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Everyone knows that a new employee’s first day at a new company is always tough, regardless of their experience. You should make them feel welcome by announcing their arrival to an existing group to introduce them. Since you need to make sure they are ready to start on the first day, it’s important that your new job posting is flawless.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some great ideas for new job postings that will be well received by new members. Even your long-time employees will appreciate these ideas, which will translate into a positive experience for everyone (1).


  • A team that knows each other works better.
  • Efficiently adding new talent to the team will be a benefit to the recruit, the other members, and the efficiency of the team.
  • With all this virtuality going on, it becomes quite cumbersome to figure out how to introduce the “new guy”, but it is well worth evaluating what the options are, and choosing the right one, and believe me, we have a lot of options to choose from.

How do you introduce new employees to a team?

Introducing new employees to the workforce requires planning, whether they join the business day several months later or even the same day. Everyone involved in the implementation must be in sync, especially the human resources department. They should hold meetings in advance and ensure interdepartmental coordination.

Notifying the arrival of a new employee in the department is part of this process. These announcements notify everyone about new faces in the office, ensuring smooth referrals, transfers and future collaborations. New employees won’t feel out of place if they are introduced to their teammates on the first day or week. They can put a face to a name.

As a general rule, employee announcements should be unbiased, warm and inclusive. The idea is to promote your listings and allow current employees to meet and greet. You can be creative with these announcements, as the main goal is to make newcomers feel special while seniors welcome them with open arms (2).

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What should be included in a new hire ad?

Here are some of the things you can include in a new hire ad:

  • Full name
  • Academic and professional achievements.
  • Start date
  • Department
  • Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervisor

10 new hire ad ideas

1. Announce the new hire through multiple channels

Notifying a new employee using multiple channels is a sure-fire way to keep everyone in the office informed. Simply choose the communication channels your company uses every day and everyone will be notified. You can use channels like LinkedIn, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

If your office has a bulletin board, you can also use it as an announcement channel by posting funny selfies, and sharing your interests and favourite movies/TV shows with your friends. Advertising on the company’s Facebook feed will also reach the most people and can make it very intimate.

2. Create a lasting impression of the new recruit on your employees

Since this is a new employee’s first day, they will be shy and may feel uncomfortable interacting with people in the office. But that doesn’t stop your senior staff from introducing themselves. Try handing out stickers with the newcomers’ names and faces to make a lasting impression.

That way, you can keep people from stopping by to talk to someone new, but not miss them. It also makes newcomers feel welcome as members of the new family. Also, you don’t have to hand out credentials to new people at the office (3).

3. Invite new members to a trivia party game

Well, that’s an easy one (or a new easy one if you haven’t thought of it). Everyone loves short questions and answers in the office. Now’s your chance to create an unforgettable entry for new members while everyone relaxes and has fun.

To be successful, hold weekly quiz contests and remember to invite new people. When they get the correct answer, they must first tell the story that makes them aware of the incident. New employees will love this setup, as it’s comfortable and helps them open up more. Or it might be better to respond to potentially embarrassing icebreakers or just “tell us about yourself” in the boardroom (4).

4. Set up face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face meetings can be really moving and an excellent first-day-on-the-job experience for new employees. These meetings can be conducted according to the prevailing work culture in your office. But whichever direction you want to take, remember that meeting these amazing new hires should be the main agenda of the meeting.

You can take a tried and tested approach by asking the person to stand up during the meeting and introduce themselves, their background, interests, etc. You can also quickly introduce yourself to newcomers by providing your name and exciting information about yourself, which will put them at ease.

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5. Introduce healthy snacks

Everyone is nervous on the first day of work. Some may even skip breakfast due to stress or forget to bring something to work. Then they experience a pang of raging hunger, which they might be embarrassed to show to their new co-workers. This is your cue to pull out a delicious boxed lunch. Newbies can act as excellent conversation starters and attract more people to the newbie table.

If you want to make the atmosphere even more welcoming, you can also promise to give additional gifts to existing employees who will come in and introduce themselves as newcomers. This way, new employees will get a great experience from day one and start building meaningful professional relationships right away.

6. Casual Meetings

Advertise the informal meeting in the media and schedule it when it is convenient for everyone. On the day and time of the meeting, grab some snacks and drinks and gather everyone in the room. Now give your newcomer special gifts such as cool hats, name badges or any accessory that shows others that they are new. Now let these people communicate with each other. Eating well also helps people relax more. Let your employees communicate with each other naturally (5).

7. Use the rule of three

The rule of three tells us that when we use a three-way approach to any type of communication, the maximum number of people will be reached. It also leaves a lasting impression. Of course, you can use this method to get people to remember new names and faces in the office. Simply choose three different communication channels to employ in your work. Then, send the newcomer’s information three times through these channels.

But don’t let them sound too repetitive. Here are some helpful reminders:

  1. First Message: Provide names and qualifications or roles of new members
  2. Second Message: An interesting fact that everyone knows
  3. Third Message: Remind everyone to come and shake hands with new members

8. Host a happy hour event

Happy hours are intimate events where office workers can gather, eat and relax. Obviously, this is one of those settings that can make your new employee feel at home while everyone talks and enjoys your presence. If your new member has any special talents, such as painting, singing, playing musical instruments, etc., you can create a performance space for them. Happy hour puts people in a happy, joyful mood and helps newcomers understand that they have come to a place where they are not ashamed to have fun.


It is evident that after the already known pandemic, many things changed, and one of them is work. Welcoming teleworking and with it a new way of introducing new recruits to the company. So we noticed a change from the classic welcome to the office, which at first was a little difficult to adapt. But now we have a range of options, and it is worth evaluating them.

It is essential to know that we are in a world of constant change. We must know how to respond and adapt to this, in order to achieve the most optimal results, in contrast to years ago when everything was different (6).


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