dynamics.

The sheer magnitude of its leading position acts as a compass, directing marketers, developers, and stakeholders towards a more strategic focus on gaming apps. It’s a goldmine of insight, painting a clear picture on where to invest time, ingenuity, and resources—making this statistic an intriguing piece in the puzzle of App Store download statistics.

In 2021, more than 60% of digital media is consumed on mobiles, leading to increase in App Store downloads.

The glowing relevance of the above statistic in the context of a blog post about App Store Download Statistics leaps off the screen. With mobiles chomping up a lion's share of over 60% of digital media consumption in 2021, a corresponding surge in App Store downloads is only logical. This trend underlines the magnetic attraction of mobile platforms for digital content seekers and sheds valuable light on the key forces driving the growth of App Store downloads.

It paints an empirical picture of the ever-intensifying intimacy between mobiles and their owners, fundamentally reshaping interactions with digital media and presenting a virtual goldmine for app developers seeking deployment opportunities. Hence, it serves as an important compass for businesses and marketers as they navigate the shifting digital landscape.

Fortnite was the highest-earning app on the App Store, grossing over $1 million daily on the App Store in 2020.

Highlighting the towering success of Fortnite, which grossed a staggering $1 million daily on the App Store in 2020, sheds light on the lucrative potential the App Store harbors. In the universe of App Store downloads, this achievement doesn't merely underline the popularity of this single application but provides penetrating insight into consumer behavior and spending trends.

It underscores the immense appeal of gaming apps, underscoring how they have seemingly tapped into a goldmine, commanding the attention (and wallets) of users worldwide. Furthermore, it sets a benchmark for success for other apps, opening up the dialogue on what factors can drive an app to such astronomical earnings.

As of September 2021, "Communication" was the Android app category with most monthly downloads on Google Play Store, around 353 million.

Highlighting the dominance of "Communication" as the most downloaded Android app category with around 353 million downloads in September 2021 creates a compelling narrative around user preferences and trends in App Store download statistics. Serving as an important barometer for market signals, this illuminates the pressing need for connectivity and instant communication amongst users.

For developers and investors in the realm of mobile apps, this message underscores a strong demand in the communication sector, providing crucial insights for strategy, investment, or innovation decisions. More so, for marketers and advertisers, it echoes a potential platform for impactful advertising campaigns, brand visibility, and customer outreach.

Moreover, it also opens a window to understanding global behavioral patterns and shifts in digital consumption, collectively sculpting the future trends of the app development industry.

The time users spend on apps increased 20% year over year in 2020, boosting app store downloads.

In the ever-evolving domain of App Store Download Statistics, our exploration journeys through waves of data. Let's pause for a moment and envision a profound revelation; that in 2020, users devoted 20% more time on apps year on year. This harbinger of change doesn't just subtly whisper, but resoundingly proclaims the escalating magnitude of app-engagements sweeping across the digital landscape.

An association appears to emerge between the burgeoning clock time on apps and propelling figures of app store downloads. This suggests a captivating narrative: As users become increasingly engrossed in their apps, they seek fresh experiences, which consequently cascades into a surge of app store downloads. By zeroing in on this statistic, businesses and developers can unlock strategic insights to satisfy the expanding appetites of app users, and in turn, enhance their competitive position in the roaring app economy.


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, understanding App Store download statistics is crucial for developers, marketers, and businesses alike. The data reflects not only the trends of app usage but also user behavior and preferences. The upward trend in app downloads year on year demonstrates the ongoing potential for app-based businesses and digital marketing.

Keep a keen eye on these statistics as they can help guide your app development and marketing strategies. Remember, trends shift rapidly in the app world, remaining adaptable and responsive is the key to surf these waves of changes. Happy downloading.


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In 2020, approximately 84.5% of all apps available on the Apple App Store were free to download.
Exact figures may not be publicly available for each day, but estimates suggest that there are over 500 million visits to the App Store each week, implying a substantial number of daily downloads.
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